Thursday, September 29, 2005

2 days to go...

Hello cherubs, well we survived the big push to get out of the house! The removal men scared me a little bit when they arrived by asking me if I had any boxes and packaging that they could borrow.....hmmmm!

Anyway, it's all gone and Krista assures me there are lots of punky little angels in leather jackets looking after my boxes so that's the main thing.

So the order of the remaining days is to socialise our socks off.

Last night we had a lovely dinner with Alyn & AJ....depsite the fact that the high maintenance twins (Alyn and Adele) kept making requests to have their food changed. Ok, well Alyn's was cold so that was quite a good reason, me...I just didn't like mine much! Alyn made my Contemplator happy by asking lots of profound questions like "What is the most powerful experience you've had since being here?" "Which person has affected your life the most?" "Which was the most impactful teaching?"

Anyway, my next social engagement started 15 minutes ago (when I was still asleep) so I should stop and go out to be semi-comatose with more people that I love.

Speaking of which, the lovely Dalleys treated us to a pancake party the other night. David D's pancakes are one of the wonders of the modern world....and the secret is all in the special ingredient.

But if I tell you what it is, then I'll have to kill you!


Blogger Carlo said...

I just happened across your blog just now and I'm excited to hear about your move, following the Lord!

Bless you on your journey and may the Lord keep you safe!

3:22 PM  
Blogger A.J. said...

You had official David D pancakes and we were not invited? Shocking! They are my favorites!

4:18 PM  
Anonymous Alyn said...

Ahh dining with the Joneses...

I was just a little disturbed when Dave wouldn't get off the table after the waitress had asked him... I guess it was the threat of calling the police (again) that made him finally come down.

Good times even if the food wasn't perfect.

4:55 PM  

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