Saturday, September 17, 2005

Random & Spontaneous Blatherings

Hi and welcome to my toe-dip into the 21st Century (that is where we are at, right?).

Having been inspired by my technobabble friends, Alyn and AJ, I have been corralled into creating my own blog. What?! An opportunity for me to post my own blatherings in a public forum...has the world gone mad? This should not be allowed.

Even more are currently reading my randomaneous's not too late for you...get out while you can, save yourself...take the last's too late for me!


Blogger EZSmirkzz said...

I found your blog by clicking on the random blog link, which on my monitor and the blue bar cannot be seen, so the Lord works in mysterious ways doesn't he.

I am not an orthodox trinitarian Christian so I will not comment on theological points as they tend to divide rather than unite the body of Christ. I can however encourage you and your husband in love, which is the spirit that unites us all. May Jehovah bless your efforts, and the peace of God through our Lord Jesus Christ be with you, just as you show it. And no, I am not a JW either. Peace.

12:32 AM  
Anonymous Alyn said...

Woo hoo! Adele is a blogger! I have to say Mrs. Richards, if anyone should be blogging it's you! You are the bomb and I've loved reading your posts already... and there's only two of them.

Love - The Joneser

6:26 AM  

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