Friday, September 23, 2005

A tribute to my Nan

Today was the funeral of my nan, who died last week, aged 91.

While I couldn't be there with my family in England, I wanted to commemorate the occasion with some memories of Nan.

So thanks, Nan, for the way you used to crack up laughing at the dinner table till your eyes watered, for buying us the best presents from your travels around the world (I still remember the Niagara Falls kaleidoscope), for always feeding our sweet tooths with sneaky mars bars, for cooking us chops when we visited you in Liverpool, for having the school photos of your grandchildren all over your front room (even the ones we really cringed at).

I'll remember your good humour, the way you always had your nose in a good book and the undemanding way you just fitted in whether at home or on holiday with us.

Thank you for my mum....and for my life...without you, I wouldn't be here.

I am grateful and looking forward to seeing you again one day,



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