Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Back in Bournemouth

Having a fab time in Bournemouth, weather is here, wish you were lovely!

Sorry, one of Dave's jokes.....

Well just to keep you absolutely informed of my whereabouts at all times (saves you buying that expensive satellite tracking system, and me having a microchip inserted in an unlikely place)'ll be delighted to hear I am still staying at my parents...but only for the next 2 days, then we pack up our sturdy suitcases to move to Dave's parents. We like to share the love.

Mostly we have been a) sleeping b)attempting to sleep c)staggering around bleary eyed having been asleep and d) eating English chocolate. It's a heady lifestyle of European chic for us.

Also have managed to foist ourselves on our long-suffering friends...cue brattish text message: "I'm in the country, will be around in 5, no excuses, love Adele"
Or, if I'm feeling rather lively: "I'm at your front door. You can come out from behind the couches". You can run, but you can't hide from a D&A visitation.

So far we have seen the lovely Lorraine and Vernon, plus adorable sproglets Cameron and Katie. Lorraine and I partook of that fine English pastime: shopping in Next and having tea at M&S....which was fabulous. Especially when baby Katie nose-dived off her seat and headbutted the table before sliding right under it. She has her mother's death-defying skills.

Obviously we have also been out for curry with Laura and today I popped into the place where she works - harbouring the youth of the nation from the tides of parental bonkerness. (Hostel for homeless kids). For those in the know, the hostel is considerably nicer than Marmac!

I also had a meeting today with a former client from my copywriting days (aka having a sandwich with Richard). He's a really lovely bloke and fortunately mentally unbalanced enough to give me work. So I will now be writing radio commercials from NZ for UK Radio stations. Excellent! Can't wait to start inventing sound effects again for the studio to create. I had a reputation for writing the more "creative" kind of commercial. In other words ones with incredibly difficult SFX (sound effects!). I once wrote into a script:

SFX: Sound of man's head exploding

and also

SFX: the fridge is singing to itself

It's frankly amazing that they want to employ me again!!!

By the way, yesterday Dave went up to London, to the NZ embassy and so we now have lovely turquoise visas for NZ in our passports.

He spent today talking to bank managers and doing clever financial thingys while I was being wined and dined by Radio Executives. (sandwich and soda with lovely Richard)

So, chickens, that's the news from the front!
Thanks for all your lovely comments - I was particularly honoured to hear from Stuart and Lynley....please come again soon!


Anonymous Alyn said...

Wait a blinking minute here... "you were honoured to hear from Stuart and Lynley"? That's all fine and well, but what about hearing from the Joneses?

Down little orphan... get down.

Sorry about that, my orphan spirit reared its ugly head.

3:46 AM  
Anonymous Mr Pants said...

SFX: BANG! Sound of Adele exploding after eating curry, chocolate, tea, sandwich and soda

SFX: "OH @%*!" Sound of fridge sining to itself

SEX: No need to get excited! It's just a typo.

9:51 AM  
Anonymous ...obviously best friends said...

.....we have been honoured with special mention therefore we must be the best friends.....alyn on the other hand is currently ranking about 4th I may be to much for orphan to handle......spent today clearing out the fire hall....we have trenches in the ground and lots of mess.....are the joys of building,

love, Stu

8:24 PM  
Anonymous I not giving my name to a computer!!! said...

hello do you remember me!

9:31 PM  

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