Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Er....just an update really.

Hey there lovelies, I've been unable to connect for the past few days (to the internet, this is not some interrelational issue confession)....but I've got access for a few mins so thought I would update you with where we are exactly.

Happy Thanksgiving by the way to those in Canada....hope you ate a mountain of pumpkin in my honour!

Well we moved from my parents to Dave's parents and have kept up a steady stream of social engagements. Since I last blogged we were at my mum's 1920s cocktail party (piccies to follow) which was lots of fun and everybody looked fab. My mum nearly sliced her thumb off (literally) about 2 hours before everyone arrived so there was high drama for a while...lots of blood etc. My mum was a complete trouper and didn't complain about the pain. The only thing she was worried about was that she didn't have time to go to casualty because of the party! I later found the tip of a sliced gherkin and gave it to her suggesting it was her long lost thumb tip. Amazingly she didn't faint.

I maxxed out my influencer at the party by keeping up a steady stream of chatter with my mum's friends whom I hadn't seem for 10 years. I assumed mum would have told them about us emigrating to NZ but she hadn't. This made for quite an entertaining line of smalltalk..."How is Canada? Do you like living in Toronto?' "Oh actually we've just left." "Really? Coming back to the UK?" "No, we're emigrating to NZ". And now for the real killer question. "Oh wow. Why?"

After the 15th conversation like this it's quite tempting to start making up your own answers. "Oh, I'm moving to a pygmy colony there to teach handicrafts" "Well we had to leave Canada after the televised car chase we were in" or my personal favourite: "the sex change operations are cheaper over there".

Since then we've had lunch with Dave's extended family....met up with Laura and her lovely boyfriend Clive....spent an afternoon with Polly and her daughter Annily...had lunch with Lorraine and delightful munchkins (that's her kids, not what we ate)...and tonight we are being wined and dined by my brother James and his gorgeous girlfriend Christa. In between all these we have largely been walking about by the sea.

Tomorrow is our last day in Bournemouth and I have singularly failed to meet up with lots of people I wanted to catch up with....ho hum! Hope they'll forgive us, and we can always try again at Christmas when we come back for a couple of weeks.

On Thursday we hire a car and drive up to Heathrow to pick up James (Jordan) from the airport, then we go with him on his teaching tour for a few weeks...Plymouth, Bath, Leeds and Finland. It's going to be interesting to see how we fit in....

Ok, sorry for distinct absence of humour from this post...feeling a bit pooped....my contemplator is in high distress, but there is nowhere to run and hide for a few weeks yet. Do you think they make travel size Sensory Deprivation Tanks? (again, if I was Alyn I would put in a link here to the website.....Alyn, pleasey, weasey, tell me how to do that!!)

Fabulous to read your comments on previous posts....please keep them coming!
Love and fuzzy thinking,


Blogger A.J. said...

Well I am not surprised you are tired.... I am tired from just reading your posts! Sounds like you have been going Mach 3 with your hair on fire! I am looking forward to the pictures of the 20's dress party oh and I sent off the ones you wanted today as well. Much love, AJ

6:14 PM  
Blogger Charlene said...

Adele- your posts are humerous even when you are updating...which indicates to me that well, you are just a witty kind of gal. Finland should be GREAT this time of year...well, maybe not, it might be a bit cold.

6:20 AM  
Anonymous Mr Pants said...

But the sex change operarations are cheaper over there. Love Ex Mrs Pants

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Stuart said...

....4 days without an update....we're dying here.



1:04 AM  

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