Friday, October 07, 2005

Family Matters

Yes, that is a title of one of Dr Phil's books.
Yes, I am missing Dr Phil.

That aside, we had a lovely evening last night with Dave's other sister - Debbie and her husband Philip, plus the sproglets Dan and Sian. They cooked us dinner and let us use their wireless internet connection (hence the reason there are photos on the previous two posts). I went into Blog Saleswoman stance again, trying to cajole yet more people into reading my Blog.

As the evening progressed, I tuned into the music that Debbie had put on the CD intriguing collection of songs. When I enquired after it, she laughed and showed me the album cover to "Sad Songs". Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can buy an entire album of misery...with the themes of broken hearts, dead pets, broken pets and dead hearts.

Now if I was as clever as Alyn at this point I would put in a link to a website where you can purchase this album. (by the way, how do you do that, Alyn?)

But perhaps you already have it in your collection anyway.



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