Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Great British Cup of Tea

Ladles and gentlespoons, I am sitting here in the fifth Lotus position (they have one of those weird posture adjusting stools here by the computer which involves you wrapping body parts around hard wooden shelves at bizarre angles). So, yes, I am suffering for my Blog.

But my saving grace, as ever, is the large mug I have steaming at my side.
(this is not a veiled reference to Dave)
(he is simmering away nicely in another small room of the house)

Yes, it's the great British Mug O' Tea.
Here are some little known facts about Tea and the English.

1) The English drink so much tea that on average they drink half the volume of the Great Lakes in tea every year. Each.

2) Never mind cocaine, alcohol or Sudoku, the true British addiction is to the cuppa. Many clinics are springing up all over the country to help those stuck in the chain-drinking syndrome. These poor people don't even start to sip at the first cup of tea before they are boiling the kettle for the next.

3)There is a great snobbery associated with correct practice when it comes to tea drinkers. In some circles the way in which you take your tea indicates whether you were brought up proper or not. The issue centres around whether you put the milk in the cup before the tea...or after.....

4)In recent medical tests, scientists have discovered that the average Britain has 4 percent less plasma in their blood stream than the average American. This 4% is instead a very pure form of lovelinus cupoftea.

Personally, in the last few weeks I've been averaging about 10 cups a day.
But then of course I know the answer to the question in Fact 3.

All these teatillating facts aside, I should let you know that we have our last day in Leeds today. I am very excited as my friend from University (Fiona Mayer-Jones) is driving over from York to spend the afternoon with me. I was the prayer secretary to her Christian Union Presidential status....and we spent a lot of time together eating Fairtrade Peanut Butter and Honey on bread and drinking tea (of course).

In other surprise and random meetings....Dave Thomson, the Nigerian Hamster himself, popped up to the meeting last night. It was fab to see him and he was in top form telling us about his house move, new business purchase and other dynamic Mover-esque ways.

Plus Colin & Barbara Smith (Dunc and Russ's parents) are driving up from near Oxford today and want to take us out to dinner! Dave was Colin's small group leader this July.

Tomorrow morning at the heinous hour of 4am we will be leaving this Fair Isle and flying via Amsterdam to Helsinki, Finland. This will be our first visit to the Fins and we hope to see Jaako from SoM. James J and Barry Adams will be teaching an intensive schedule for 6 days...this is their School A on the Father's Heart.

Meanwhile I'll be searching out a nice cuppa tea.

(With milk in first)


Blogger chirobiro said...

Hi smasher.

I finally made it. Blogging on people have let me join the club ( only 2 weeks of trying!!!) I've been to laura's blog too, getting around a bit i am.....

So Sodukowhatsit finally got you huh?? when we had lunch, you said how you were doing a valiant job of being blind to its charms, but it got you in the end.

Sounds like your travels are going well, only another week or two and then NZ. hope you enjoy all your stuff.

meanwhile we are living in a dusty shell of a house, and finding any excuse to visit other people , whilst our flat is being refurbed. I am resigned to the fact that for the next three years!!! (4 weeks really) we will have a constant layer of fine dust coating everything we own, well at least that will disguise some of our crappier furniture for a while.
snogs, mwars and squeezes to you both.


2:17 PM  
Anonymous stu & lynley said...

Hey dudes, great to hear from you. Tea...yes I remember tea....tea with biscuits......I have a tragedy in my life. It's alright, let's have some tea. I think tea is the great pancea(sp?) for all the ills of the world. It is interesting that tea is also a celebration....we are rambling again....just finished watching a movie...Lynley is preaching is good, we are having you,

S & L

4:01 AM  
Blogger Ash said...

Let's not forget also, there is
another issue relating to fact 3. That is ofcourse the shape of your mug!
Is it tall and thin?
Is it short and fat?
I mean no one wants to drink from a gay cup!

My sister is sending me English tea in the post and I can't wait.
Love you xxx

4:08 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

a gay cup. ... is it fun at parties with a great sense of style and a flare for soft furnishings?

5:09 PM  
Anonymous Mr Pants said...

So I guess you'd be tea-total

6:21 PM  

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