Sunday, October 02, 2005

I think therefore I blog

Dear Blog-conscious friends,
You are the few, the lucky few who know what a Blog is.

Now admittedly I myself had never heard of a Blog up until about 6 months back when the lovely Linda Cho launched hers. Fortunately I know enough about technology to understand that the key to it is not so much blogging, as blagging. And even before I knew how to Blog, I knew how to Blag.

Even though I am not a man and was not therefore born with an innate ability to blag, I did attend the mandatory "How to Blag 101" course at University so that I could qualify to work in advertising.

Hence, once Linda launched her Blog even though I had no bally clue what a Blog was, I went to her Blog site and from them on acted as though I was fully conversant with the world of Blog.

I sprinkled my conversations with liberal blags on blogs: "Ohhh, yes! A Blog! Simply marvellous aren't they? How did one manage without one?"

So for those of you who are visiting my Blog for the first time....for those of you who I have cajoled into reading my dribblings....for those of you who exclaimed in outrage "What on earth is a Blog?!"...I would like to encourage you to follow suit.

My friends, you don't have to really understand what it is....just pretend to understand.

And read my Blog....or else.

My (until recently Blog-unconscious)Dad would like to add his own comment to this blog, he wants me to keep you informed of his heady lifestyle.

Today - he got out of bed. Now - he has to take the bin out.
Bet you wish he has his own Blog!


Blogger A.J. said...

Well as I can't emotional afford to comment on the previous blog entry I thought I would say.... Hi Adele's Dad! Well done on your adventure!

Love you Adele & Dave..
Love Me

3:18 AM  
Anonymous Stuart said...

I am not a huge blogger.....or should I say a blog commentator.....but my love for you two has driven me to access this deeply submerged part of psyhce....psyche....sighkey.

Love you both very much.....


3:01 AM  
Blogger Charlene said...

Adele- I don't think you really know me, but I have met you a few times when I was in Toronto. I was at the Father Heart School in 04 and am a friend of AJ's (that is how I happened up on your blog in the first place). I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog as it is much wittier and funnier than my own :). Blessings on this new adventure.

Charlene Garrett
Dallas, TX

4:31 AM  

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