Saturday, October 29, 2005

It's oh so quiet.....

Just got back to Blighty after our week in Finland WITH NO INTERNET ACCESS! Yes, barely believable in this modern age I know. They had saunas a-go-go (and no, I didn't go....they are naked saunas there y'know) but no internet. This is not a reflection on Finland generally you understand...just the cabins in the woods where we were!

So now I am sitting in my coat (no time to take it off when you just have to blog)at my parent's house in Bournemouth where we will be for the next 24 hours or so.

So, my first impressions of Finland were of how quiet it is. The airport is quiet, the people are's ssshhhh....very quiet. My kind of place of course. Still, as I stopped on the way out of the airport to stroke a rather fab reindeer skin for sale (only 65 euros, can you believe it?)it was a little uncanny to realise I alone was making more noise than the accumulated mutterings of every other person in the airport. No music, no musak, no shouts....just very, very quiet.

THEN we were picked up by Veikko (who worked in the computer dept at TACF for a few months) which was jolly exciting as I had forgotten that he was Finnish and hence that there might be a chance to see him. We also met up with Jaakko (ex Som graduate) and in fact I sat next to him most of the week in the teaching!

The intrepid Alyn and AJ had been here before us (some time ago) and so Sana says Hi! And so does Mimosa!Not to mention the SoM outreach team headed up by our very own Peter Lazar and Rebekka Olsen....what a small world indeed!

The Fins were very friendly and happy to have James back there....and proceeded to feed us rye bread and cheese at every possible moment of the day. This had some interesting internal repercussions for me. But this isn't Alyn's blog so I'm not going to go into that!

It was fab listening to James and Barry Adams all week and true to form, got messed up all over was great!

By the way, did you know that Barry Adams and Shaun Bradley were surely parted at birth? Spookily similar!

We said goodbye to James this morning in Helsinki...he's off to meet up with Denise in Korea and continue on to teach about 4 more schools in a row!! Next time we all meet up we'll be in New Zealand!

So chickens, that's all I can manage at the mo - it's 11.10pm British time which is 1.10am Finnish time and we're about to lose/gain (??)an hour's sleep thanks to Daylight Saving.

(By the way, what do they do with all the daylight they save? Do they put it in a big box in the downstairs cupboard in case of an emergency? Weird)


Blogger Linda Hope said...

Oh Adele, i love your posts, they are so funny, refreshing and full of adventure!! I like your life...though i have to fight the "Grass is greener" syndrome, no matter how "true or not true" it may be...

I love you and we all miss you and dave like CRAZY!! The offices are much duller without you...alas, the blogs will have to do!!

7:44 AM  
Anonymous Alyn Jones said...

Ahhh Finland - I remember well. Babe - you missed out on the sauna's. AJ and I sauna'd every night - great for getting ready for a good night's sleep. But then again, there weren't 13 other people wanting to join us, so perhaps that was the difference.

12:28 PM  
Blogger Mimo said...

Adele, you are great and your blog is fab!

12:52 AM  

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