Thursday, November 24, 2005

Always furnishing you...

with further pictures of furnishings.

Due to popular demand (ok, Cathy asked me twice) I have the photos of our freshly decorated bedroom.

Remember, this time last week the room looked like the inside of a Swedish sauna......complete with glazed pine finish. It is now, as the observant will note, painted ivory.

I have taken photos from every possible angle so that you can get a sense of the whole room, not because I am obsessed with close ups on couches.

And before you ask, Alyn, yes they are the same cushions as have appeared in every other photo.

Also for your delight and rapturous applause. I present to you my delectable husband brandishing his muscles while staining the deck.

Not only that but for dessert a wee peek at our rather messy office area.

Now don't say I don't spoil you.


Anonymous Alyn said...

Hold the phone...

forget blinking cushions or ivory bedrooms... in the picture of the loverly David staining the deck there looks to be a TRAMPOLINE!

I want action photos of summersaults etc on the trampoline.

You've had a trampoline and neglected to mention this? Sheesh...

4:33 AM  
Blogger Adele Richards said...

My dear, have you got your contacts in the right way round...or has AJ's baking frenzy sent you into a partial sugar induced fit?

That is no trampoline...that is the patio table!

Good idea though, I love trampolines.....


4:37 AM  
Anonymous alyn said...

The patio table? It looks like it would come up to you chest! Wait... it looks like it would come up to one's chest. Am I going mad or does anyone else think it looks like a trampoline?

1:39 PM  
Anonymous sarah said...

alyn...what's with the contacts man??
a patio table it is...
divine bedroom furniture by the by..: )

10:01 PM  
Blogger A.J. said...

I am sorry but I can kind of see where he gets the trampoline thing from even though it isn't one! Perhaps it's a sign or something (I know it's not a sign it's a patio table) I mean a *sign* ... yep you need a trampoline and we will be there in March to try it out! They are very good excercise you know!

Nice bed room woman!!! I like the little living area in the bedroom thing and the furniture is well let's just say it shall we? LUSH!!!!! (Is that bad in the UK or good?) I mean it as good of course! Woof Woof!

Oh my gosh the trick word is so tricky I can't make it out... well perhaps this will never be posted!

4:49 AM  
Anonymous shannon said...

ummm ... is there furniture in the bedroom other than a bed? what's up with that? I had to look twice. I thought for a moment you were tricked by the view into purchasing a one-room house.

And Alyn, you are too funny. Seriously. A trampoline?! tee hee hee ...

And AJ ... probably the trampoline is a sign. or something.

probably i should just get more sleep. and drink less wine.

7:30 AM  

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