Sunday, November 13, 2005

Happy Birthday AJ!

Seeing as I am already enjoying AJ's birthday while she sleeps, I thought I'd better give you all the heads up on Sunday.

So far, it's been great - slightly cloudy with sunny bursts (I just wrote sunny interesting idea...). Went to church, out to lunch, idled over a huge bowl of latte, blogged then jogged (at the gym) and now we're considering going to see Serenity at the hip n happening cinema. So all in all I have enjoyed AJ's birthday very much. I hope that you do too, when you finally get around to celebrating it. (You are SO Saturday right now).

Well seeing as I wasn't efficient enough to get a card in the mail/post in time I thought that I would write a quick tribute to AJ...

Ten things I love about AJ
(In no particular order)

1) Her laugh.
Loud enough to stun small furry animals, it bursts out of her like lava from a volcano or a bullet from a gun and immediately gets the party going. Her joie de vivre is contagious. Also if you were the one to make her laugh, you feel like a comedy genius...

2)Her enthusiasm for sushi.
Not all women can love raw fish, but this one can. She also loves Alyn. Also if you go out for sushi with AJ and you are a) a chopstick idiot and b) wearing most of it on your chin while you talk to her...she will graciously point out that you are allowed to use your fingers and will not make you feel like a) a chopstick idiot. For this I, and others I feel sure, are grateful.

3) She really can do everything.
Photography, gymnastics, singing, signing, sewing, quilting, rally car directing, public speaking, drama-ing, dancing, clever computery things, haircutting, earpiercing, body tattooing, horse whispering, holding her breath for an inordinately long time, cooking, decorating, extreme ironing, laughing really loudly, make-up applying.....and I only made up 3 or 4 of those.

4) Her stories.
Now these are often hard to come by, cos she's not a born bragger. In fact you can know AJ for quite a long time and have no idea that she is a quilter, signer, actor, singer, speaker, former olympic gymnast, horse whisperer etc because she feels no need to brag about it. But just every so often she'll mention something in passing, "oh yeah that was Roger who nominated me for the canadian space agency at age 2 because I was quite good at calculus..." and if you press her (hard) she will eventually spill the beans.

5) The way she loves her family.
She really does. She goes the extra mile and then some.

6) The way she smiles in the background of Alyn's video blogs.
Here's Alyn - on a plane - keeping us all fully informed about some technogeekery..and there is AJ grinning like a chesire cat in the background.
Here's Alyn - on a plane - keeping us up to date about all changes to Air Canada's ticketing policies (for which, I think we are all grateful)...and there is AJ grinning in the background.
Here's Alyn - in a small cubicle on a plane - keeping us totally cognisant of all his inner murmurings and movements....and there is AJ grinning in the background.
Hey, hang on a minute....

7)The way she walked down the aisle.
AJ & Alyn Wedding Day. She appears at the top of the aisle, with a show stopping blood-red cape over her bridal white dress. (also with the biggest and best smile on her face - boy, she's cute).
She glides down the aisle
Hearts stopped. Breath was held. Tears.
I'll never forget it.

8) Her noble bearing.
This woman has presence. Bags of it. So many bags, they've had to buy a new set of suitcases. And then there's still bags left over to give away. In fact you can get yours at www.AJ'

9)The way she loves her friends.
Something to be done? She'll do it. Someone who wants some time with her? - she'll find it. Her friendship with Lynley is a joy to behold. What killer women!

10) Her ability to raise up others.
So much gifting, experience and va va voom - and she aint afraid to give it all away. Young women flock to her, look up to her and she takes them under her wing. She has so much integrity and treats others with love and respect - but she'll call your number if you're doing something flakey. (Luckily I never am.)

Ahhhh and there is so much more - but that's a start.

Happy Birthday AJ! May this birthday be the best yet!


Blogger A.J. said...

Thanks Adele..... I am glad you have enjoyed my birthday and happy to know what weather to expects although it doesn't look sunny here!!

Thanks for the tribute... Alyn brought me breakfast in bed and then gave me my laptop in bed to read it. You are hysterical!

I guess since we are awake (going to prophetic pres) you are asleep.... so sleep well my lovely friend and dream of swimming with dolphins or something equally cool.

1:11 PM  
Blogger Adele Richards said...

I dreamed that Carol Arnott was giving me a great big that was very cool indeed. By the way I just realised I inadvertently compared your love for your husband to your love for raw fish. I hope he can forgive me...if not I'll roll him up in some rice and put an avocado on his head. That'll learn him....

p.s cannot believe you are going to proph pres on your birthday....amazing! You must have at least 3 trips to Starbucks to compensate!

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Mr Pants said...

So is AJ the one in the middle? And who are the others? And what does she do? And how old was she? (whoops, that one slipped out)

4:32 PM  
Blogger Linda Hope said...

AHHH, i couldnt agree more, especially since i am definitly one of the youngns' that #10 so accurately defines!!

AJ is AMAZING JAMARIOUS! So amazing that the English language doesnt even have a word for it, and i am forced to pull a Shakespear and make one up (only, it kinda sounds like a Jamacian name...oh well)!! AJ, i can't wait to celebrate you tonight!!!

Adele...oh Adele, what are we going to do with you so far away?? What will we do on your birtday!!?? I love you!!!

5:14 PM  
Blogger Adele Richards said...

Mr Pants, I could answer your questions about AJ. But then I would have to kill you.

This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds...

2:20 AM  
Anonymous shannon said...

VA VA VA VOOOOM. Alyn, probably you shouldn't be in that picture. I mean no offense but ... you are *clearly* out of your league.

6:19 PM  

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