Thursday, November 03, 2005


"On the other side of the world, where the sun shines hotter than here, and where the trees are a hundred feet tall, there is a country called Happyland.

Mr Happy lived in a small cottage beside a lake at the foot of a mountain and close to a wood in Happyland.

As you might well expect everybody who lives in Happyland is as happy as the day is long."

This is an excerpt from the literary classic 'Mr Happy' by Roger Hargreaves. My niece Sarah gave me a copy of the book the day before we left for New Zealand...and I decided that Happyland is really New Zealand. Coincidentally we will be living by a lake at the foot of mountains and close to lots of woods.

But I am getting ahead of myself!

Well since we last spoke Dave and I ran the gauntlet up to Heathrow via DHL to courier our emergency document to the states. It was one of those days where it seems everything is contriving to stop you getting to where you want to go! It started at 9am as we parked in the Bank car park to get some NZ dollars out and just as we were about to leave a huge lorry pulled into the teensy weensy car park and nearly blocked us in....but for some nifty maneouvering by Dave we just squeaked out! Then there were loads of delays on the road up to Heathrow and by the time we were supposed to be checking in for our flight we just about made it to the DHL place! We were a bit frantic!!

Mind you we just made it to check-in and get through customs in time for them to be calling "Last Call" for boarding our flight!! Thankfully I didn't get picked out to be bodysearched at every juncture like I did in Amsterdam. There is now a security lady in Holland who is nearly as familiar with me as Dave is.....I shall say no more! Perhaps they thought that I looked like the kind of person who takes drugs....or who should take them!

Anyway, we had FAB seats on the plane thanks to my genius husband who looked them up on and booked them about 6 years in advance thanks to his strong prophetic gifting. We were on the emergency seat row with more legroom than a prosthetics manufacturer. So the first 10 hours or so to LA was an absolute breeze despite the fact that we couldn't actually see the TV screen from where we were we did manage the entire 24 hours without watching any telly!

We all trooped off the plane in LA, lined up down the corridor to go through US customs, get issued with a green card, walk three paces and hand it in again before we could entire a lounge with no access to the actual airport. Bizarre.

Then we hopped back on board for another jolly 14 hours. This time I was sitting next to a HUGE German/American called Claus who turns out to be a songwriter and producer for the likes of Kylie Minogue, Josh Brodan (?) American Idol winners and the like. That was close enough to fame for me to be intrigued so I grilled him for several hours about the music industry, songwriting, making loads of money and such like. The guy he works with is a swede called Andreas who apparently is richer than double fudge chocolate cake having written a ton of songs including "Hit me baby one more time" by your friend and mine, Britney Spears. Coo-ee!

Claus was quite intrigued by our lifestyle and kept wanting to know all about the ministry in NZ and James and Denise etc. One day I'll work out how to explain all of that without looking as confused as a zip on a duffel coat.

After this bumping shoulders (lit) with the quite rich and semi famous I felt very smug as I fell asleep on and off for about 4 hours. The only drawback with being at the emergency exit is that it is right by the loos and so I would wake up every now and again and realise there were 5 people congregating outside the loos and all staring at me while they waited to relieve the pressure on their bladders. Maybe looking at me had the opposite effect of staring at running water....

In fact it got to about 10 hours into the second flight and I was smugly thinking of how I would write my blog about what a breeze this whole trip is......and then....I got a migraine. Hmmm, not sure quite how it happened...but I think my nodding dog impression (maybe that's what the toilet queue-ers were watching!)...may have had something to do with it. Suddenly I had piercing pains leaping through my head and if I moved it I felt like I was going to throw up.

I thought of Alyn and AJ and I prayed "this healing belongs to me..." etc laid hands on my own head....but sadly to no avail. Then I thought of Sarah D and Laura T and got a huge bottle of headache tablets out and downed 3 of them.

The drugs don't work though (although I don't think they make it worse) and so I am feeling like my head is about to fall off for the last 4 hours of the trip. I actually have to get a sick bag out and keep it to hand...that's how imminent things could have been. Anyway, all the dramatic build up aside....I didn't and eventually the pain subsided and I made it off the plane without barfing. Score:

The Plane 1
Adele 0

We skipped through customs as easily as a couple of lambs and the friendly Maori customs lady said to us "Welcome Home" which was rather nice. Also she didn't touch me in any inappropriate places.

Within moments of being in Auckland airport, (Stu and Lynley this is for you) Dave was eating a pie - a traditional Kiwi treat.

Within 1 hour we were at a hotel.

Within 2 hours we had hired a car and driven to the car sales district.

Withing 3 hours we had walked up and down 10 different car dealerships and sussed out the cars.

Within 4 hours we were test driving a car.

Within 5 hours we had bought the car.

So now we are the proud owners of a 1995 BMW 7 series which for the record (Sarah) is definitely silver with no hints of gold at all. All you in Canada will be thrilled to hear that the insurance here is one eighth of what it would have cost us in Toronto. And they even threw in a complimentary pie for good measure. (Ok, I made up the bit about the pie).

I did check out a turquoise Mini with racing stripes and it was a mere $30,000....maybe I'll get that one next weekend.

Well after all that excitement I managed to feel quite perky until 4pm but then my eyelids became magnetically attracted to the rest of my face. Dave banned me from sleeping until 7pm and so I had to start pacing the room to stay was pretty hard core! Finally it was 7pm and to my great satisfaction Dave (who had been keeping me awake for the previous 3 hours by reminding me every 5 minutes 'open your eyes') suddenly fell asleep while sitting up in bed. He fell asleep so suddenly that he kept nodding and then sliding around on the headboard! It was hilarious and the only thing to actually wake me up!

We slept for about 12 hours and I woke up looking like someone punched me in the eye...I have a black eye developing due to some kind of exciting eye infection...nice! Dave insists it wasn't him.

So today (Thursday) we have driven down to Taupo and spent quite a bit of time trying to work out the time difference between here and the UK and's very bizarre to be on a different day to you guys!

We met up with Jan and Sandra which was fab, and we are staying at James and Denise's house while they are away. As I am writing I have a lovely view of the mountains and the lake from J&D's house. They also have wireless...what more could a girl want?

It is SO odd to be here at last - but it feels really great. The only thing is that you lot feel so far away! I expect you all to be actively working on plans to remedy that situation!

Tomorrow morning we are meeting with the Estate if you have any requests about the house we are buying for you lot to come and stay in...please let me know!


p.s. thanks to Stuart Hero Allan's intervention and about a million emails the shipping situation seems to be calming down...they are not taking our stuff off the shipment but they are delaying it another few days and still trying to charge us a fortune....thanks for your love and prayers xx


Anonymous jason said...

Who would have thought a log of a 24-hour-plus plane trip would be so engaging! I was laughing out loud more than once.

Good to hear Stuart is helping out with your possessions. Despite his soft and cuddly interior, I think he could still pull off the I'm-an-ex-rugby-player-who-hasn't-ripped-enough -ears-off-lately demeanor, if needed, to make anyone want to oblige. Will the shipping people actually get to see him? That might help the effect.

Now, as for our house, by the lake at the foot of a mountain sounds great. Close to you and Dave is a must. We'd like northern exposure, if my geography is correct, for Krista and horses for me (please include a stablehand).

1:23 PM  
Anonymous jason said...

Oh, oops, I thought you meant the house you were buying us so we could live in NZ...

1:39 PM  
Blogger A.J. said...

We would like YOUR house to have the following for our numourous planned visits:
Jacuzzi/Hot tub
King size guest bed
a massage theropist on hand daily
Horses would be nice
plenty of NZ Chocolate
a swimming pool and a view of the mountains.
I think that's all for now but I'll back to you if there is anything else.

5:49 PM  
Anonymous shannon said...

I believe the music guy for whose name you're looking is Josh Groban. (just go to and don't forget to blast your speakers - nice voice, sloppy music)

wow adele, wow. i mean. wow.
what a time!

7:46 PM  
Blogger Ash said...

Wow Adele! I'm so excited for you guys! I love reading your blog. I hope you get to have lots of rest as you settle in your new surroundings. Loads and loads of prayer and love. Ash xxx

PS. I have decided to join the world of bloggers. You are welcome to visit my blog at

3:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the other side of the world, where the sun never shines and it's always pouring with rain, where the trees are horrible sticky limes, there is a small, crowded country called England.

Mr Pants lived in a house, nowhere near a lake or a mountain. But was he grumpy? Yes.

As you might expect, Mr Pants is grumpy all day long.

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Mr Pants said...

See, I can't even include my name on the blog. I'm just anoymous (as opposed to randy**** Sorry - randomenous)

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Mr Pants said...

Rats – now I'm writing messages with typos! Some journalist, Eh?

9:38 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

I'm in no way suprised you had such an eventful journey and I now have a fab mental picture of Dave sliding down the headboard. I included a letter on my blog that you might appreciate sugar.
Glad you're safe and sound
Love you

4:30 PM  
Blogger Adele Richards said...

Dear Mr Pants, sorry that you are grumpy, but you are certainly a comic genius. I've read your comments three times and laughed outloud each time. How can you fail to go far? I would read anything you write! Love, Adele

5:37 PM  
Anonymous shannon said...

hey, who IS mr pants? i keep meaning to ask b'c, how witty is he?

1:29 AM  
Anonymous Mr Pants said...

You would read everything I write?… try this:
afjdn;k,rtn ,erakl t[\gk,ernt,ertm kjetgnasd,fnmsdfl;i

Q. How can I fail to go far?
A. Continue on my present course, then die

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Mr Pants said...

Hi Shannon
(or should I call you smugmug?)

My identity has to remain top secret to protect the innocent (my long-suffering family).

9:55 AM  

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