Thursday, November 17, 2005

Moving In Day

The long awaited day finally arrived today.

Well, not that long awaited when you consider we only saw the house for the first time 12 days ago.

All went smoothly...I sat in the house from 9am just in case any of the 6 deliveries and 3 services we'd arranged to all turn up...did actually turn up before lunch-time. Me and my G4 had a merry old time writing a few bonkers radio commercials while we waited.

Then I rolled up my sleeves to combat the grime in the kitchen.

I think our previous occupants may have been Scottish. They seem to have eaten nothing but fried food. Deep fried mars bars would be a light snack for these hearty fryers.

There was so much thick yellow grease in every drawer, cupboard and crevice I started to wonder if in fact they hadn't moved out, but had suffered massive coronaries....and were buried somewhere in the undergrowth...or behind all the many wooden panels in the bedrooms.

But I had to put all ghoulish thoughts away as our wonderful delivery men started to arrive. Disappointingly I think the maximum number of vans we had in the drive at any one time was a meagre 3. Quite calm really. Oh and the 3 painters were here as well.

Yes, not only were we having one company deliver bedroom furniture to our bedroom...but another company was building a bed in the same room...and the painters were prepping the same room at the same time. (We are painting the strange orange pine walls an ivory colour).

Well seeing as I am typing as fast as a turtle due to a tragic injury incurred to my thumb (while trying to extract a knife from a plastic packet....ouch!) I will stop there and let the pictures tell the story.


Anonymous Alyn said...

Ahhh, the might Richards!

I love the pics... I especially like the one of the sofa with chair and dining room table in the back... and then the close up of the chair with the dining room table in the background (psst... did you have to move the cushion from the sofa onto the chair?).

David (I presume) I also love the TV/surround set up. I feel I need more information please on make and model.

And of course Adele, it all looks gorgeous and I am glad to see your table seats 8 people. So how's next Tuesday for dinner?

12:35 PM  
Blogger -BOB- said...

how's that happen.

your leather furniture is nicer than mine :P

5:05 PM  
Anonymous shannon said...

or perhaps the previous owners simply melted into the cupboards ...

and, in defence of the Scottish (only this once Alyn - don't get used to it), although they do tend toward the fried foods they also seem like a particularly clean bunch to me. At least my gr.grandmother Farquhar (that's right, FARQUHAR ... nothing simple like, 'Jones' for me)was reknown for her spic & span-liness.

The previous owners of our beloved abode were of Middle-Eastern descent (let's go with ... Arab?) and it took a full two days (I was 8 months pregnant at the time) of scrubbing cupboards to get the grease/cumin/garlic smell out of the cupboards, off the stove and out of the fridge.

6:06 PM  
Blogger Adele Richards said...

YEYYY! Shannon is back! Where've you been babe? Glad to see that between us we have now alienated 2 races from this blog. Of course I am part Scottish so I feel I can get away with it. I was only trying to jibe Alyn but he isn't rising to the bait...disappointing.

Bob/Rob - did you make note of all the items that you would ike to purchase off us in a few years time? You could start to make downpayments on the suite now...

And Alyn, you caught me, same cushion, different location....grrr if it hadn't been for you pesky kids I'd have got away with it....

p.s I am noting no serious concern for my quasi-amputation....

6:46 PM  
Anonymous caroline said...

ohhh your house looks fabby :) minus the grime... urgggg forgiveness to mars bar fryers.
LOVE the sofas pprrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

9:46 PM  
Blogger Ash said...

It all looks wonderful and lovely and inviting!

Love Ash

3:38 AM  
Blogger Mimo said...

Hi Adele, your house looks beautiful!!! Have to say you have very good taste in furniture - I especially like your dining area, and the green bowl..perfect! :)

Blessings & Much love, Mims

6:10 PM  

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