Wednesday, November 30, 2005


It's been a bit of a scorcher here today folks. Temperatures were soaring up around the late twenties (celsius) but man the sun is SO intense here it feels much hotter. My feet burned within 10 minutes in the sun, while I was wearing Factor 30.

Lynley gave me the top tip that you have to buy Sunscreen made in Australasia...otherwise it just doesn't protect you against the intense UV! Furniture and furnishings here all come with warnings that they will fade if they ever see sunlight!

So today, we dashed off to town first thing to courier off another document to the UK as we are selling a flat there to fund our wild lifestyle here...we checked the ministry P.O boxes, took the post to Jan & Sandra and sat in their garden for a cup of tea and some crysallised ginger (yum). Back to town for a linen basket, a hose and some more furniture.

Perk up your ears all you intending to visit....the town furniture store has a big sale on, so we swooped in and bought a king size bed for the spare room...and 2 singles for the other 2 bedrooms. You won't have to sleep under a bush in the garden any more!

Then Dave put the BBQ together on the deck, while I wrote a radio commercial this time for a furniture store in Yeovil, England. Haven't heard back from the local radio people here yet so I will have to be extra charming tomorrow and try and find out what the scoop is.

I cooked (yes, please don't faint) again. This time a Thai Green Curry....was good, but needed more chili.

Now it's time for my new favourite show, The 4400 Club, so I must dash.

Meanwhile with all the sunshine and time in the garden, Dave's tan is really coming along.


Blogger A.J. said...

Wow Dave's tan really is coming along!

I have to say I am very excited about the King size bed deal! You may never get us to leave when we come to visit form the looks of the house and the fact that you are now cooking Thai food I think we may just stay. Can you arrange for a massage therapist to come and stay in one of the other spare rooms while we are there?

Sorry about your feet but just look around your gorgeous house take a deep breath of fresh air and say to yourself "Man God is Good!"

2:56 PM  
Blogger chirobiro said...

Hi sweetie

Just been to sillynonsense and seen your last blog, you beat me to it, hope she puts more wonderful pictures up soon.

Talking of sluggish blog updates, where is your post today young lady??? hmmm, the 400 hour time difference is no excuse!! I have really been enjoying your narrative on your new life in NZ and what can I say about your aboad, it is sooo beautiful, you must wake up each day with a spring in your step and a thankful heart, much love and happiness to you both

1:04 PM  
Blogger chirobiro said...

I've spelt abode wrong haven't I? tsk tsk ! I'm sure my puctuation is pretty shoddy too...... never mind, if I thought about that everytime I wrote to a literate, copy writer, I would never write anything.


1:12 PM  

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