Thursday, November 17, 2005


OK, to quote Peter Lazar, I am SO excited. Why? Because my friends are total technobabes.

Cathy and Sarah have not only got on skype...but also on Yahoo Messenger...and have fitted a webcam. What does this mean?

This means I just talked live to them on skype while watching them on the webcam function on Yahoo Messenger and while they watched me broadcasting from my iSight webcam. And THEN while we were chatting about our new house, Cathy went to my blog so she could see the photos while we discussed how many sofas we need.

Blogs, Skype, Webcams...are there no limits to what these technobabes can do?

Dave also got in on the action, and squidged in next to me so that Cathy & Sarah could see our two faces at the same time. But because of the extreme electromagnetic field between us, it disrupted the antimatter and we lost the Skype connection. It's dangerous for both Dave & I to be in the same room normally...but near electronic can be deadly. For the sake of the other 3.8 million skype users on line at the time, we had to keep some distance between us.

So the rest of you lovely readers, please feel under extreme duress to keep up with the Jones's and also with the Harrises and Dalleys. I order you to instantly rush out of the house, buy a webcam (they're dead cheap...unless they're an iSight...but the iSight is so much cooler...and intuitive...and see Alyn's site for more detail)...rush back, get yourself set up on Skype ( and Yahoo Messenger if you're a PC person...or iChat if you've seen the light....and get on line.

Ok, only problem is I might have to go to bed wearing clothes and make-up so I can be ready at all times for a webcam debut...but I can live with that.

The other slight problem I have with Skypeing and Webcamming at the same time is that one of the technical side effects is that it reaches out, grabs your heart, squeezes it, wrings it, bashes it with a mallet and puts it back in your chest. Helpdesks everywhere are working on remedying this problem, but I don't think they will be able to do anything about it.

Having just seen Cathy and Sarah for the first time in months ... the chronic 'I miss you' factor increased massively. And the dire need to go out for a latte and a laugh with them, increased exponentially.

I love you technobabes. Thanks for calling. xx


Anonymous caroline said...

i heard the gasps of joy & giggles from behind the dividing wall from cathy & sarah:)
Technology is pretty amazing.... Hugs to you caroline xo

9:49 PM  
Blogger Adele Richards said...

Hey gorgeous caroline...I love it when you pop up on my blog! Thinking of you with all the wedding preps at the mo. How did you enjoy your bridal shower?

10:31 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

I must be online at all the wrong times! you're never there when I log in. So have decided to just move in with you both. I just found out that a certain ex went to Australia!!! I think it's an extreme way of avoiding me yet understandable!


11:37 AM  
Anonymous shannon said...

I have Skype!! but ... can't even remember what my address is anymore cuz it's been so long since i used it. we signed up a millenium ago (yeah, we're that far ahead of the technobubble) because my parents live far away most of the time, as do my siblings and a whole lot of my not-as-close-anymore friends.

my problem with skype is -wait for it- i don't have a mic on my computer and i still haven't managed to purchase that all-important bit of technology ... you know, the bit that would make
skyping (yep, it's a verb now) actually work for me.

so, i'll let you know if/when i manage to get on out of the house and get back on the techno-wave.

3:28 AM  

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