Tuesday, November 29, 2005

TV & Serenity

I know you may find this hard to believe given our lifestyle of constant thrills and spills....but really not all that much has happened in the last 2 days.

Dropped in my CV to local radio gurus RadioWorks in the hopes of drumming up some trade in the old commercial writing scene.

Went for solo drive down to lake at Wharewaka (pron. Far-e-wac-ka) then back home via Huka Falls.

Rubbed shoulders with the tourists admiring the thundering turquoise (really) Huka waterfalls that are about a 3 minute drive from our house. Made up little song on the way back in the car that went something like this, "I live here, I live here, wow really can't believe I live here"

Ate something incredibly chi chi for lunch, boiled quails eggs or something. (aka cheese sandwich)
Spoke to sleepy Alyn & AJ on Skype & iChat.
Spoke to lively Sarah D by Skyping her landline.
Dave had a meeting in town about the development he is going to be project managing.

Went to gym.
Didn't see a possum.
Ate dinner - fabulous curry with an entire bushel of garlic, lashings of ginger and handfuls of coriander.
(shock news, I have started to cook...)
Dreamed I ate 4 sausages.
And that was Monday.

Are you still awake? Hey this post could be serving a useful function for the increasing numbers of you who seem to be awake in the small hours. I could singlehandedly be putting an end to insomnia. Read on.....are your eyelids getting heavy?

My mum called and I caught up with news from Bmth.
Wrote a radio commercial for Bridge FM - a Welsh radio station.
Wrote a questionnaire for James to send to churches inviting him to speak there.
Dined on caviar. (beans on toast)
Sat on lawn in sunshine and looked at the fresh snow on the mountain.
Went to cinema with Sandra and saw Serenity. Absolutely BRILLIANT. Loved it. (There were 2 other people in the cinema)

(Dave was having a meeting about the development again)
Came back, went to gym.
(Can I just point out Dave ran 4km to the Huka Falls and over the river and up and down the winding path beside the river on the other side, through the Spa Falls park, up the hill and to the sports centre. Thereupon he did an hour's workout. It's even more impressive when you see how steep the paths are...)
Ate a mars bar, thus negating all good work at gym
Made fab rice with chilli ginger sauce.
And here we are.

Now as to the title.
I cannot laud the merits of Serenity enough. I mean I'm pretty keen on sci fi at the best of times but sci fi with a witty and brilliant script? Oh yes.

If you want to know why I didn't go with Dave, it's because Dave has very specific requirements about films:
1) It cannot under any circumstances be sci fi
2) It cannot be dark (as in hard to see)
3) It cannot be in a foreign language.
4) It must not be a period piece
5) Something must happen (character development does not count as action)
6) On pain of death there must be NO singing or breaking into spontaneous dancing. Musicals are OUT.

If you can work within those parameters, he will gladly go and see it.

Unfortunately for me I like sci fi films where nothing much happens, there's loads of dark scenes, and character development, preferably in a foreign language. And I don't mind a few aliens singing and dancing.

Our relationship was sorely tested when I brought back the film 'Amelie' from the video store. After Dave tried to turn the subtitles off and then change the language track off French for about 10 minutes. I pointed out that it was a French film and therefore you could only listen to it in French, and therefore he might like the subtitles.

It wasn't the best start. And of course it being a French film it was a) odd and b) nothing happened.

I loved it.
Dave, did not.

On other exciting developments in our viewing time, I am very sad to report that we have a channel on Sky which has British TV from the annals of time. Sorry that only the UK readers will be able to fully appreciate this.

We have been watching: Birds of a Feather, Blankety Blank and Are you being served?

Worse. We have been laughing.

I can only apologise.


Blogger Mimo said...

Adele, you are making me blog-a-ddicted! lol! Thoroughly enjoy listening to your stories (that's how it feels). I can imagine Taupo movie theatre with only 4 people in it, as I grew up in a small place like that. Serenity seems good! Ohh and curry with looooots of garlic, ginger and coriander..yummy! Mimosa x

11:00 AM  
Anonymous alyn said...

I love blogs because it's all about life. Just think Adele, if I bumped into you in TACF's café and hadn't seen you in a couple of days and asked, "What's new?" you'd probably wax lyrical about Dave running up hills or your fabulous new rice with ginger and nobody would think that was odd.

But when we take time to write a blog that seems (to ourselves) to be mundane and boring, we forget that the blog readers actually don't mind because they are getting to hear from us. They want to hear from us! They are interested in our lives!

Well at least that's the way I think.

Anyway - I love hearing about your lives because if you didn't blog then I'd never hear about it. It's just like having a paper back copy of Dave and Adele.

Love you two,

8:29 PM  
Blogger Ash said...

I love the film 'Amelie' - it is such a good film! It must be really amazing living sooooo close to waterfalls. I love waterfalls - please put a photo of them on your blog one day when you get a chance to.

Love you loads,
Ash x

2:31 AM  
Blogger Adele Richards said...

Ow you guys are great! Thanks for calming my lurking fear that you would all abandon me when my blogs consist of nothing but a list of my favourite types of sandwiches (actually that's a good idea).

Have to say, Alyn, I totally get what you are staying cos that's how I feel about your blog. It makes me feel like I'm there when I know that you've just sat on your glasses or the duvet is too small/too big!

I shall carry on with the minutiae...

8:16 AM  

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