Monday, December 19, 2005


Suspenseful drama.....shocking twists and turns.....intrigue and backstabbing....?

These things may accurately describe Jack Bauer's 24.

But probably not our next 24 hours on a plane.

Tedium, twisting and turning in our seats, food in trays......ahh these are the delights that we have in store.

Still we have checked and we have a newly fitted out Air New Zealand plane so that means we get our own teeny tiny little screens. Heh heh heh, let's see how many films I can watch on one flight. I think 6 is my record so far.

Just to keep you fully informed on all our travelling details, I have decided to go for the 'travelling light' as far as the hand luggage goes and I am just taking on one small handbag. Advantage - it will fit under the seat in front so that I don't have to leap up and down and display my midriff by reaching into an overhead bin every time I want a tissue or a mint. Disadvantage, I can't fit my Oprah magazine in it or the bottle of water. In fact I had to choose a book to read on the basis of whether it would fit in my bag.....tsk tsk. I plumped for a good ol' knicker gripper (I hope) "Angels & Demons". Well I seem to remember Cathy saying it was a good read....but I could be misquoting here there!

OF COURSE I have my ipod tucked in my bag which has all the Narnia books recorded on there....and the latest Podcasts from Chris Moyles and Chris Evans. Plus I have gum, ear plugs, eye patch, parrot, tissues, lip balm, headache tablets, comb, make-up, oh and my passport of course! Hmmmm....we'll see how it goes!

James is picking us up from our house at 5pm to take us to the sprawling Taupo airport (ha ha) and from there it's a 45 minute flight to Auckland. Then we wait around for a few hours (come on Dan Brown, entertain me with your ludicrous theories on the RC church) and board the flight to LA....for about 14 hours I think....and then hang about in LA airport for an hour or so. Get back on the same plane for 10 hours and Bob's your uncle. Easy peasy.

Mum & Dad are picking us up from Heathrow and it's just a few hours to Bournemouth.....

So now you know exactly where we will be and when - if you can work out the time difference!
We arrive in the UK 10am ish on Tuesday.

So my cherubs, if you think of us in the next 48 hours cast up a prayer for sleep, entertainment and no delays!

And of course I will blog again from the UK.

VERY excited.


Blogger Ash said...

Wow - you posted that on Monday your time, and I'm reading it on Sunday evening in Canada. It feels like I have leapt a day into the future! I pray that you guys have a smooth journey, with loys of entertainment and no delays. Lots of love and looking forward to reading your next blog when you get to beautiful England and you're fully rested :)

2:45 AM  
Blogger A.J. said...

What's the parrot for? Have you trained it to talk to the person on the other side of you that always tries to strike up a conversation on transatlantic flights? Very clever if so.... where can I get one?

Well I pray you have a wonderful flight and that your seats are not too near the "washroom"... (That's the most important prayer by the way). Just think of all the airmiles that you will be earning! (Yep, you guessed it that is how I comfort myself on long flights .... airmiles ... airmiles ... just focus o the airmiles!) Oh and I pray you get upgraded on your journey and enjoy the comforts and wine and cheese of first class AMEN!

1:28 PM  
Blogger s@bd said...

where are you now? wait. probably there.

poor brain o' mine. can't figure this stuff out. at least not without a bit more alcohol ...

or something.

very tired. must sleep.

4:32 AM  

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