Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Back in Blighty

Hello dear friends. Phew! We made it!

Yes, we set off from Taupo at 6.05pm on Monday and arrived in Los Angeles 10 hours before we left. We travelled 34 hours from door to door and arrived in Bournemouth 18 hours after we left Taupo.

I am sad to report that my film viewing quota was below par. I only watched:

Must Love Dogs - I could watch John Cusack reading out of a phone book for 3 hours and be quite happy, but what is the deal with Diane Lane?I just don't think she is very appealing on screen - snore-ama.....although I am sure she is very charming in person. (She says the same about me)

Red Eye - with that cute girl from 'The Notebook' and the guy with the creepy eyes - yes THAT guy. Hmmm....not bad. Enjoyed the part with the hockey stick.

The Island - with Scarlet O'I'm in every movie these days' and Ewan McGregor with the mole above his left eyebrow. Now this was pretty good I must say. One of those weird futuristic, thingys. Car chases too long but chemistry good between the two hotties (watch, Diane, and's called 'on-screen chemistry')...and lots of weird futurist moral crises....with Sean Bean being his fabulous self.

Wedding Crashers - I know, I know....why did I even pick it? I'm sorry but I have a weakness for that guy with the smashed in nose....he makes me laugh. Unfortunately the film was gross and had to be turned off. My advice, don't bother!

Meanwhile I read most of 'Angels and Demons' which I did prefer to the 'DV Code'...although the ending was pretty barking mad. Actually the whole thing is barking mad. I overheard a guy in the line-up to US Immigration (while we were in LAX for an hour) saying how Dan Brown is 'easy reading' in a rather patronising tone.....but, er, have to kindof agree with him. I love all those cheesy descriptions, 'Vittoria was lithe and sinuous like a bronzed tiger. She leapt from the helicopter as if from the abyss of loneliness into his heart. He felt a strong connection to her instantly.' Hmmmm...the length of her shorts have anything to do with that? Mind you it's pretty 'unputdownable' so Mr Brown knows what he's doing.

Our seats weren't right in front of the loos this time...AND we had the one between us blocked out (gold membership privileges...woohoo) that I didn't wake up drooling on some stranger's shoulder.

By the way do you think there is some kind of award for person who used the bathroom most regularly during the flight? If so, I think I may be in the running.

I read before I got on the flights that you should try to drink 2 litres of water during a long haul trip. I think I drank a small swimming pool's worth just to be on the safe side. Hence I would say that I went up aisle about 20 times. Seriously. Twenty. By the end I was getting embarrassed cos I was sure the people sitting by the loos recognised me and were wondering about my bladder.

Size of a pea. That's all I can say. Size of a pea.


Blogger chirobiro said...

Welcome home Deli

Congratulations on being cogniscient ( if that is a word) after such a long journey. hope to see you sometime over the festivities.

lots of love

1:40 PM  
Blogger A.J. said...

As far as the movies are concerned I agree that Must love Dogs was crap, didn't see the wedding crashers but it looked crap, and..... Ok I can no long remember the other movies but I thought "yes, Adele is making profoundly true statement here!"

As for as doing a lot of peeing perhaps you should have just written a number on tow pieces of paper and the you could have casually mentioned to someone waiting in line for the Lou that you are a world record holding pee-er and are in the midst of some sort of competition?! Just make sure the loo starers are within earshot of the excuse!

Other possible excuses (or signs to wear) are:
Lab rat for some sort of diuretic....
"Yes, my bladder is as small as a pea, stop staring or you will make me nervous and pay the consequences"

Any other suggestions anyone? Come on S you will have thought up some good ones by now!

1:40 PM  
Blogger s@bd said...

are you challenging me AJ?

but first: a small comment on Sean Bean. How hysterical is that name?! I mean ... 'Shawn Bawn'? 'Seen Been'? 'Sheen Been'? 'Sheen Bawn'? The possibilities are endless. And silly.

And... THAT guy's eyes are too big for his head. They belong on a girl's head. Freaky.

and, about that challenge ...
I'm a big fan of "Yes, my bladder is as small as a pea, stop staring or you will make me nervous and pay the consequences"
tee hee!!

2:39 PM  
Anonymous Alyn said...

Shannon. I am disappointed. After AJ throwing down the gauntlet, all you can do is repeat her line? I expect better from you! Here! Perform! Perform!

Okay, I suppose I should have a go. I find that in situations like that you are good to order some tea, really week tea, perhaps two cups of it if you can get away with it and then don’t drink it. Then when you get up to go to the loo hand the people who are either staring at you or are in front of you the (hopefully still warm) tea in see through cups.

“Gosh, I am sorry, I couldn’t keep it in. Here hold these I need to cross my legs and squeeze”

If you can manage to splosh some on them while handing them the cups, next time you come up they’ll refuse to make eye contact with you. Worked for me on the way to Germany anyway.

Adele – love that you are back on line. I was going to post a blog saying, “Adele, Adele, where for art thou?” But then realized you were on a plane for a week and couldn’t do much about your non-blogging. Give Mr. Dalley a big “Woaahh” for me would you and Mrs. Dalley a wonderful side hug and if you could make some inappropriate comment to Ms Dalley so she blushes bright red then it will feel like I am there too.

Love to you too David.

2:59 PM  
Blogger weegeemcschuler said...

Adeler, you're home, my home kinda, but a hop skip and jump across the pond! Eat some Galaxy, visit Marks and SParks and do have some clotted cream for me pleeeeeeze!

Toilet things to say...well personally (with Dave's permission of course) I think you should have made a loud and very dramatic announcement saying "OK I KNoooow you're all wondering why I keep on coming back here. The turth is....I'm in LOVE with...."(suddenly choosing a unsuspecting, unliekly target) profess you undying love, making sure to jump on his lap swiftly followed, by "well now that I've got that of my chest, on with life, Merry Christmas everyone.
Not so fun for you, but at least it would break the tension :0)

Side note, can't work out how to post a new blog on mine....this system doesn't like, me so alas I shall post comments on your blogs peopel hee hee

1:01 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Welcome home,
I should be working but decided to read your blog.

Give Sarah a hug from me.


10:18 PM  

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