Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Catch-Up

Hello all - how's the turkey stupor? Can you still focus without seeing mince pies dancing before your eyes? Isn't it exciting how quickly it becomes normal to have chocolate for breakfast....elevenses...a pre-prandial snack and post-prandial munch....not to mention pre-sleep chocolate and even 'quick loo dash in the middle of the night' chocolate? As you can tell I will be hitting the gym hard when I get back to the opposite ends of the earth.

And yes, Krista, my mum has hit on the genius idea of just tying whole bars of chocolate to the Christmas tree with a bit of festive ribbon.....brilliant! It is a bit like living at Willy Wonka's. Yesterday I even tried licking the door handle to see if it was made of sugar. Strange how I now resemble an oompa loompa...

So aside from eating FAR too much, what have I been doing?

Well I have just about managed to leave behind my Little Miss Grumpy persona which I like to blame on the jet lag, but I'm not so sure....I am still recovering from being thrust into the warm bosom of the Dalley household...and then dis-thrusted...un-thrusted...de-thrusted or some such made-up word.

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Except without the sweet bit.
This is what comes of loving people - see I knew it was a bad idea.

Still, it was totally divine to see them and receive a backlog of hugs and harassment. Faith had even created a Christmas stocking each for me and Dave...to accompany Sarah's annual treat...it was very fab!

AND to try not to be a total 'down in the mouth-er' (which I seem to have become very gifted at)...I do get to see Sarah for 3 whole weeks in February....so that is pretty darn fantastic.

Anyway, back to some semblance of a narrative.
Christmas Day:
So we left the Dalleys with tears drizzling down our Christmas make-up (Dave included) and drove back to Bournemouth. It was a stunning drive across a misty England county scene, with little stone cottages, winding roads and big old fashioned country pubs. There's just something so distinctive and beautiful about the wintry English light...that made me feel like I was in some kind of Constable painting. (that has nothing to so with the police constabulary or an identity parade...I'm talking about John Constable, the artist).

We arrived back to find my parents excitable and skittish about Christmas Day - they were already opening presents! So we exchanged ours and I was delighted with my fabulous dramatic turquoise beady necklace, book, and sparkly gold shrug. Dave got a sooper dooper huge book of Sudoku which he is now working through like a Japanese master. I wouldn't be surprised if he ate his turkey today with chopsticks.

Our presents seemed to go over well and my Dad even put his Fleetwood Mac DVD on as we were leaving....high praise indeed. By the time we returned from lunch with Dave's fam, Dad had also fitted the webcam we gave him so he can see our sleepy faces in NZ when we talk on Skype. (He has to download the latest version of Skype which has Skype Video on it.....top tip there chaps!)

It was a big ol' family affair with Dave's crew with 12 of us around the table. You'll be pleased to know that I sat next to Mr Pants...I would like to be able to say that we behaved ourselves.

Food was fab, pressies were fab (first three series of Ally McBeal on DVD - felt like being reunited with old friends - oh Ally how I have missed thy self-absorbed, fantastical imaginings). Now normally we come back to Dave's fam for tea (enough food to feed a small continent)..and then have games. This year (horrors)there were rumours that we were going to be paired up for a 'Strictly Come Dancing' ballroom fest......but thankfully that did not come to pass. Instead we played a very civilised caption game where Mr Pants and I engaged in a battle of wits. I couldn't help feeling that it's not very fair to do that when the other party is not armed.

Boxing Day was quiet as my bro was still in Plymouth with his girlfriend Christa's dad....so we are kind of having it today. I can smell the turkey even as I type....yum!

And now although there is so much more I could say...I must just finish with a book recommendation.

The book my mum bought me for Christmas is what they call 'popular fiction' and generally I am too much of a book snob to read that particular genre. I usually go for anything 'distinctly unpopular' about blind Norwegian nuns caught on a tropical island and being given 3 days to knit the meaning of life into a scarf or else suffer existential angst for ever more...hey actually that's a good idea, how do I copyright that idea?

ANYWAY, this book is a lot of fun, truly unputdownable (I finished its 628 pages this morning, after starting it yesterday afternoon) and I must recommend it to AJ for holiday reading, if no-one else. It's by Marian Keyes and it's called. 'The other side of the story' Apparently her one 'Sushi for beginners' is really good too. It's one of those 'popular fiction' books that doesn't have lines in it like,
'she pressed up against his firm, muscular body and gazed into the deep azure pools of his eyes' and also doesn't leave you feeling like your brain just rotted away while you were reading it. (The feeling akin to watching 10 hours of rubbish TV)

So there you go. A top tip. You too can now not speak to anyone for hours on end in an anti-social read fest. Enjoy!



Anonymous Sarah said...

Am saddened to hear that Strictly Ballroom was cancelled as I felt that Dave and your rendition of the tango in new spangly top and shorts would have gone down a treat!
I must announce to the world that I would like to steal you and Dave for Christmas every year!
Love you

6:02 PM  
Blogger s@bd said...

Wait! What about me?! Wouldn't you like to have me for Christmas sometimes?! HMMMM?!

Seriously now ... I think i've already mentioned how much i ADORE the chocolate bars (and I'm assuming they're good ones (ie NOT North American made)) on the tree thing. I'm SO DOING THAT next year.
Because I need more excuses to buy chocolate. ahem.

I, too, read a popular fiction-style novel (although of the international espionage / super spy / historical fiction variety) on the holidays. Super-fab!

Glad you're having a great holiday. I'll post sometime about mine ... not that it wasn't great but ... it involved an aweful LOT of DORA THE EXPLORER. sigh.

1:10 AM  
Blogger A.J. said...

Well I am happy to say my holidays did not involve Dora the explorer! Thanks for the tip on the book Adele. I was thinking of going for another Robert Ludlum but perhaps I shall try your recommendation!

I too am sorry about the lack of ballroom dancing during Christmas. Did you have to comfort Dave for many hours before he stopped crying about it?

3:03 PM  

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