Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Just another day in paradise

Hey so just three and a half months later....our boxes arrived!

I tried not to look too closely when I saw that my boxes lovingly labelled 'Fragile' and 'This way up' had been thrown all of a quiver upside down into the back of a van....but so far I am glad to report that every box I packed has arrived with goods in tact! YEY

Unfortunately just about everything that the packing company sent their 'experts' to pack is smashed, broken or missing bits....groan! Including Dave's motorbike which was strapped into a crate for most of its journey. It's still driveable but missing a windscreen. Och well....we realised we weren't in the best of hands a long time ago!

The good news is that the insurance company rang up today and told Dave that the bike is worth almost double here! So we could always sell it to keep us in loobrushes.....(but we won't!)

By the way I never officially told y'all about what happened to get our shipment out of the USA. If you recall all our worldly possessions were being held by US customs who were demanding a document in order to allow the shipment to leave. Our shipping company was threatening to offload our stuff because we were querying the fee they were charging us (double their estimate). This was all kicking off the day before we were flying out to NZ - hence being on a plane for 24 hours and unable to do anything!

So you lot started to pray.

And the next thing we heard.....a strange mistake was US Customs of all people. They 'accidentally' shipped our stuff without clearing customs.....yeyyy! God pulled a fast one!

Anyway, it's been a rollercoaster of a journey with no sizzling gypsies whatsoever.

But it's here! And I have been excitedly opening boxes. It was particularly fab to get my photos and see your lovely faces again. Me and Laura at Niagara Falls, Melissa and Danielle windswept and wonderful in San Francisco, little godson Cameron as a baby, Ruth & I on-stage as Petula and Caroline, Sarah and I dressed up to the nines at Krista & Jason's wedding, Jason & Elizabeth in Bournemouth before they even fell in love with each other....It made me realise I need more photos...Stu & Lynley, Cathy & Gordon and Alyn & AJ to name just a few.....I need your smiling faces on the dresser!

It's the things that special people gave me that mean the was like greeting old friends. A little reminder of you, here on the other side of the world. The fabulous mugs my brother bought me for Christmas (and then had to carry all the way round London).....the lovely picture that Lorraine and Vern gave us as a thank you when they lived with us for a while (and which looks fab everywhere)....the lime green candle holders that Cathy brought all the way back from Denmark....the glass coasters that Lynley & Stuart bought for us in NZ.....the wise wooden owl that my mum bought me and which I love to have perched up high in a room....and the beautiful white box with Seinfeld and Friends DVDs - our leaving present from TO.

So today we have been hanging mirrors (does my bum look big in this hemisphere?) and pictures. And I have been moving ornaments and lamps from pillar to post trying to get the look 'just so'!

Meanwhile, the bush surgeons arrived this morning and absolutely hacked their way through the undergrowth. They took out a whole load of scrubby stuff and a couple of skinny trees so that the view from the deck is now totally fab.

In other news.....Dave has been out and about having meetings with lots of different people re. the development he is now project managing. It is going to be the largest hotel and conference facilities in Taupo once it's done.

I have been trying to motivate myself to do....something...anything. Largely failing, but have started to write some copy for the Fatherheart Ministries website. The rest of the Fatherheart bunch have been away in Auckland since Saturday so it's been a very quiet existence. It's not that there aren't things to do.....I could even edit my book which is what I planned to do during this time. But I seem to have temporarily lost my va va voom.

Meanwhile, James & Denise get back from their trip on Sunday and we're really looking forward to seeing them again.



Blogger Laura said...

Hello pickle, thanks for the lovely blog message. I've been up ALL NIGHT just can't sleep a wink!! trying to type really quietly so's not to wake flatmate and incure roth. to chuffed for aggro. Your chauffer awaits.

6:08 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

by the way Halleluyah etc. for stuff arriving and tests passed.

6:10 AM  
Anonymous krista said...

i can't wait to open boxes in about 8 months!!! your stories give me hope of wonderful receoveries and great fun! kinda like christmas times 10, only this time i know i will love everything because i packed it myself. haha! i have nothing seriously witty to say in this comment. except toronto was not the same this past visit without you both. jason and i SERIOUSLY missed you. must figure out visit to new zealand. even if we have to snorkel our way there.

10:53 PM  
Blogger Joy said...

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2:11 PM  
Blogger Joy said...

Oh the joy of boxes arriving at their final is truly a wonderful feeling...the joy of US Customs and the wonderful things that they do to boxes...but the best thing of all is going through all of the boxes and finding hidden treasures that you have not seen in months and having the wonderful time of reliving all the happy memories.

I second the idea of making a trip to New Zealand…you never know maybe we can convince the School of Ministry to do a missions trip out to you guys and we can all tag along for fun…could you handle having that many people in your little country…

Anyway have to run and so some homework and then I have to talk some youth out skiing and snowboarding at Blue Mountain.

2:17 PM  
Blogger Ash said...

Hi Adele,

So glad to hear that your boxes finally arrived! Hope fully God will replace all the broken items for you :)

Love you loads

6:00 PM  

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