Friday, December 16, 2005


Well this would be a NEWS FLASH...but seeing as most of you for whom this is meaningful news, already know is more of a news glimmer....maybe a news spark at best!

Yes, Stuart & Lynley are having a baby! A seven week old baby whose face is being formed as we speak.
( I mean, it will be older than that when it is born, obviously.)

For those who don't know, here is a quick catch-up...

a) I first met Stuart & Lynley at the School of Ministry in Toronto
b) they were the glamorous and gorgeous Directors of the school
c) they made the mistake of befriending us
d) they are totally fab
e) they were not able to have children
f) neither of them
g) so they totally gave up on ever having kids about 12 years ago
h) hence it is a complete shocker that now Lynley is preggers

I could not stop grinning for about 2 weeks after I heard the fact it could be one of those eternal memories..."Where were you when you heard Lynley was pregnant?"

They are going to be such FANTASTIC parents, and the child is going to be STUNNING...

What a flipping marvellous miracle. Isn't God cool?

Although also rather intriguing.....

Still, as I have been thinking about this lovely miracle child I have been compiling some potential names for Stu & Lynley to consider. I think you will find them very contemporary and 'with it' in this age of the Blog.

Here they are:

For a boy:


For a girl:

You'll never guess where I got my inspiration from.....unless you want to make a comment.

Seriously guys, we are THRILLED! Congratulations! Love you loads and loads xx


Anonymous Alyn said...

Adele, Can I hire you to create blog entries for me please? You are so much better at conveying news than anyone else I know. My attempt at telling the world about Stuart & Lynley seems rather pale, greyscale and low quality mono sound compared to your all singing, all dancing, dolby digital surround sound, high definition version.

Adele... you my friend are the bomb.

9:53 PM  
Anonymous dad said...

I absolutely love your name suggestions. I think we should run a vote on which of them we should choose.


Because you have taken a big decision off the table for us....... I am grateful as I couldn't decide what name to choose I am going to return my prize to you and you can eat the pie.



11:12 PM  
Blogger weegeemcschuler said...

What beautiful names you suggest - I can only but guess that the Lord himself gave you a divine inspiration and therefore STuart and Lynley MUST listen to your suggestions and choose one...ormaybe they can use the others for middle names - yes that way they can tap in to the max to your spirituality Adele - ah yes, we really were in the MOST spiritual small group :0)
Wee Gee

5:35 AM  
Anonymous jason said...

As for your inspiration for the names, appearances would lead me to guess some sort of random letter generator (inspired by your blog title), or perhaps by mashing your elbow down on the key board twice while slightly rolling it as you mash. Using this technique, I came up with Szxdrkoj and Koumhjxd (I had to capitalize the first letter after I mashed, because I couldn't really shift with my elbows).

And yet something makes me think that there must be some kind of design to the seemingly-random, often-vowelless strings of letters.

So perhaps each letter is the first word of a sentence describing the child to be:

e.g. Ubiygli:
Uber-Boy, Is Youthful, Good-Looking, Intelligent.

More suggestions anyone?

ps: "youthful" does seem a bit redundant but remember, youth is an attitude, and i've already packed my dictionary.

2:16 PM  
Blogger Adele Richards said...

Stuart, further to your comment...I guess this now answers the question "Who ate all the pies?"
(I did.)

Jason - you are too clever for words my friend, or should that be, too clever with words! And all this hot off your DO you do it?

Hi Wee Gee and welcome to my blog.

7:52 PM  

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