Sunday, January 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Krista!

YEY YEY today Krista came into the world, some XX years ago. And the world has been a much better place for it, I think we all agree on that one.

I have really enjoyed your birthday Krista - it's been a gorgeous sunny day. I went to church and James spoke so that was cool. Then we climbed up the hill behind our house (Tauhara). When I say 'hill' that is a kiwi definition. It is about 1200feet high and has fantastic views. Then we had a swim in the pool at the Eden Centre and had a bbq with FHM (Fatherheart Ministries) and a few people from church. I hope your day is even better!

So what can I say about the totally, wonderfull absolutely fabulous Krista?
It's late here and my brain isn't functioning too well so this may not do her justice but here are 5 things I LOVE about Krista:

1) She will fight your corner to her dying breath. (Krista was my outreach leader. Once I totally broke down in front of the whole team and started sobbing convulsivley at the dinner table upon arriving at our hosts' house in East Germany. The lady Dave and I were staying with only spoke Russian, insisted that I wear her pink nighty and that Dave wear her dead husband's pyjamas, communicated through graphic sign language that we were only to take a shower once a week, and put us in a room with no curtains and a see through door that led onto her hallway. All I can say is that Krista saved my life. She got us moved out of there and was totally fierce about the whole thing. It was SO great to have her on my side. It still is.

2) She is incredibly thoughtful and selfless. She always has some scheme going on to bless someone's socks off. She single handedly masterminded the re-homing of Harrison (which was driving me to distraction). And she and Jason landscaped our front garden in an afternoon off from a very intense leaders school, when she could just as well have had a nap. She is usually raising money for someone who needs it, buying them things, praying for them lots, and generally being a totally wonderful friend.

3) She is the most emotionally honest person I know. I learned from Krista what it means to be in touch with your heart and to respond in the moment rather than bottling things up. She laughs with all her heart. Hurts with all her heart. Feels everything deeply and is a person very much ALIVE. Her compassionate energy and emotional honesty is really outstanding.

4)Krista is wonderfully herself. Quirky, arty, she always has a fun and creative way of doing something. Even her writing (the actual lettering) is just inspiringly arty and HER. I love her creativity and she has encouraged me to be myself and write the way that I want to write. I think she is a real role model in that. Isn't that the most important thing to be at the end of the day - uniquely yourself?

5) Krista is daring and persevering. She's a keeper. She's been through more tough stuff in her life so far than most people get in a lifetime. But she keeps on going. She is passionate about God and that's what takes her through. Her passion is contagious.

Ohh you see, even though I am tired and the right side of my head is throbbing I can't help but think of so many more than 5 things that I LOVE about her. Here are a few more in brief:

The way she loves Jason....her grin....her fabulous hair....her hilarious way of telling stories....her dancing...her facial expressions...her eyebrows they definitely deserve a mention....the way she loves her parents....her fierce loyalty....her prophetic nature....her kindness....the way she 'got' Harrison's complex psyche...

Ahhhh Krista you are a one off and I am so glad I get to be your friend. I feel very privileged.

Have a wonderful day!



Blogger s@bd said...

you know ... my birthday is in september ... the 18th ...

just thought i'd mention it ...

4:12 PM  
Blogger A.J. said...

Here, here! I totally agree with everything you said about Krista! She is an amazing woman and I am privileged to know her! Oh and I got to live with her for 8 or 10 months to! She is also very good at putting out the garbage! (One of us had to be!)

5:11 PM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

I would like to say that you have it entirely right dear Adele. Firstly you have a fab gift of honouring and secondly, if I had a blog and the gift of the gab as you have, I would have written all those things too, except for the pink nightie. No-ones ever tried to make me do that...
: )
Krista.. you are fab... your friends love you..

5:19 PM  
Blogger Charlene said...

I want to chime in with birthday is July 24th. Not that you know me well enough to say such amazing things...but you have such a gift, I wish you did! :)

If you are confused as to who I am...ask AJ..


9:04 PM  
Anonymous Gary & Sarah said...

Hey guys... We are going to be in Napier 2moro... would love to catch up... if you want?? We can come to you, or could meet somewhere... Ring 021 1511148.

Love and Blessings

Gary & Sarah

7:50 AM  

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