Sunday, January 22, 2006

Introducing Samuel Leath....

Wooo-hoo Elizabeth has given birth to a bouncing baby is the offical email annoucement from Jason!

News from Jason Leath:

"hey everyone, if you haven't heard Elizabeth gave birth to our son Samuel David Leath on the 18th of Jan. at 1:05am and he was 9lbs. and 23 in. Eli's was a trooper doing it all natuaral, she is recovering well from soreness and getting stitches. Samuel is going well, still trying to figure out his days and nights, and mom and dad are hoping that'll be soon. so yeah keep us and him in prayer for these first couple of weeks, that we can get some real sleep , well samuel is sleeping just mom and dad need some good sleep. he did have some jaundice, but doing well to get it out of the system, so if you could keep that in prayer too, that would be great."

Dave & I would like to take a little credit for all of this. It was our idea to send Elizabeth (one of our best friends from School of Ministry - we were on the same outreach team to Germany) to Blandford for a year as an intern...when Jenni had already fixed it up for Jason (small group leader and all round hottie) to go there.....and the rest is history!

Of course maybe somebody a little higher in the stratosphere had the idea before us....dang it, he has all the best ideas!

Congratulations to Elizabeth, Jason & Samuel - what a gorgeous family!


Blogger s@bd said...

Congratulations all around - for going 'natural' and for producing such a cute little bundle.

btw: in my humble opinion there's nothing natural about having a child without drugs ... would you go to the dentist and ask to have a root canal without drugs because you want to 'do it naturally'?
yeah. I thought not.

12:21 PM  
Anonymous Michael said...

I think he kind of looks like John Wayne...

12:05 AM  
Anonymous Laura Bournemouth said...

Congratulations Guys. Beautiful baby. (I'm not dead honey I will do my blog soon just ridiculously busy.


5:51 PM  

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