Saturday, January 07, 2006


We made it.

Here's the fastforward version....

Singapore Air.(***) Pork and rice(****). 6 hours intermittent sleep(****). The Constant Gardener. (****)Spicy noodles for breakfast.(*)

Singapore Airport (***)Foxes Fruit Sweets (**)Lounge (**) Waiting for 5 hours for next flight (-*). The Chrysalids by John Wyndham (***** and then some). Chocky by John Wyndham (***not as good as childhood memories). Bookshop to get new fodder. (**)

Singapore Air Flight to Sydney (* very cramped, screaming children, almost no food) Sky High (** good, fun movie) The Office (***I'm sure I know these people) The Proof (**interesting movie with Gwyneth). Read half of "Sushi for beginners" (***very sim to her other book but a good read). Breakfast of eggs etc (*yuck airlines should never abuse the egg in such a way)

Sydney. Need to pick up bags to connect to Air NZ flight. 4 separate officials tell us we don't need to clear customs to pick them up. Air NZ will key in 'the number' and 'someone' will pick them up for us and put them on the right flight. Yeah right. Decide to believe Immigration Officials, Air NZ and Transfer Desk that all will be well. Mistake.

Sydney Airport (****) Sydney Airport while jetlagged (* - no energy to shop). Transfer Desk. (* queue up behind 20 people to reach the front and discover that we can't check in for another hour. Lurk. Queue up again. Oh by the way the plane is delayed. ) Air NZ Lounge (****fab but cold). Flight to Auckland delayed by 2 hours. Finish "Sushi for beginners" (that's 600 pages all gone). Wait in Sydney from 10.30am till take-off at 6pm.

Air NZ(***) Pie (***) Film - some pukey thing about a racehorse (-*) Dave's nodding dog impression (***).The sheer relief of arriving in NZ(*****). Wait to pick up our bags. Wait. Wait some more. Bags not there. Fall about in amazement. (not).
Go and sign up with "" (if only). Hotel room (*****there's a bed). Good thing about losing suitcases - not having to drag them up stairs. Bed at 1am.

Saturday (****I slept all night!) Auckland airport(***)Short hop to Taupo (***) No books left to read(*) Read every single word in Air New Zealand mag. Even articles about fish and native art. Study route maps in back of Air New Zealand mag. Study facts about differing plane models.(***don't care cos we're nearly there now).

Arriving at Taupo (*****James, Denise, Jan & Sandra cheer as we get off the plane)
Being home (***we haven't been burgled - yey. Internet not working - boo). No suitcase to unpack. Wander aimlessly. Watch TV. Call helpline re suitcases - no answer. Dave checks website to discover they have the number of the house wrong. Also bags have not been located. They are M.I.A.
Consider implications of losing half my wardrobe, christmas presents, address book and all jewellery. (-**).
Decide that bags will be found. (*)

Dave gives me Christmas presents (*****)All of first series of Alias and The Office, plus fab book "How to do just about everything". Read sections in book on 'How to thaw a frozen pipe' 'How to rid your home of cockroaches' 'How to prepare siblings for a new baby' and 'How to encourage responsible dating'. Glutted on information.

Write blog.(*not compus mentis enough to be witty)
Wonder if people will know what MIA stands for.
Decide to finish writing.(*****good decision)


Blogger Laura said...

Oh flower,

So pleased you landed safely but what a horrendous journey. I'm sure your stuff will come home just may take some time. I know you're desperate to get those bed socks. Hope you're ok hang in there sweet chops miss you.

Snogs, hugs and squeezes

P.s have been checking out flight websites ;-) xxxx

12:13 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Missing In Action?

12:14 PM  
Blogger fi said...

Meeting Inpromptu Adventure

12:51 PM  
Blogger s@bd said...

Consider implications of losing half my wardrobe, christmas presents, address book and all jewellery. (-**).

Only -**? If I lost half my wardrobe, christmas presents, address book and all my jewellery I would be at -**** at least!

However, If I lost half your wardrobe, christmas presents, address book and all your jewellery there would not be enough negative stars to express my sadness.

6:31 PM  
Anonymous LA said...

Happy to read you are finally home after the never ending flight. I'm sure Air NZ will find your bags for you. They aren't that bad of an airline - or maybe they are the only one we have! No progress to report this end, wink wink.


9:25 PM  
Blogger A.J. said...

Man I am not looking forward to flying over but I am looking forward to seeing your faces!!!!!

9:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi adele

2:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Adele!
It's your mum here after 2 wrong goes to leave a comment. I e-mailed you a few days ago but in case you can access your blog and not your e-mail I'm addressing you here. First of all thank Dave for the super badminton racket. I used it for the first time today and was able to hit harder and faster than with the old one. Frightening thought eh?
I hope by now that you have got your bags back and can parade in all your Christmas finery.
We are still pondering about staying the first day in Auckland in a hotel so that we can get some sleep before hitting the high spots of Taupo. Could you remind me which hotel you used in Auckland? If you can't collect us on any other day let me know. Could you confirm Dave's NZ mobile number. I've got one but am not sure that's the one he uses in NZ. An old friend is living in Tauranga and I'm trying to contact her to arrange a meet but think she may be away on holiday. She last saw you when you were about 2 years old.
Judith has booked her flight to Auckland for 29th January and is flying home from Christchurch on 24th Feb so we may be able to meet up with her too. Miss you already and love you lots. (See e-mail).

2:44 PM  

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