Monday, February 27, 2006

Oh me miserum!

You know it's bad when the title of the post is in Latin.

I love the fact that I studied Latin. A dead language. DEAD COOL is what I think they mean.

I mean don't you just wish you could say this more often?:

Claudius sub arbore cantat

(Claudius is singing under a tree)

Also very useful for answering Trivial Pursuit questions about the meaning of words....unless they have a pesky Greek origin. Goshdarnit....if it hadn't been for those pesky Greeks I'd have gotten away with it. (Classical reference to Scooby Doo there for you educated folks...)

Anyway this is me in finest DENIAL form trying to be jolly about dead languages when really all that is happening is that Sarah has gone.
















Anyway you get the picture. She is gone. Back to the frozen wastes of Canada.

She came. She tanned. She ate Fish & Chips by the lake. She drank beer by the lake. She jumped in the waves at the beach. She proclaimed "BEAUTY!" every five minutes of the day. She waited on me hand and foot. She made me Cauliflower cheese every day for 4 days. She made vegetable kebabs to accompany Dave's meaty barbecues. She laughed at Ally McBeal. She stroked my hair. She petted my feet. She smelled nice. She stopped traffic. She went up in a helicopter. She named my car 'Sydney' after Sydney Bristow. She did Sudoku puzzles. She read Lord of the Rings. She put Factor 30 on. She burned. She cried with me during Ally McBeal (when XXXXX dies). She cried with me during "In Her Shoes". She talked to me about God.

Yeah it was pretty tough to take, but I pressed on through.

And now she's gone.

Oh me miserum.

(Latin for - I am sad).

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Bland Diet

Welcome to my world.

I can only eat things that are beige.

Beige and bland.

Entirely tasteless would be a plus.

Flavour??? Get away from me you evil thing....back! back!

Beige things I have eaten this week:

*bread rolls
*cauliflower cheese
*macaroni cheese
*plain biscuits

On a slight detour away from the beige but still very much in the bland....I woke up the other day in the middle of a dream about baked beans. Baked beans with those nasty little sausages in them.

I couldn't keep down a bread roll that day. But beans? Yes baked beans were in.

I was landed in Canada.

And now I'm blanded in New Zealand.

What will become of me?

(Oh and please send me your recipes for the blandest meals in the universe....prizes to those with only beige ingredients....)

Monday, February 20, 2006

Strange things happen when Sarah is around....

Today after only a few short hours to prepare myself for the exertion (3 hours) Sarah and I went into town.

I find sitting up first thing in the morning particularly time consuming. The other day I spent about 15 minutes trying to sit up without, er, doing the toilet-bowl two-step, and just when I was perched on the edge of the bed, Dave in an amorous moment came in the room and tried to playfully throw me back onto the bed (is this tmi?). Well let me tell you I wasn't going to let that set me back 15 I clung to his arm like a limpet and stayed upright. A small triumph...but an important one, I think you'll agree.

Ok, back to today.

Within seconds of leaving our parked car we had two occurrences of what I shall call 'The Dalley Factor'.

Firstly we came to a busy intersection ( know...Taupo-busy, we're not talking the 427 here).

On the other side of the road was a disabled chap who had been waiting for some time to cross. He was in one of those motorised wheelchairs and looked to be in quite a state - his limbs were flailing somewhat.

Anyway this poor guy had been sitting there waiting for the traffic to ease, with no success. Until the Dalley Factor.

As soon as she approached the pavement edge, the cars screeched to a halt and the (male) drivers waved us across in a merry, road-safety-rule-breaking kind of way....thus providing the handicapped man a chance to also cross the road.

Moral of the story. Handicapped people should always go out with a dashing long-legged companion.....stuff the guide dogs.

(Not literally - I'm not a big fan of taxidermy.)

Within seconds of crossing the road, Sarah tripped on her flip flop and was mildy thrown forward....but righted herself immediately. No harm done.

Except that a chinese man started hopping up and down in distress and chasing us down the street shouting "Is she alright? Are you alright?..." and other sentiments that I couldn't understand but that were expressing sincere and heartfelt concern. Almost as if she had just nearly decapitated herself...rather than stumble on her flip flop.

I've never had a man chase me down the street trying to find out if I was ok after tripping.

It's the Dalley Factor I tell you.

Strange things happen - to men - when Sarah is around.

Ok, I'm off for a lie down.

(Can I just mention that the highlight of the day has been a phone call from Lynley? What a joy.....)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sarah's first antipodean birthday...WITH PHOTOS

Well hallooh halleeh tis Miss Dalley's birthday today (and tomorrow where you could be the longest birthday on record).

Yes she is another year older, wiser, more beautiful, witty and well travelled.

Dave and I have been very honoured to be the birthday minions on this auspicious day.

Dave was Birthday Minion Number 1. (AKA 'Igor' as he is still walking a little like a hunchback after his 50k run.)

I was Birthday Minion Number 2. (subordinate status = me giving orders while lolling around on couch trying not to lose my breakfast (failed) lunch (failed) and dinner (only time will tell).

On a normal day Dave is Pregnancy Minion number 1 and Sarah is Pregnancy Minion number 2....but today we had to increase the minion status.

Just wanted you to all understand the complicated social strata we have going on here.

So the day started with Birthday Minion (BM) number 1 being sent out by BM number 2 in order to get Pregnancy Minion number 2 a selection of fresh croissants and pain au chocolat....

Then we spruced ourselves up for a trip to the Huka Jet. Dave and Sarah clad in rather dashing red lifejackets were flung into a high powered jet boat, spun around 360 degrees and then roared off down the river. They charged at the base of the Huka Falls and thrashed around in the foaming water. Meanwhile I took photos from the lookout and wished I had a zoom worth a zip....

Next we hopped up to the Helistar Pad for a 10 minute helicopter ride over the turquoise Huka Falls. Sarah had never been in a helicopter before so we wanted to give her a ride as a birthday present. When we arrived (in true Alyn & AJ style) they offered us a free upgrade to a 30 minute trip all around Taupo....the only snag was that we had to wait 45 mins. HA! As if that would put us off....

So we had some lunch and the Helistar pet dog - a dashing Dalmatian - came and sat next to Sarah throughout. He was her birthday dog treat. (Not that she ate him or anything).

Then Dave and Sarah went up, up and away in the whirlibird with the very cute pilot who was strangely very interested in talking to Sarah a lot. SO weird how friendly people get around her........(yes she was wearing her short shorts again...but it happens even when she is fully clad).

They had a fab trip and Sarah came back all starry eyed and ready to train for her own helicopter license....hurrah - she liked it!

We went to check out the Taupo Bungy....but sadly neither Dave nor Sarah wanted to take part. The guy running the operation asked me if I was going to do it. An interesting question, I thought, considering i was wearing a skirt.

Home for a quick lie-down...and then we got dolled up (especially dave) for a swanky dinner at a bijou restaurant right on the lakefront. Sadly they had got the booking wrong and couldn't make room for us.....tsk tsk.....and there was the three of us all looking so hot...(ok I was a little grey in the face...).

Anyway after considerable wrangling we decided to go to another restaurant a few days down and they had a table on the lake - so that worked! Sarah had a plateful of oysters...another first! Good food, good wine, good company and marauding swans. Yes the red-beaked, black swans advanced towards us menancingly. Dave tried to identify himself as the alpha male by kicking at the swan. This made the swan hiss and fluff his neck and advance upon me threateningly. Sarah informed us that she had it on good authority that swans can break your arm with a swift crack of the beak. At that point we called in professional help - the waitress and a broom. As she dispatched the swan we broke into applause.

You never get THAT at the Queen Mother Cafe!

So we have had a very fun day....all that was missing - was you! Where were you? We waited at the Huka Jet and you just didn't come.

We think that this is very likely the hottest birthday Sarah has ever had - it was a scorchio 26 degrees today. Sadly Sarah had to stay out of the sun a bit as she got burned at the beach the other day and to help Dave supplied her with some aloe vera oil. She was covered in oil....oil that will FRY you alive! Oops. You'll be relieved to hear though that her tan is really coming along.

It has been a deep joy to have my dear friend here on her auspicious birthday. I love her.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Reaction from Jon P

1) Shock
2) Way to go Dave!
3) Singing for joy

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Shiny, happy people...with more photos

Ok telling y'all the glad tidings (read previous post) by blog/email/skype is pretty fun.....but not as much as telling it to your wonderful faces. To remedy this situation....Jason & Krista sent me photos of their reactions so I could enjoy a visual feast of friendly festivity.

I would like to issue this as a challenge to the rest of you.....send me a pic of your face on hearing the news....and of course I'll post it on my blog for all to enjoy.

Aw go'd be fun. Better than working anyway....

Sorry the photos are all higgledy piggledy...dunno why they do that!

The Frog is Dead

Well my friends I can keep you in suspenders no longer.

The truth will out.

I am officially....(drum roll)


Or to put it another way....

I have a bun in the oven.

Also, I am knocked up. In the family way.

For those a bit slow on the uptake....I am low with child. 9 months less 8 weeks (you do the maths) we will have a bouncing baby Davie or Adelette. How can the word be so lucky to get more of us? Amazing.

See this is what happens when you take the Bible literally. "Go forth and multiply."

Yes so this blog is about to turn into a catalogue of preggers woman moans and complaints. I could even create some kind of chart of how often I throw up for you. Hmmm? Now that is worth tuning in for surely.

The old morning sickness is in full force...with much paleness and clutching of the belly from me....much sympathy from Sarah....and a wanton display of retch-inducing sardine sandwiches from Dave.

So far the cravings are mostly for that most noble of foods....the POTATO.

Also, a strange affinity for the Flame Grilled Whopper.

It must be a boy surely - it is hooked on junk food already.

And as for sugar - GACK - keep your sugary sweet things away from me. My life-long passion for chocolate is on the back burner. The very back of the back burners. Who would ever have guessed such a thing?

Well I should say in amongst this rather tacky way of announcing the creation of a new eternal soul....that we are very delighted!

Now if only I could work out how it happened......

p.s in reference to the title...when I told Denise the glad tidings thanks to the pregnancy test (you need a degree to understand the 53 different windows....'if it's a blue rhomboid you are pregnant....but if it is a pink hectagon you have gout..') she told me that there were no such things as pregnancy tests in her day. You had to go to the doctor and have a 'frog test'. In this the doctor injected your urine into a frog. If the frog died then it meant you were pregnant. Apparently women would announce to their husbands....'the frog is dead' and all would be clear.

This made me wonder about those women who wanted to find out if they were pregnant without going to the doctor. I wonder if there was a black market for frogs? Lots of women secretly weeing on a frog's head to see if it died. Intriguing...

Compared to all that, Clearblue was a doddle.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Into Mordor....with a cream scone

Adventures R Us
(imagine the R is backwards)

Today we ascended the Mountain of Doom up into Mordor.

Or should we say...MorrrrrDorrrrrrr
(imagine Scottish rolling of the Rs)

Yes we drove to Whakapapa (the 'wh' is pronounced 'fh' - now you try saying it outloud. Yes. Exactly.)

But before we could take the ring up to the fires of Mount Doom....we had to have a Devonshire Cream Tea at the Chateau in front of Tongariro (skiing field and volcano).

This time I remembered to ask for a Devonshire Cream Tea. At the Chateau they are famous for their Cream Teas. But on my first visit when I asked for a Cream Tea they looked confused and offered to serve me a cup of tea with cream in it.....
Apparently the key word is DEVONSHIRE. Not CREAM. Even though you spread lashings of cream on your scone, not lashings of a Southern County.

Anyhoo, we had a very nice scone...although it appeared to be a Lemon and Date scone which isn't quite the done thing....but we'll forgive them.

Then we ascended, at great personal risk, up TWO charirlifts to the almost-peak of the mountains....OF DOOM.

There seemed a distinct absence of fiery rocks, lava, orcs and hairy footed hobbits....but they did lend us a couple of jackets as it twas a tad chilly up the top.... in Morrrrrdorrrrrr.

I was quite amused to see how Sarah's short shorts disappeared under the long that it appeared...well you can see in the pictures.

Also, note how we managed to clench our toes tightly between our flirty flip flops (yes, this is they) we ascended and descended the mountain on the death-defying chairlifts. No hobbits feet in sight.

(For more on feet issues....please see Dave's blog)

After all these adventures we stopped by the lake for some sunshine....and then ended the day with a swim.


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Your prayers have been answered...

Dave has created his own blog.

Try and contain your excitement.....

Life Destiny Blog

Enjoy, my friends, enjoy...


Hello all! Dave is wandering around in his stripey pinny, barbecuing lamb and so I am taking a few moments to update y'all.

It was a bit cloudy today in Taupo so we dashed in the car and took off for of the sunniest places in NZ. True to form it was SCORCHIO...and Sarah & I slathered ourselves in Factor 30. (I was a little more assiduous than Sarah...who still has a hankering after the burn-then-tan, tanning policy.)

We hot-footed it to Starbucks for some iced drinks and indifferent luncheon (Sarah had another pie....she is clearly called to live in NZ). Then we hot-footed it along the beach, staring at the uncannily green/blue water. (Sarah was literally hotfooting it as she went barefoot and burned the bottoms of her feet)

We mooched around the Art Deco buildings, frying alive at the same time. Then in the Art Deco store I met a long-lost childhood friend. Milly Molly Mandy! The first books my mum bought me to read for myself....I remember some of the stories still. So I bought myself a nice memorabilia version. (By the way I also confessed to D & S at lunch that when I was little I never believed in dinosaurs. I thought scientists were making them up by connecting a few bones...a completely fantastic creation of their scientifically warped minds. Clearly Genesis made no room for dinosaurs...and Noah didn't try to get two Tyrannosaurus Rex on his boat. Anyway they found this absolutely astounding. I thought it was a common Christian belief that dinosaurs were made up....)

Then we went to the beach for a swim, but Sarah realised she'd left her towel and bikini at our house....

So instead we went to the vineyards....and D&S knocked back about 8 different samples of some plonk. Very nice plonk apparently. Dave liked the Pinot Noir from The Mission......but drank a free sample and turned down the purchase of the $34 bottle.

Now we are home and bbq-ing should come round. We'll throw another snarler on the barbie for you, mates...

Friday, February 10, 2006

Star, Moon and Worlds

Well blog fans I know you are just hanging on to hear all about Sarah's despite the fact that we are about to watch War of the Worlds to fuel our mutual sci fi fetish....I feel that I must just let you know what we've been up to.

Yesterday I had some radio commercials to write so Sarah went into town with my parents...and brought back some excellent NZ pies for lunch. These people know what they are doing with pies can I tell you?

Then in the afternoon we went on a stellar journey into the Craters of the Moon...which is a geothermal area 10 mins from our house. (Hang on, the ground is boiling mud and steam vents....just 10 mins away? Could this happen in our garden too? That would surprise Dave when he was mowing the lawn).

So we wandered around the Moon like landscape (ha ha...if the moon is covered in green plants)...and admired the gusts of hydrogen sulphide spirting out of the bubbling earth.

We spent the rest of the evening eating, drinking and catching my parents up on Alias, with no great degree of success as they kept falling asleep during crucial moments. Still, Series 1 is over and only 4 more series to go....

Today despite the fact that Dave prophesied a absolutely tipped it down all day! So we mooched around, read, looked up celebrity gossip on the Internet (sidenote: Sarah told me Gwyneth Paltrow was pregnant again and they were going to call the baby Mac or Pear.......and I believed her.) And we dropped my parents off at the sprawling metropolis that is Taupo airport...they flew to Thailand today for a further 3 weeks till they go home to the UK. It was great to have them here....

Then Jon Patell skyped us so we chatted to him which was fab - I miss that guy! Then my friend Fi from York rang which was a super nice surprise - she is totally lovely. We had lunch...and then really were about to go out and DO something...but we just happened to keep getting into these great conversations during which Sarah explained my life, calling and future.

So that was helpful.

Eventually we ferried out into the rain and went to the video store (War of the Worlds was acquired) and to Woolworths the supermarket for ingredients for one of Sarah's Beef and Pumpkin curries (made with Kumara instead).

So it's been a quiet but deeply fab day. Sarah just makes a day fun....

Oh and also....Harley (the cat) leapt into a box and fell asleep at which point we all started taking photos of him. I used my phone camera to take a pic and then thoughtfully texted it to James who is teaching in Brazil. I am sure he is more than delighted to receive a picture of our cat in a box from across the world!!!

Meanwhile, Dave was busy negotiating a multi million dollar contract...playing all sides off each other...being nifty and saving his employer a fortune using his skilful strong arm negotiation skills. (Can you tell I find this a very attractive quality???)

Yes so Sarah and I chatted while Dave worked.....same old, same old.....

That's the update folks and now onto Tom Cruise and the end of the world....


P.S re. obscure title:
Moon=Craters of
Worlds=haven't you been paying attention?)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Laura!

February 8th.

Surely one of the best days of the year.

It is the distinctly wonderful Miss Laura Taylor's birthday.....and I require you all to eat cake, drink beer and smile a lot in celebration. Even if you don't know her. Because if you DO know smile a lot more than you otherwise would.

If I could pick anyone to be on holiday with (along with Dave, clearly)...Laura would be right at the top of the list. She has an incredible ability to enjoy everything. Her enthusiasm is infectious. She can make having a cup of tea feel like a major celebration. She put the 'ph' in fun.

Things you should know if you set foot outside your door with Laura....

1) Celebrities will appear from nowhere. She has the uncanny ability to bump into famous people....even in Somerset of all places. My favourite time was when we discovered ourselves to be in a lift with Victor great excitement she flung herself at the actor, proclaiming "YOU'RE FAMOUS! I LOVE YOU!"

He was absolutely terrified.

2) Strange wild animals will appear from nowhere. When you're with Laura things happen that just NEVER happen. (My theory is that it is because she is one of God's favourites and he can't resist sending her little presents all the time).
Walking along the beach in England - cold England...we looked out to sea to see a pod of dolphins leaping in the waves. You NEVER see dolphins in Bournemouth. We were about the only 3 people on the beach at the time....but it was reported in the we weren't hallucinating!
Also when she came to visit in Toronto we saw more raccoons than you can shake a stick at (especially if they are threatening to eat your pet.) We even saw a whole family of baby raccoons.....soooooo cute!

3) She's afraid of cows so don't try and walk through a field with her.

4) She is generous to a fault and will try to buy you all drinks, meals, clothes, treats etc if you let her.

5) She is the best shopping companion ever....I lose track of how many fabulous things I have bought while with her....and her unerring sense of 'sexy and fabulous' or 'hmmmm...not quite right'. She also sprinkles changing rooms with comments like 'You're tiny!' .....guaranteed to make you feel good.

6) She has the most beautiful feet in the world.

7) She saves the youth of the nation....and all yoof LURVE her. Actually EVERYBODY lurves her.

8) Laura is the one who taught me how to be encouraging and use adjectives like 'lovely Laura'....I caught it off her!

9) She loves Jesus, a lot!

10) She is a dog-aholic

11) She has the most beautiful blue eyes

Anyway there is so much more I could say. You should all meet her...just get on a plane to the UK right now....

I am SO unbelievably grateful she is in my life. She has saved my life on more than one occasion. I trust her implicitly.

Laura - darling - just how fabulous can one person be???

Have a great day!


Sarah is here!

Hello dear chaps....just to reassure you the lovely Dalleymeister has arrived in peak condition.

She bounced off the plane and into the arrival area looking most sprightly! (Unfortunately I missed the exact moment she appeared through the doors as I was singing along to the Maori song they were projecting above the doors. Maori Karaoke...just what you want at 5.30am...)

She had an evil 8 hour layover in San Francisco (why do they never give you anything to actually LAY OVER...on a lay over?) during which she could not find one single Starbucks. IN CALIFORNIA. I ask you!
Being the clever clogs that she is she had worked out all the time differences and when the optimum moment to sleep was. Hence she slept the last 8 hours of the flight. (Thanks to several glasses of red wine and a handful of sleeping pills - natural of course!)

I would like to add that she arrived surrounded by people clad in sensible NZ outdoor wear. You know the earthy kagool, the sensible tractor tread shoe, the backpack, the navy blue mountaineering sweater....
Yet Sarah wore fabulous high heels, and snazzy accessories. That's my girl!

So far she has been remarkably un-jet lagged. And yet has managed to incur a few accidents after 4pm in the afternoon...that we are deciding to attribute to the lag.

Yesterday she threw a glass of beer on the couch and the cat bed....

And today she was in the supermarket testing out a body wash. She gave it a gentle squeeze, leaned forward to get a whiff...and squirted soap right into her eye. She staggered around blinded in the Toiletries aisle crying "My eye! My eye!" until I found her in a bleary red-eyed state. We rushed her home and administered much cold water.

So tomorrow after 4pm we are going to keep all dangerous liquids at a distance.

In other news she has already sunbathed, gained a tan, got a little burned...and had 2 barbecues.

Generally she is spreading joy and light and charming the socks of my parents.

And just so you know....

I'm never letting her leave.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Don't Dilly Dalley on the way...

OK I am in a frenzy of excitement. (Well as frenzied as I can be at this hour of the morning. That's a sort of "i'm smiling on the inside" kind of look)

We are just about to leave to drive up to Auckland.

Bad news - we are taking James and Denise to the airport to set off on their next 9 week tour. Boohoo. Just because the nations need them to spread the Father's love everywhere...don't see why I should go without....bottom lip sticking out and quavering.
No of course, I am being very mature about them ABANDONING us, because this is what we signed up before we came. Yes and I am nothing if not a person extremely guided by logic and rational thoughts at all time.


Good news - we are dropping James & Denise at the airport (this is a continuance of the bad news btw) and then we are staying overnight in a hotel near the airport. Because at 5.15am tomorrow Sarah Dalley arrives in Auckland, via San Francisco. WHOOOPPEEEE DOOOOODEEEEEE. In fact the poor munchkin is probably already on a plane and will be everytime we think of her over the next 22 hours.. :(

I am praying that she gets upgraded to a first class seat next to some hunky pop star (with morals and interesting conversation)...and has bang-up great grub, a few glasses of champagne, the best brie she has ever tasted in her life...and sleeps sweetly for hours on end with no drool so that she doesn't embarrass herself in front of conversationally interesting pop star.

If that fails, I am praying at least that she doesn't get seats next to someone smelly and overly chatty. I think the air hostesses should hand out deodorant with the warm flannels....

ANYWAY. We will be up at 5.15am tomorrow to hop down to the airport and be at the gate cheering when she staggers into New Zealand. YEY YEY YEY.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The tag thingy

Ok those of you who read Shannon's blog (which should be ALL of you because it is so stinking good)...will know that she has been tagged and has now tagged me (and everyone else in the universe.) I don't really get tagging...but it's something like you fill in a quiz on your blog and then other people have to do it too. Anyway, saves me thinking up something to say so here is the Four Things Tag:

****4 jobs I've held:

1) giant hippo in a shop window (much more dangerous than you might imagine...the general public are vicious to dress-up hippos)
2) serving cream cakes (much harder than you might imagine....I once dropped an eclair on my foot while trying to get it into the box....I very wittily cried out "Shoe Pastry" get it? "Choux pastry"? No, the man whose eclair it was wasn't impressed either)
3) PR executive (dressing up nicely, smiling at journalists, passing journalists a Pimms, asking journalists to write an article on our GPS Fishfinder Client)
4) Pensions clerk (worst possible job ever, but I did learn to type in 25 digit numbers using only left hand, with my eyes closed. Bet you're glad I wasn't working on your pension....)

****4 movies I can watch over and over:

'Cat Balou' with Jane Fonda (totally camp and hilarious)

'The Thomas Crowne Affair' ( I want to be Rene Russo...just for the outfits)

'Something's Gotta Give' (Diane Keaton is totally fabulous and the dialogue is brilliant....that's so pretentious...but so true. The writer, Nancy Meyers is a total genius.)

Oh I dunno....all the ones everyone else would put...The Matrix, LOTR, French Kiss, What Women Want, Lost in Translation...

Bored of this question, NEXT!

****4 places I have lived

1) in student digs in the Medieval city of York, UK
2) in a warehouse in Toronto, Canada
3) by a river in New Zealand
4) in my imagination (ha ha couldn't resist that one!)

****4 Tv shows I love to watch
1) Ally McBeal (the dance routines in the unisex bathroom do it for me)
2) Seinfeld (at first I thought it was stupid cos nothing happened, then I realised it was funny because nothing happened)
3) Inspector Morse (John Thaw could read out of a phone book and be broodingly captivating)
4) Basil Brush (boom, boom)

****4 places I have been on vacation
1) The Seychelles (hot, got food poisoning, laughed at by locals for being so white)
2) Kenya - on safari (hot, got food poisoning, laughed at by locals for being so white)
3) Barbados (hot, got food poisoning, laughed at by locals for being so white)
4) Barcelona, Spain (hot, nice architecture, creepy street entertainers, no food poisoning)

****4 of my favourite dishes
1) Thai Green Curry
2) Pad Thai
3) Seafood Hotpot (at Queen Mother Cafe)
4) Peanut Satay (by Yahwen's Mum - genuine Indonesian grub (actually she did actually offer me a live, wriggling grub for lunch once, but I turned her down.)

****4 websites I visit daily
1) Shannon's blog
2) Alyn & AJ's blogs
3) Jason & Krista's blog
4) Laura's blog and Nothing But Bonfires

Ok, so what I'm cheating. Sue me

****4 places I would rather be right now
1) Toronto - out in Queen Mother Cafe eating Hotpot with Sarah, Stuart & Lynley, Gordon & Cathy, Alyn & AJ, Jason & Krista, Shannon and Gillian & Jason. Ah sigh.
2) Bournemouth - lazing around Laura's apartment with (duh) Laura, Loz (Vernie but he'd be looking after the kids) and Chris for sordid first date stories
3) San Francisco or better still Sausalito, at dusk, with Melissa Belle Rhodes. I love that girl.
4) Watching 'What Not to Wear' with the Bishops (not actual bishops...but Dave's sister & fam.) and being scandalised as Trinny reveals her bottom on national TV. OR eating pancakes with the Dalleys....and poking David in the stomach with my pointy elbow (as opposed to the blunt one).

Oh and I'd rather be with you right now as well....if I haven't mentioned you already. xx

****4 bloggers I am tagging

Get on with it you 4!!!