Sunday, February 05, 2006

Don't Dilly Dalley on the way...

OK I am in a frenzy of excitement. (Well as frenzied as I can be at this hour of the morning. That's a sort of "i'm smiling on the inside" kind of look)

We are just about to leave to drive up to Auckland.

Bad news - we are taking James and Denise to the airport to set off on their next 9 week tour. Boohoo. Just because the nations need them to spread the Father's love everywhere...don't see why I should go without....bottom lip sticking out and quavering.
No of course, I am being very mature about them ABANDONING us, because this is what we signed up before we came. Yes and I am nothing if not a person extremely guided by logic and rational thoughts at all time.


Good news - we are dropping James & Denise at the airport (this is a continuance of the bad news btw) and then we are staying overnight in a hotel near the airport. Because at 5.15am tomorrow Sarah Dalley arrives in Auckland, via San Francisco. WHOOOPPEEEE DOOOOODEEEEEE. In fact the poor munchkin is probably already on a plane and will be everytime we think of her over the next 22 hours.. :(

I am praying that she gets upgraded to a first class seat next to some hunky pop star (with morals and interesting conversation)...and has bang-up great grub, a few glasses of champagne, the best brie she has ever tasted in her life...and sleeps sweetly for hours on end with no drool so that she doesn't embarrass herself in front of conversationally interesting pop star.

If that fails, I am praying at least that she doesn't get seats next to someone smelly and overly chatty. I think the air hostesses should hand out deodorant with the warm flannels....

ANYWAY. We will be up at 5.15am tomorrow to hop down to the airport and be at the gate cheering when she staggers into New Zealand. YEY YEY YEY.


Blogger Andrushka said...

Oh plane rides to the pacific are just poopy. I mean, I've only experienced flying to Honolulu.. but thats 12 hours of a one sided chess competition and only one Black Eyed Peas c.d., I'll never get back. :(
If God sends me back there, you better believe I'll be bartering for a first class ticket. BUT 22 HOUR FLIGHT?! Who though of making a flight that long?! Sad. Make sure you pamper her like a queen!

8:07 PM  
Anonymous alyn said...

Oh so exciting! You get the Dalley for three weeks - what fun, what fun! We had the pleasure of her company this week and she was on top form.

On a similar note (driving people to airports/picking up guests from Toronto) - did you get my email from yesterday? I only ask because I was in a Sheraton with decidedly dodgy internet/email and not sure if it ever arrived.

Have a wonderful time!

9:33 PM  
Blogger s@bd said...

Big kisses to the beautiful sarah.

And here's hoping said pop star is TALL.

2:07 AM  
Blogger weegeemcschuler said...

oooh you must be excited - I'm sure Dalley woman is too excited to sleep --> or being afflicted with the jealous thoughts of everyone that loves you and dave in N.America and would love to be on the adventure Dalleylama is on right now :0)
J+I watched the transporter 2 last night - Jason whatever he is called actor reminds me sooooo much of your Dave - do you see it do you see it????

7:04 PM  
Anonymous krista said...

so how's it? where's sarah? did she arrive? Pictures, i want pictures! i know that you're having so much fun you can't be bothered to blog, but we just break that mentality! the Truth is that you are having so much fun you have GOT to blog. repeat that over and over to yourself.

3:00 PM  

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