Sunday, February 12, 2006


Hello all! Dave is wandering around in his stripey pinny, barbecuing lamb and so I am taking a few moments to update y'all.

It was a bit cloudy today in Taupo so we dashed in the car and took off for of the sunniest places in NZ. True to form it was SCORCHIO...and Sarah & I slathered ourselves in Factor 30. (I was a little more assiduous than Sarah...who still has a hankering after the burn-then-tan, tanning policy.)

We hot-footed it to Starbucks for some iced drinks and indifferent luncheon (Sarah had another pie....she is clearly called to live in NZ). Then we hot-footed it along the beach, staring at the uncannily green/blue water. (Sarah was literally hotfooting it as she went barefoot and burned the bottoms of her feet)

We mooched around the Art Deco buildings, frying alive at the same time. Then in the Art Deco store I met a long-lost childhood friend. Milly Molly Mandy! The first books my mum bought me to read for myself....I remember some of the stories still. So I bought myself a nice memorabilia version. (By the way I also confessed to D & S at lunch that when I was little I never believed in dinosaurs. I thought scientists were making them up by connecting a few bones...a completely fantastic creation of their scientifically warped minds. Clearly Genesis made no room for dinosaurs...and Noah didn't try to get two Tyrannosaurus Rex on his boat. Anyway they found this absolutely astounding. I thought it was a common Christian belief that dinosaurs were made up....)

Then we went to the beach for a swim, but Sarah realised she'd left her towel and bikini at our house....

So instead we went to the vineyards....and D&S knocked back about 8 different samples of some plonk. Very nice plonk apparently. Dave liked the Pinot Noir from The Mission......but drank a free sample and turned down the purchase of the $34 bottle.

Now we are home and bbq-ing should come round. We'll throw another snarler on the barbie for you, mates...


Blogger David Richards said...

Dear all,

When Adele says that she didn't believe in dinasaurs when she was little - please read the age of 30 as being little. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Adele did not believe in dinasaurs until she was 30 years of age - I ask you. Oh and in addition, when Adele was little (properly little) she thought that Father Christmas was God's uncle and fully believed in the tooth fairy, because the fairy left a lovely little note under her pillow - isn't she sweet???

7:33 AM  
Blogger Adele Richards said...

I protest! The dinosaur issue is very confusing. Also I worked out that Father Christmas was God's COUSIN not uncle. DUH.
As for the tooth fairy - well she did leave me a note under my pillow apologising for being late with my tooth that was convincing proof to me of her existence. And I was 8 at the time, not 30!

7:41 AM  
Blogger Mimo said...

Nice pic.. Quite Funny! :)

my word verification is



SVEN is like the most typical, or stereotypical Swedish name. Hilarious..

Here was my "countries and cultures" input to your daily lives over in the scorchio land..cos you probably wouldn't have known that. So if you meet anyone by the name Sven Svensson you know where they come from!


10:45 PM  

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