Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Laura!

February 8th.

Surely one of the best days of the year.

It is the distinctly wonderful Miss Laura Taylor's birthday.....and I require you all to eat cake, drink beer and smile a lot in celebration. Even if you don't know her. Because if you DO know smile a lot more than you otherwise would.

If I could pick anyone to be on holiday with (along with Dave, clearly)...Laura would be right at the top of the list. She has an incredible ability to enjoy everything. Her enthusiasm is infectious. She can make having a cup of tea feel like a major celebration. She put the 'ph' in fun.

Things you should know if you set foot outside your door with Laura....

1) Celebrities will appear from nowhere. She has the uncanny ability to bump into famous people....even in Somerset of all places. My favourite time was when we discovered ourselves to be in a lift with Victor great excitement she flung herself at the actor, proclaiming "YOU'RE FAMOUS! I LOVE YOU!"

He was absolutely terrified.

2) Strange wild animals will appear from nowhere. When you're with Laura things happen that just NEVER happen. (My theory is that it is because she is one of God's favourites and he can't resist sending her little presents all the time).
Walking along the beach in England - cold England...we looked out to sea to see a pod of dolphins leaping in the waves. You NEVER see dolphins in Bournemouth. We were about the only 3 people on the beach at the time....but it was reported in the we weren't hallucinating!
Also when she came to visit in Toronto we saw more raccoons than you can shake a stick at (especially if they are threatening to eat your pet.) We even saw a whole family of baby raccoons.....soooooo cute!

3) She's afraid of cows so don't try and walk through a field with her.

4) She is generous to a fault and will try to buy you all drinks, meals, clothes, treats etc if you let her.

5) She is the best shopping companion ever....I lose track of how many fabulous things I have bought while with her....and her unerring sense of 'sexy and fabulous' or 'hmmmm...not quite right'. She also sprinkles changing rooms with comments like 'You're tiny!' .....guaranteed to make you feel good.

6) She has the most beautiful feet in the world.

7) She saves the youth of the nation....and all yoof LURVE her. Actually EVERYBODY lurves her.

8) Laura is the one who taught me how to be encouraging and use adjectives like 'lovely Laura'....I caught it off her!

9) She loves Jesus, a lot!

10) She is a dog-aholic

11) She has the most beautiful blue eyes

Anyway there is so much more I could say. You should all meet her...just get on a plane to the UK right now....

I am SO unbelievably grateful she is in my life. She has saved my life on more than one occasion. I trust her implicitly.

Laura - darling - just how fabulous can one person be???

Have a great day!



Blogger s@bd said...

i'm not sure if i mentioned it recently but ...


1:11 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Good grief woman she sounds fantastic. Truely blown away and completely agree.

By the way I only ever see the weird, wonderful and famous when with you (you forgot the ginger pig we saw in Somerset!!!!)

i'm touched (as we already know)
Love you and thanks sweet chops

4:21 PM  

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