Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sarah is here!

Hello dear chaps....just to reassure you the lovely Dalleymeister has arrived in peak condition.

She bounced off the plane and into the arrival area looking most sprightly! (Unfortunately I missed the exact moment she appeared through the doors as I was singing along to the Maori song they were projecting above the doors. Maori Karaoke...just what you want at 5.30am...)

She had an evil 8 hour layover in San Francisco (why do they never give you anything to actually LAY OVER...on a lay over?) during which she could not find one single Starbucks. IN CALIFORNIA. I ask you!
Being the clever clogs that she is she had worked out all the time differences and when the optimum moment to sleep was. Hence she slept the last 8 hours of the flight. (Thanks to several glasses of red wine and a handful of sleeping pills - natural of course!)

I would like to add that she arrived surrounded by people clad in sensible NZ outdoor wear. You know the earthy kagool, the sensible tractor tread shoe, the backpack, the navy blue mountaineering sweater....
Yet Sarah wore fabulous high heels, and snazzy accessories. That's my girl!

So far she has been remarkably un-jet lagged. And yet has managed to incur a few accidents after 4pm in the afternoon...that we are deciding to attribute to the lag.

Yesterday she threw a glass of beer on the couch and the cat bed....

And today she was in the supermarket testing out a body wash. She gave it a gentle squeeze, leaned forward to get a whiff...and squirted soap right into her eye. She staggered around blinded in the Toiletries aisle crying "My eye! My eye!" until I found her in a bleary red-eyed state. We rushed her home and administered much cold water.

So tomorrow after 4pm we are going to keep all dangerous liquids at a distance.

In other news she has already sunbathed, gained a tan, got a little burned...and had 2 barbecues.

Generally she is spreading joy and light and charming the socks of my parents.

And just so you know....

I'm never letting her leave.


Anonymous Sarah said...

World.. I am here! And it is fabulous. I have already fallen in love with Harley, worn my shortest shorts into Taupo, started thoroughily harassing Adele and Dave (This will obviously take time but I am up for the task), however still to whip out the bikini... but wait.. i have weeks and weeks to do that.... and i'm not sure where my passport is... : )

5:27 AM  
Anonymous Alyn said...

Yay! The Dalley has landed! Now for your mission: find a Starbucks, find a good Thai restaurant and swim in the lake. We want evidence of all three activities having been completed!

12:54 PM  
Blogger weegeemcschuler said...

OOoooh that's so cool that she (for Adele's reading purposes o h and everyone else) and YOU (For the lovely miss D's reading purposes are) there! Kewl!
humm, I wanna be there too and wear a bikini in's my advice - if there is no Starbucks nearby, you ladies should move the sofa chairs around.....brew coffee incessently for three hours and toast some cinnamon to get the aroma, put on some spunky (can say that word now after 4.5 yrs in NA)Starbucks music, place life-size cut outs of all the usuals that would walk into Queensway *$$, go to the local grocery store to find large white paper cups and felt-tip pens to make your own Starbucks cups, fill them with Caramel Machiatos with whipped cream(for Sarah) and a sugar free vanialla latte (I think? - for Adele) and voila - heaven in Zealand. All that being said, there are no Starbucks in Kiwi-land right? Otherwise, scrap the whole bloomin' idea and just go to the local starbucks if I was wrong about its lack of existence :0)

2:59 PM  
Blogger s@bd said...

your shortest shorts ... bikini ...

If only I were a hot, tall, single boy ...

6:12 PM  
Blogger A.J. said...

s- I think Christian would be some what put off if you were a "hot, tall, single boy" sorry but it had to be said!

Yeah the Dalley has arrived. Well we will need many updates of your fun and frolic as some of us over here in the cold will be living vicariously through you for a while! (Adele, perhaps you can influence Sarah into starting her own blog!)

Oh and Adele... you can't keep her! She is on a time-share system and there are those of us who will fight for her you know! So 3 weeks and then you have to send her home.... we will be watching you!

12:29 AM  
Anonymous krista said...

oh sooo much fun! i wish i were there tooo!!! (so much more then you could imagine!!!!!!)

it's lightly snowing today, my nostril hairs get singed with cold when i walk outside, and when i drive in the car, my muscles wince when i sit down, not because the seats are hot, no... it's because every muscle in my body is tense with freezing air and the seats are crunchy underneath me. i am wearing wool pants, and a thick wool sweater with a nice neck on it and a scarf for good measure... boots lined with fur that go up to my knees. my tan looks like it has faded into a transluscent bluish tint and i have to say that i have kinda papery skin right now.

(i'm just saying all this so that you don't forget how it is here. :) so that you feel happier about where you all are. hahaha!!!)

12:54 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

How fabulous
Note for sarah: Stay there she needs you and so does New Zealand. The chaps are supposed to be healthier (keep me posted)

Adele if all else fails lock her in and sort immagration out yourself by donning a blonde wig. Us brits all look the same anyway! Well if you're to believe the shop assistant who thought Sarah and I were sisters!!!!!

No harm in trying.

Have fun ladies

4:31 PM  

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