Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sarah's first antipodean birthday...WITH PHOTOS

Well hallooh halleeh tis Miss Dalley's birthday today (and tomorrow where you could be the longest birthday on record).

Yes she is another year older, wiser, more beautiful, witty and well travelled.

Dave and I have been very honoured to be the birthday minions on this auspicious day.

Dave was Birthday Minion Number 1. (AKA 'Igor' as he is still walking a little like a hunchback after his 50k run.)

I was Birthday Minion Number 2. (subordinate status = me giving orders while lolling around on couch trying not to lose my breakfast (failed) lunch (failed) and dinner (only time will tell).

On a normal day Dave is Pregnancy Minion number 1 and Sarah is Pregnancy Minion number 2....but today we had to increase the minion status.

Just wanted you to all understand the complicated social strata we have going on here.

So the day started with Birthday Minion (BM) number 1 being sent out by BM number 2 in order to get Pregnancy Minion number 2 a selection of fresh croissants and pain au chocolat....

Then we spruced ourselves up for a trip to the Huka Jet. Dave and Sarah clad in rather dashing red lifejackets were flung into a high powered jet boat, spun around 360 degrees and then roared off down the river. They charged at the base of the Huka Falls and thrashed around in the foaming water. Meanwhile I took photos from the lookout and wished I had a zoom worth a zip....

Next we hopped up to the Helistar Pad for a 10 minute helicopter ride over the turquoise Huka Falls. Sarah had never been in a helicopter before so we wanted to give her a ride as a birthday present. When we arrived (in true Alyn & AJ style) they offered us a free upgrade to a 30 minute trip all around Taupo....the only snag was that we had to wait 45 mins. HA! As if that would put us off....

So we had some lunch and the Helistar pet dog - a dashing Dalmatian - came and sat next to Sarah throughout. He was her birthday dog treat. (Not that she ate him or anything).

Then Dave and Sarah went up, up and away in the whirlibird with the very cute pilot who was strangely very interested in talking to Sarah a lot. SO weird how friendly people get around her........(yes she was wearing her short shorts again...but it happens even when she is fully clad).

They had a fab trip and Sarah came back all starry eyed and ready to train for her own helicopter license....hurrah - she liked it!

We went to check out the Taupo Bungy....but sadly neither Dave nor Sarah wanted to take part. The guy running the operation asked me if I was going to do it. An interesting question, I thought, considering i was wearing a skirt.

Home for a quick lie-down...and then we got dolled up (especially dave) for a swanky dinner at a bijou restaurant right on the lakefront. Sadly they had got the booking wrong and couldn't make room for us.....tsk tsk.....and there was the three of us all looking so hot...(ok I was a little grey in the face...).

Anyway after considerable wrangling we decided to go to another restaurant a few days down and they had a table on the lake - so that worked! Sarah had a plateful of oysters...another first! Good food, good wine, good company and marauding swans. Yes the red-beaked, black swans advanced towards us menancingly. Dave tried to identify himself as the alpha male by kicking at the swan. This made the swan hiss and fluff his neck and advance upon me threateningly. Sarah informed us that she had it on good authority that swans can break your arm with a swift crack of the beak. At that point we called in professional help - the waitress and a broom. As she dispatched the swan we broke into applause.

You never get THAT at the Queen Mother Cafe!

So we have had a very fun day....all that was missing - was you! Where were you? We waited at the Huka Jet and you just didn't come.

We think that this is very likely the hottest birthday Sarah has ever had - it was a scorchio 26 degrees today. Sadly Sarah had to stay out of the sun a bit as she got burned at the beach the other day and to help Dave supplied her with some aloe vera oil. She was covered in oil....oil that will FRY you alive! Oops. You'll be relieved to hear though that her tan is really coming along.

It has been a deep joy to have my dear friend here on her auspicious birthday. I love her.


Anonymous krista said...

i love her too! oh i so wish i could have been there. only a couple oceans and a continent or two stood in between me and you guys. instead i stayed at home and was sickish with nice hot water bottle all yesterday. so that's where i was. i did watch some olympics. and because of hormonal flux i cried when seeing the story of the norwegians versus the italians in cross country skiing.

2:23 PM  
Blogger Andrushka said...

Sorry I couldn't come! I knoooow! My flight out of Toronto.. the snow was just too much...
Congrats to you on the babyloo!

8:34 PM  
Blogger s@bd said...

I love her too! (and, andrushka, you surely would love her too - trust me on this. In fact, if you were just the tiniest bit older I would contemplate introducing her to you [in that, wink wink / nudge nudge kind of way].)

Darling Sarah - feel loved and beautiful. Really do miss you - especially today.


(Oh, and Adele: lie around ALL DAY and make sure the minions do not slack in their bringing of things and lifting of things and their feeding of you. And don't feel even the tiniest bit guilty. Because in a short few months' time you will be the tiredest, busiest person ALIVE.)

10:29 PM  
Blogger sLeEpY*~*sArAh said...

I wish I could see NZ in all its glory . . .but unfortunately life's tough at the moment with all the throwing up and the smelling nasty smells and throwing up some more . . .

Adele, it sounds like you can totally relate to what I'm going through, or is it the other way around? Anyway, I agree with S - lie around as much as you like! According to all the experts, your body is going through crazy changes and you deserve REST!

10:39 PM  
Blogger Adele Richards said...

Thanks pregnancy gurus....yes Sarah I read your blog with much interest and felt relieved that I'm not the only preggers woman who feels like death warmed up...on a good day!

Sorry about your flight there REALLY snow there????

And sorry to those (K and S) who missed out on being here for Sarah's birthday....I am sure she will happily have a reprise for you.


2:55 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Sorry this is delayed as I've been out of blogspere adventuring to deepest darkest somerset (remember the land of Lard?)


11:41 AM  
Blogger Ash said...

Sorry this is late - only just read this post. Happy Belated Birthday Sarah. Adele - yes do make sure you rest.

Love Ash

3:12 PM  
Blogger A.J. said...

Happy birf day to you... happy birf day to you... happy...
I can't sing anymore with these cankers I will have to just send loving thoughts to our dear friend on this most wonderful of all days!
(Can we pretend that I sent this comment on time and wasn't to busy to read blogs for the last few days?)

Much love!

3:21 PM  

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