Friday, February 10, 2006

Star, Moon and Worlds

Well blog fans I know you are just hanging on to hear all about Sarah's despite the fact that we are about to watch War of the Worlds to fuel our mutual sci fi fetish....I feel that I must just let you know what we've been up to.

Yesterday I had some radio commercials to write so Sarah went into town with my parents...and brought back some excellent NZ pies for lunch. These people know what they are doing with pies can I tell you?

Then in the afternoon we went on a stellar journey into the Craters of the Moon...which is a geothermal area 10 mins from our house. (Hang on, the ground is boiling mud and steam vents....just 10 mins away? Could this happen in our garden too? That would surprise Dave when he was mowing the lawn).

So we wandered around the Moon like landscape (ha ha...if the moon is covered in green plants)...and admired the gusts of hydrogen sulphide spirting out of the bubbling earth.

We spent the rest of the evening eating, drinking and catching my parents up on Alias, with no great degree of success as they kept falling asleep during crucial moments. Still, Series 1 is over and only 4 more series to go....

Today despite the fact that Dave prophesied a absolutely tipped it down all day! So we mooched around, read, looked up celebrity gossip on the Internet (sidenote: Sarah told me Gwyneth Paltrow was pregnant again and they were going to call the baby Mac or Pear.......and I believed her.) And we dropped my parents off at the sprawling metropolis that is Taupo airport...they flew to Thailand today for a further 3 weeks till they go home to the UK. It was great to have them here....

Then Jon Patell skyped us so we chatted to him which was fab - I miss that guy! Then my friend Fi from York rang which was a super nice surprise - she is totally lovely. We had lunch...and then really were about to go out and DO something...but we just happened to keep getting into these great conversations during which Sarah explained my life, calling and future.

So that was helpful.

Eventually we ferried out into the rain and went to the video store (War of the Worlds was acquired) and to Woolworths the supermarket for ingredients for one of Sarah's Beef and Pumpkin curries (made with Kumara instead).

So it's been a quiet but deeply fab day. Sarah just makes a day fun....

Oh and also....Harley (the cat) leapt into a box and fell asleep at which point we all started taking photos of him. I used my phone camera to take a pic and then thoughtfully texted it to James who is teaching in Brazil. I am sure he is more than delighted to receive a picture of our cat in a box from across the world!!!

Meanwhile, Dave was busy negotiating a multi million dollar contract...playing all sides off each other...being nifty and saving his employer a fortune using his skilful strong arm negotiation skills. (Can you tell I find this a very attractive quality???)

Yes so Sarah and I chatted while Dave worked.....same old, same old.....

That's the update folks and now onto Tom Cruise and the end of the world....


P.S re. obscure title:
Moon=Craters of
Worlds=haven't you been paying attention?)


Blogger s@bd said...

1. NZ pies?! I WANT NZ PIES!
2. Please be sure to have your camera phone ready to photograph Dave shooting into the air after mowing down the only thing holding the boiling mud back.
3. I'm thinking 'guava' is a nice name. Apple & Guava.
4. I am currently living with Jon Patell's sister (and brother-in-law and nephew) so I don't miss him as much as you do.

And that's all I have to say about that. Now where's my pie?

3:31 PM  
Blogger A.J. said...

I have to say I am not really big on pie but I am loving the fact that the cat is in a box. Now quietly sneak over the said box..... place lid on box and staple or tape firmly..... grab shovel out of garage...... put box and shovel in car and drive to boiling mud and the do what comes naturally when dealing with evil! :-)

Sorry couldn't resist!

I am not so sure about Guava S but I am concerned about the naming of your next child when ever it may come along!

Personally I think they should go for a fruit name in disguise like Cado (short for avocado) or something like that if you NEED to name your child something they will be mocked for the rest of their life!

4:31 PM  
Anonymous krista said...

the guy i work with (at this most bizarre job) wants to name his kid after gwyneth's kid. but wants to name it the italian version: mela.

i just looked at him. people and naming their kids. weirdness.

oh and yeah, thanks for the update!!! it made me sigh** man i would love to be there with you two. jason and dave could do work together and then run together and i could hang with the ladies... :) oh nice nice.

5:18 PM  
Blogger chirobiro said...

Hi Sweetie.
just read Laura's list of loveliness, and have a weird and rare animal to add to the list.

We saw a flash of red a couple of years ago at Cranbourne chase Dorset-UK, Too small to be a fox, too big to be a ferret ! and although we only had about 2 seconds to see the animal we both beleived it to be a stoat, ( very rarely seen) although Laura tried to convince me it was a stout! but I managed to persuade her that is a pint of English nectar!!!

have a great time
Lots of love

You missed my birthday !
I can only imagine it was an oversight on your part, having far too many friends... (lol)

6:59 PM  
Blogger David Richards said...

The smell of sulphur alerts me to the boiling mud .... however the smell of sulphur seems to follow me around the world!!!!!!

9:38 PM  
Anonymous LA said...

You haven't tasted pie, until you have had NZ pie. There is no other after that experience. There is only one country that makes flaky pastry that is light, fluffy and with out grease. NZ takes the gold medal on pies. Trust me and have one when you visit next month. Just like you changed your mind about cats after meeting Nelson & Chloe, you will change your mind about pies after one bite...

12:52 AM  
Blogger s@bd said...

ummm ... doesn't really sound like AJ changed her mind about cats ...

3:10 AM  

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