Sunday, March 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Stuart!!!

WOOHOO, Mr Stuart Allan is the big FOUR OH today! Happy Birthday Stuart!

How can he be so mature, worldly wise, handsome and yet retain his puppy-dog-young looks?

(a cute puppy, not a rottweiler or bulldog, clearly)

We are in awe.

Well what can I tell you poor unfortunates who don't yet know Stuart?

He's tall and imposing with a true Kiwi rugby player's build.....yet the demeanour of a Teddy Bear.

He is in fact a Kiwi through and through, but has been living in Toronto for the years (something like that).

This is a considerable sacrifice - although the outpouring of the Holy Spirit considerably softens the blow. But still he has left friends, family and BEAUTY behind him. And more to the point, he suffers in a land without a single Ponsonby Steak and Cheese Pie. This is sheer cruelty to the NZ male.

Stuart is an all round great guy. He's the man you want next to you in a tricky situation. He's always got your back (and has been the one we've run to when those fancy mushrooms have hit the fan).

He's just great company. Chilled out. Knows how to enjoy himself. Hilarious.

I love it when he laughs...or better yet gets the giggles. You have to see a 6ft plus kiwi with the giggles!
He's naughty. Watch out when he has a glint in his eye!

I used to love it when he would drop by the SoM office for one of his 'pastoral visits'.

He's a big softy and a tough negotiator.

Capable, caring and contemplative.

He loves Lynley in a way that makes tears come to your eyes. (Ok I now have tears in my eyes just thinking about it).
(He once secretly arranged for them to go on a caribbean holiday....with us...and she had no idea. It was so much fun)

He throws the best parties. Cooks Dim Sum. What more can I say? Total respect!

And last but not least, apparently he is VERY good at napping.

We love you Stu!

Happy Birthday and see you soon!


Blogger Charlie said... that all???
Just ribbin ya big guy. Miss ya amigo. Have a pint of honeybrown on me. The best is yet to come.

11:05 PM  
Blogger David Richards said...

Happy Birthday my friend - put a smile on ya dial

7:46 AM  
Anonymous Stuart said...

Hi Adele,

Thank you for putting your literary skill to work for me. I do want to make one or two corrections however.

1. I am not sure about the teddy bear demenour. I think that those who really know me the best would choose a much more aggressive, fearsome cuddly toy.

2. I am not sure I agree with puppy dog good looks as I am drawn to bigger dogs like Golden Retrievers.

Thanks Adele, your are awesome,

Much love,

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Krista said...

one thing i must add to stuart's repertoire of fame, fun, and handsome quirks, is his wonderful skill at throwing very sneaky and fun practical jokes. he once stole something of mine and had me guessing everyone (sorry aj, sarah, laura, bill, dave bish, jon patell, and others)else but him. he created an entire ransome and story and had pictures, and a cardboard coffin in the end. happy birthday stuart we love you!

5:16 PM  
Blogger s@bd said...


he makes Dim Sum?!

7:37 PM  
Blogger A.J. said...

Umm.... Krista it may have been that you don't know the full "ken" story.... perhaps we should chat sometime when you are having a strong day.....

10:19 AM  
Anonymous krista said...

a strong day? is there something that you haven't told me aj? what is going on here? did you frame stuart?

3:14 AM  

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