Thursday, March 09, 2006

The lights are on...but nobody's home (even though I have hoovered)

So I've been wracking my brain for something to tell you. I've noticed there has been a dearth of updates on ye olde blogs in the last couple of days and I, for one, feel a duty to you to come up with something new.

Now in generating new tales to tell this is where that thing called 'leaving the house' comes in handy. Except I haven't for the last 2 days...unless you count a quick foray into the garden.

You'll be pleased to hear though that I DID manage to do the hoovering today. I wiped down the kitchen cupboards. And I cleaned the cat bowl.

Not exactly splitting the atom....but seeing as I'd been meaning to do all those things for the last 6 weeks ( I know GROSS)...I feel victorious nonetheless.

Also in breaking I ventured into a radical trial of a new foodstuff.

Drum roll please......

Rice Krispies.

Yep, they're beige and they're tasteless....I don't know why I didn't think of it before.

I mean just in case you think I do nothing all day....I have actually been working, writing away at some copy for a website.

Yep, so, those are the highlights my friends.

Try not to get carried away and join my hedonistic lifestyle of hoovers and Krispies....

Maybe I'll go to town tomorrow for some REAL adventures....


Blogger A.J. said...

Rice krispies... yep, I think i speak for everyone when I say "Adele we are so proud... just so darn proud!"


(oohh an intriguing and intimidating verification word.... will the adventure never stop!)

5:16 AM  
Anonymous Alyn said...

Ahh.. you've inspired me. I am off for some Rice Crispies right this minute.

Oh and surely your loved the singing horses and the simpsons video on my blog today? I am sad to say they lacked a mention on your glorious entry.

I need to give you Wallace's email address. Whenever I am bored or need amusement, I just email him and ask for something new. I usally get something akin to the afformentioned links.

5:23 AM  
Anonymous alyn said...

Ahhh. Plan foiled. No Rice Crispies.

5:24 AM  
Blogger fi said...

i can utterly recommend the singing horses - thanks alyn. you see adele this is team work - if you had something exciting to report then alyn might never have mentioned the horses and i would never have known and my life would have stayed (unknowning)empty. tho' i would say too that you do have a way of describing ordinary life that makes it seem a little less so. how's cat - we haven't had news of him for a while, and after Scat and Harrison he's got a lot to live up too...!?

9:28 AM  
Blogger chirobiro said...

Woah there tiger, don't over do it... you just take your time and pace your self, we don;'t want you doing an injury. This big old wide world stuff can wait a while untill you can keep some food down.:)


11:10 AM  
Anonymous caroline <> said...

can I recommend the glories of the POTATo ... beige and sometimes bland, this versatile vegetable could be pregger lady best new food friend:) From mashed to roasted, boiled to baked & maybe adventurously chipped for life on the edge ... this veg could bring a full tummy and remain full... just a suggestion from irish friend...

3:06 PM  
Blogger s@bd said...

erm ... what is this 'hoover' of which you speak?

Did I mention the popsicles earlier? seriously - try it!

How close are you to 3 months? b'c I pretty much woke up one day at around 3 months and - shazam - felt much better. Maybe it'll be that way for you too ...?

3:35 PM  
Blogger Charlie said...

Write us stories, babe. That's where you rock.

4:51 PM  
Blogger Charlie said...

Also, not overly blogging is a sure sign that one has a life.

4:53 PM  
Blogger Adele Richards said...

AJ - I thank you, I thank you.
Alyn - I missed the singing horses! What a lapse in concentation...
Fi - glad to be of service, Harley kept me company all day yesterday, curled up in the in-tray on my desk.
Fee - I'm glad my gargantuan efforts are recognised by the health professional amongst us...I will now rest from cleaning for a few weeks
Caroline - where have you been honey? I've eaten potatoes till they came out of...well...and now I've gone off them :-(
Shannon - hoovering=vacuuming, popiscles=sugar which = gack...nice try though
Charlie - I do blog a lot. Draw your own conclusions. Also, after 4 hours staring at screen writing websites, energy for tall tale telling...minimal. But I will be back.....

11:21 PM  

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