Friday, April 28, 2006

My bro's big day - 13 April 06

And so to the event that propelled us out of NZ across the globe to arrive in good old Blighty...a little bleary but very cheery.

BECAUSE my brother was getting married. YEY. And to the lovely Christa, his girlfriend of er, many years (bit hazy on the details). Yes she has been brightening our family events for the past few years now and been a very charming, fun and beautiful presence. And my brother seems rather keen on her. So an all round excellent decision to tie the knot!

James proposed by cunningly wording the question as part of a scrabble game they were playing while sojourning in, er, Malaysia I think it was. Somewhere exotic anyway. So seeing as Y has a higher letter score than N, Christa agreed. Or actually cos she is rather keen on my bro. As well she might be, he is clearly a hunk and a very amusing hunk at that.

James and Christa lived in London for about 5 years and wanted to get married in the big smoke. They had a tip off that the Westminister Registry Office was the nicest in London and turns out it was the place that Mick Jagger got married, and also Paul McCartney. Sadly I didn't spot any stars there on the day (other than the wedding party, clearly).

After the wedding ceremony at the registry office (which was short but very sweet - also luckily unruined by me despite the fact that when they started to play the music that Christa was entering to I yelled out "It's the theme from Bagpuss" and started squeaking like the mice "we will marry you, we will marry you"'s a good thing I amuse myself, and that I have no voice projection)

Er anyway, where was I? Yes, after the wedding ceremony we tried to lodge rice in James' nose (what? it's a tradition?) and succeeding in making him look he has a swarm of lice around his head (WHAT? It's romantic) Heh heh...anyway we had fun. Just check out the photos.

Ooh and I forgot to mention that the bride looked flipping FANTASTIC in a classy, vintage, ivory Karen Millen dress with fab beading and divine ivory Karen Millen (I think) shoes. And her gorgeous sister Vicky looked fab in her Karen Millen Navy outfit. Yep, just see the photos.

So then we were whisked away in cabs across London town - seeing loads of sights on the way, like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben etc - and arrived at our chic destination - the OXO Tower. Talk about a place with 'buzz'. Could be the trendiest place I've ever been in. So we had champagne (orange juice for moi) and toasted the bride and groom...and then James and Christa (with some help from Italian bro in law Andrea) cut the cake which was a super fabulous chocolate torte.

Then we all sat down to dinner in the Bistro - with fantastic views over the Thames. The food was amazing...the service was was just a great time!

So congratulations again to my fab brother and new sister in law....I am SO happy you are officially part of the family Christa. Proud of you bro. Definitely worth crossing the globe for!


Blogger s@bd said...

1. You don't look very pregnant yet. At least not in that picture. You do, however, look wonderful. As usual.

2. Your new sis-in-law is GORGE.

3. Your bro isn't too shabby either.

4. LOVE the rice halo.

5. P.O.S.H. POSH

6. I'm running out of superlatives.

7. LOVE the dresses.

7:18 AM  
Blogger s@bd said...

Also, those big huge lilly things? I carried them down the aisle. I LOVE them.

5:06 PM  
Anonymous Laura said...

Fabulous pictures. you all look wonderful.

6:02 PM  
Blogger A.J. said...

Yep, you are hot Adele. H.. O... T.. Hot!

7:14 PM  

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