Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous....

The mantle has been passed.

My dear friend Laura has the gift of star spotting. If I am out with her the odds of bumping into someone incredibly famous become 1 in 4. For the rest of us, the odds are 1 in 64,973.

But I am now operating in a new level of her gifting...and airports are my place of discovery.

Last year Nick Parks of Wallace and Gromit fame walked right past me at Heathrow...which was a mildly interesting moment. Sadly I didn't have a pocket full of plasticine or else I would have created an amusing creature and dashed up to audition it for him. Dang, fame eludes me again.

But this year in the last few weeks I have SURPASSED myself.

It all started at LAX airport, LA. Dave and I had just spent a few days with James and Denise at the Father Forum in Pasadena...and we were on our way to Toronto for a long overdue reunion with our loved ones there. As we stood in the line for the X Ray machine, I noticed in the corner of my eye that someone was cutting in line. Being British I am constantly on the alert for queue jumpers. In the UK jumping the queue is the height of bad manners and will inevitably lead to no end of trouble. Being British howvere the trouble looks like a whole line of people muttering under their breath, the uttering of a few sarcastic comments (not quite loud enough for the perpetrator to hear) and on a particularly wild morning in the post office a little bit of argy bargy and body blocking the push in. God forbid that we would actually SAY anything to the person in question.

Anyway, with my eagle eyes set on 'stun' I span round to glare at the push in...and was somewhat flabbergasted to see that it was none other than the artist formerly known as Prince, then squiggle and now as Prince again.

Quick off the mark I elbowed Dave in the side and hissed..."It's Prince! Look it's Prince" as Prince jumped the queue and waited to walk through the X Ray machine. No one else appeared to have noticed him so I was the only one hopping up and down in excitement. Dave was confused. "Where's Prince?" he said. "In the X Ray machine....look the man in the X Ray machine...the one who looks like's PRINCE!" I hissed back. Dave looked around the room and still couldn't see him. This despite the fact that Prince was now about 15 feet away from us going through the only X Ray machine in operation in the room. (Turns out Dave thought I was talking about his parent's pet spaniel who is coincidentally named Prince - but not after the popstar. I think the odds of Dave's parent's dog being on the loose at LAX are somewhat more remote than seeing an actual Prince. But explains why Dave couldn't see the popstar Prince...he was looking for a dog.)

Driven to an inarticulate frenzy by such proximity to an international popstar...I could only intone "It's Prince, over there, it's Prince."

Then 'it' happened. THE moment. Prince came through the X Ray machine and was waiting for his bag to come through. He was facing me almost directly and I seized the moment. I fixed him with the biggest cheesiest grin I could. Not the top half of the teeth baring smile. No the 'you can see ALL my teeth, including the ones I had removed 3 years ago' kind of smile. I transmitted the smile at him across the room, willing him to respond. And respond he did.

He glared at me.

Directly at me. Not at Dave. Not at just anyone. Prince glared at me.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it was a defining moment.

I have been glared at by Prince.

And that is why I am changing my name to the 'The Copywriter Formerly Known as Adele'.

(And yes it was definitely him as I asked the security guard when I went through....oh and I also bumped into Gillian Taylforth - Kathy from Eastenders - while waiting for a shuttle from Heathrow....just a few days later. But I wasn't impressed enough to elicit a glare from her. When you're used to stars the calibre of's hard to get excited about just any old famous person you know......)


Blogger Laura said...

I'm obviously massively impressed.

10:07 AM  
Blogger s@bd said...

probably he was hoping you'd break into one of his songs with corresponding moves.

come to think of it, that's what I hope you do when you see me next ...

2:47 PM  
Anonymous sarah said...

Now that you are to be known as "The copywriter formerly known as Adele" can I call you Squiggle?

: )

oh famous one... i would also like to register a complaint that you've never employed any of your star pulling power when you were with me, even when Laura visited there was a sad lack of famous people thronging around us, unless they were Bollywood stars who were unbeknownst to me.... : )

7:42 PM  
Blogger weegeemcschuler said...

Hey Deller - Happy belated Birthday :0) Where did you spend it this year???
Hope Tornto was good, a sad cathy and Sarah and Lynley were in recovery from having to say godbye again :0( I gloated in the fact that I didn't have to but then realized it is better to have loved (seen u again) and lost than never to have loved(see u) at all :0)
Very cool "meeting Prince! SO I met a star too. I was in an elevator with Martin SMith! Yup, her was ahead of me at the Park Plaza and I didn't want to invade his space so I let his elevator door close before hitting the button -'though I didn't wait long enough and so his elevator had never left and the door popped open. he was a very pleasant unglaring chappy - we talked briefly about blighty for three floors and voila with a cheery British handshake the guy was gone - I was tres impressed by his timid, humble nature in the lift and on stage - gosh I always thought they were rockers but this one is an unpompous, sweet rocker - a cool meeting since I no longer hang 24/7 in behind the doors of the hospitality room where Christian "stars" hang :0)
Miss you - coming near NYC anytime soon?

5:04 AM  
Anonymous jason said...

so nice to hear from you again Adell!

believe it or not, krista and i actually just were in a small mock class taught by former CIA director George Tenet - i answered one of his questions regarding the type of intelligence about Iran that would be relevant to our policy makers. (we were visiting Georgetown, though we will not be attending.)

well, he's not exactly a rock star, but for a high-ranking ex-government official he was very charismatic.

8:02 PM  
Anonymous jason said...

"Adell" was a typo, must have been extracted from my christmas list last year when i was looking for a laptop...sorry, Adele!

8:05 PM  
Blogger Mimo said...

Hey Adele, Nice to have you in the blogworld again!

I once shared an elevator ride with one of the hobbits, the one from Glasgow. He was SOOOO much shorter than me. Truly hobbit material I would say. As he was.

Ohh and then there was this famous Richards couple..

12:37 PM  
Anonymous krista said...

prince frowned at you. this is amazing. i wonder why. ? . what was his dealio? weird. fascinating. but weird.

5:37 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Sarah we met a whole family of Racoons!!!! not famous but massively cute.
Can I just say the random letters we have to put in to verifi our comments just get longer and odder. I've done a SOOTY and now I've to do a PJJIG. NO I'm not doing a jig in my PJ's although if it's the purple song I just might.

4:22 PM  

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