Sunday, April 02, 2006

So long and thanks for all the fish...

Well cherubs the hour approaches for us to shuffle off this country and mount on the wings of the great white bird in the sky.

(Nearly time to get on the plane)

In an unprecedented move my suitcase is packed and zipped up already...with 3 hours before we need to leave.

True to form, Dave is currently in a business meeting....3 hours before we need to leave.

But nothing can dint my joy at the prospect of seeing many of your shining faces in the next few weeks.

I have a carry on case stuffed with survival rations. I know that on most airlines they serve you sumptuous meals with alarming regularity (say with about 8 hours gap in between)...but the situation is that I start to gag after 2 hours of non-consumption. Sadly the gagging leads to another reflex which I don't need to elucidate further. So BOY I am really keen not to be ill on a plane...especially as the stomach boiling comes on all of a sudden and then it is all over.

Hence the reason I have in my carry on:

1 box of crackers
3 small cheeses
1 pot noodle
1 bag of mixed fruit & nuts
2 sesame snaps
2 muesli bars (edible)
2 muesli bars (inedible...the health store variety)
1 small can of Pringles

If Jesus were on the plane (in physical form) and wanted to feed the crowds who had not eaten for 5 hours and were famished. I would be in a strong position to be the little boy who stuck his hand up and proffered some fish and bread rolls. Except in this case we would have baskets of Pot Noodle left over.

Speaking of fish. I am so relieved to read today in the news that the Swedish Delicacy, surstromming, has now been banned from many airports and planes. It is tinned fish which has been fermented and smells like 'garbage left rotting in the sun for several days'. Surprisingly enough the connossieurs of the surstromming disagree with this description and are outraged!

Never having been afflicted by a surstromming attack on a seems today will not be any different.

This is good because:

1) if the person sitting next to me merrily cracked open his surstromming while I was tucking into my pot pot noodle would not stay down very long


2) If Jesus appears in physical form....and the surstromming guy got his hand up before me....

Well the miracle of the bread and surstromming...might not be as popular as the original.


Blogger Laura said...

Hey sugar have a safe trip and try not to overdo it. Can't wait to see you friday.


10:21 AM  
Blogger s@bd said...

What?! No bagels?

2:21 PM  
Blogger Ash said...

You're so funny Adele - I love reading your blog. Have a safe trip!
Lots of love,
Ash x

2:26 AM  
Blogger A.J. said...

see you AGAIN in a few days!

6:57 AM  
Anonymous sarah said...

Twenty four hours tralalalalala...
Yay.... you'll be here soon..
remember the san fran toronto leg... they don't give you any food the blighters!

10:03 PM  
Anonymous krista said...

did you get eaten by a big fish or something, and now you will never blog again. . . ????

12:35 AM  

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