Wednesday, May 03, 2006

All good things must come to a blog....

Dearest friends, I can only apologise for the time it has taken me to re-cap the exciting events of the 3 week whirlwind tour so far.

Just for those of you who have forgotten/haven't been paying attention (I'm in a school marmish frame of mind after scolding Mr Jones on his blog for his scandalous lack of personal updates) is what we have learned so far;

1) Toronto was Starbuckian (i.e, a frothy treat with extra chai factor)
2) I saw Prince at the airport (have YOU been glared at by a popstar lately?)
3) My bro's wedding was very, very rice (some of which was in his ear)

BUT I haven't made tell of my birthday - a momentous occasion I'm sure you'll agree (or else you'll have to stay behind and write lines on the blackboard "I will not disagree with Mrs - rod of iron - Richards...I will not disagree with Mrs - rod of iron Richards).

Yes April 15th was the date alloted in a divine way for the celebration of my 33rd birthday. I was in the Uk, in Bournemouth, and sadly not in too great a state of repair by this stage. (The non-stop socialising and time changes were catching up with me).

So I awoke (eventually) and headed with some alacrity (as Sarah would say) to the bathroom to shout Europe down the large white telephone (as Andy would say). Delightful.

Still, I've never been pregnant on my birthday before so the novelty factor was high...and still enjoyable...despite my whey-like appearance.

Then James & Christa popped in to wish me HB and drop off a pressie (fab necklace with huge turquoise disc pendant)....shortly after which Lorraine called me to wish me HB.

Dave leaped onto the scene like a gazelle with an armload of presents that he had cunningly bought in TO and smuggled to UK without me seeing. Hurrah for THREE more series of Alias...and the first 2 series of 24. (Or if you accidentally press your shift key the first 2 series of @%). You can call me square-eyes! (Or sponge bob square pants...which ever you feel applies).

So YEY since coming back to NZ we have watched the second series of Alias, and ohmyflippingNora is it good or what???

Anyway after all this excitement, I absconded with the lovely Laura who took me out to brunch at the clifftop cafe and then into town for some obligatory birthday spending. OF COURSE we headed straight to Accessorize and I purchased some spangly earrings and a fab belt (inspired by Lynley's under pregbelly belt).

I'd just missed my godson Cameron's birthday and so we went to the Early Learning Centre to pick out a pressie for him. Laura and I were mildly terrified for the first 10 minutes by our own ignorance of a) children b) children's toys and c) age-appropriate children's toys that your godson will love and won't drive his parents crazy.

After that we just settled in to playing with the toys ourselves...and selected a huge rescue helicopter with flashlight and this really cool winch thing.

Then Laura drove me over to Polly's house for a surprise visit to Polly & Annily where I shamelessly cajoled Annily into playing with my hair for an hour (just about my favourite thing in the world....drool).

And so back home to get ready to go out for Chinese....or so I thought.

En route to the restaurant it turned out that Dave had 'forgotten' his wallet and so we had to go back to my parents' house to pick it up.

As I walked into the kitchen I was greeted with a bunch of smiling faces and "SURPRISE!".

My first thought - "Why are my friends here hanging out with my parents without me?"
My second thought - "Huh. Shame I can't talk to them, but I have to get to the restaurant"
My third thought -" Hang on, this is a surprise party - isn't it?"
My fourth thought "But now I have to leave to go to the restaurant..."
My fifth thought, "Oh. I'm not going out for Chinese food"
My sixth thought "Where's the food?"

Turns out my mum had cunningly masterminded the whole thing and indeed it was a surprise party and the restaurant thing was just a ruse. I've never had a surprise party before and so things I learned from the experience include:

1) It really was a surprise.
2) I'm a bit slow on the uptake (huh? wha? but? huh? but? why? huh? Ohhhhhhhhh)
3) I believe I can be in 2 places at once - having a party AND going out for Chinese food
4) My mum is very clever and sneaky (I already knew this, apart from the quite-so-sneaky part)
5) Laura feels very guilty for lying to me
6) Dave & Lorraine don't feel so guilty
7) Feel secure that Laura doesn't lie to me
8) Keep closer eye on Dave & Lorraine

Yep so that was super nice of my parents to organise and super nice of everyone to come....and it was great cos I got to see people who I wouldn't have seen otherwise (3 day visits have their limitations).

So there you go, that was my 33rd birthday.

It was really amazing to be back in the UK on that date (as I haven't been for the previous 4/5 years) but I have to confess to missing the Toronto element too. It was weird to be having a birthday without you guys.

So thanks to all who celebrated with me or for me, emailed me...or remembered 5 days later and slapped their heads 'DOH'...

Sooooo nice of you.


Blogger Laura said...

I'm really really sorry. L x

11:20 AM  
Blogger David Richards said...

I'm not

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Alyn said...

I am. But not sure why.

Down to important stuff. As happy as I am that you had a good birthday (and truly that sounds as good as it can get - I mean FIVE DVD box sets? Score!) what I am really after is the news of your RAM installation. Is it in? Did it help? Are you va va voom on your PowerBook?

Jones the geek

12:39 PM  
Blogger A.J. said...


Just don't watch to much Alias and 24 in a row or your child will either grow up thinking it's a spy (Originally I typed 'spa' I think we all agree that would be worse then thinking you are a spy) or the child will constantly think someone if following him/her.

Either way can you say counseling?

12:45 PM  
Blogger Ash said...

Glad you had a great time babe!

9:32 PM  
Blogger s@bd said...


we were born in the same year?

It's like God just decided that 1973 would be THE YEAR OF FAVOUR. Especially for fair & freckled ones ...

(you have the wheelchair, too)

3:05 PM  
Blogger Joy said...

The question is have you been able to see the current sesson of 24 can you say OH MY GOSH...hope you are feeling better

4:02 PM  
Blogger Geoff & Calun Vallance said...

Woah...All this age giving away? I thought women didnt do that! Well that is GREAT that you all dont go with that stereotype...ah yes.
great to hear you had a great b'day.
Don't tell me what happens on 24 - im only on the last 4 epps of season 3.
God Bless and PEACE,

4:33 PM  
Blogger weegeemcschuler said...

Isn't alias FABULOUS - Jason and I are on season 4 - just behind as the release of 5 just happened - but we get really bad reception, so I think we'll start our addiction to 24 until season 5 of Alias is released on DVD!
Accessorize is my first port of call along with M+S and any newsagents that sells Galaxy - quite right Mrs Richards to have gone Birthday shopping there :0) Next time you're state-side I highly recommend hanging out in Kids Pottery Barn. Last time I was there they had pink aga ovens, trons, sinks and cookers (for ME) and really life-like Bosch circular saws and the likes for Jason - he was very impressed that they made a different sound from when you turned them on to when you pressed the "blade" down on a surface. He let out a giddy boy noise to show his great appreciation for Pottery Barn Kids attention to detail! Perhaps we should buy Dave one, so that he can get the mini-Richards trained up to power tools at a young age!!

Love you ooddles and glad the last month has been such a wonderful and blissful flurry of fun!

3:50 AM  

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