Tuesday, May 23, 2006

From the sub-ha-lime to the rid-hic-ulous....

Sorry but the usual pronunciations of sublime and ridiculous weren't quite cutting it. Try saying the title outloud with a Pentecostal Southern Preacher accent and you'll have the vibe. (Also spit running down your chin...but only your computer screen can see it)

Well the sublime part comes under the title 'wot i hav bin dooing tooday'

Yes I masquerade (as an angel of light? Nah) as a copywriter...and hence have been unleashing some word power in a very sub-ha-lime direction.

Fatherheart Ministries (you know, James & Denise Jordan...and that lot? The people we moved to the other side of the world to be near? Ring any bells? No? Do I even KNOW you?)

Fatherheart Ministries (sometimes my side comments take on such a life of their own there is no point going back and finishing the sentence I started because no-one can remember the beginning and then it'll just seem even more like gibberish than normal)

Third time lucky.

Fatherheart Ministries has fallen in with a certain Miss Christine Morrison who received a vision from God to go to India and start working with the street children there. Anyway, she pitches up in Mumbai (aka Bombay) and starts feeding the street children who live on the railway platforms. They're mostly orphans or those abandoned by their parents...and they try to earn a few rupees by carrying bags and cleaning carriages. There are children as young as 6 (probably younger) wandering around all alone. So sad.

Anyway so she starts to wish she could have a home to take them to...and she starts to look into rented accommodation. Meanwhile she comes home to NZ (where she has sold her house to fund giving up her job and going to India) and comes to Taupo to hang out in our prayer house. Whereupon she talks to Denise and James (they've known her for years and years). Whereupon they light up like Christmas Trees at the idea of helping these lovely orphans. Whereupon Dave gets involved and the plan accelerates like a Porsche 911 driven by Jeremy Clarkson in some ludicrous scheme to drive across Europe in under 3 days while racing a jet plane, plus exploding a few cars en route, just for fun.

Er, except for all the weird stuff I just wrote about Jeremy 'testosterone' Clarkson.

Yes so then Dave enters and starts to talk about buying land....say, 5 acres and then building, say, 5 homes, for, say, 200 kids and then, say, a school. Just for starters.

Whereupon I look entirely unsurprised at his dashing brilliance. Whereupon Christine looks awestruck. Whereupon James and Denise start grinning like loons.

They like Dave's style. And let's face it, he cuts a dash even in the world of Shapers.

Sooooo....I have been helping Christine and the gang launch Fatherheart Ministries India and the name for the orphanages "Priya Bacho" meaning The Beloved Children. This involves writing the brochure, liaising with our fab designer on the logos, working out the titles to go on the DVD film and writing the copy for the DVD cover. The usual kind of copywriter gig.

We're all jolly excited about it and there has been a lot of interest from people who want to help. James and Denise are taking Christine with them on their next tour and they will be showing the DVD, handing out brochures...and seeing what God does through it all.

"Coincidentally" John Arnott is going to be in Mumbai later this year (and Duncan? and others?) and is going to the church that has been helping Christine in Mumbai. Lucky huh? Connections, connections.

So that was the sub-ha-lime.

And now for the rid-hic-ulous....

"King Kong" by Peter Jackson.

Ok I know you all saw this about a million years ago and have already discussed it and moved on. But I only saw it yesterday.
And can I say, in the immortal words of Alyn Jones: WHAT THE MONKEY?

I mean it's Peter Jackson so let's make it clear from the start HE CAN DO NO WRONG.

But uh....did anyone else notice the film was a bit "King Kong meets Indiana Jones meets James Bond (you know the weird Voodoo one) meets Jurassic Park"?

I think it was the extended BUG scenes that really got me.

I mean I can take a huge monkey falling in love with a blonde woman because she can juggle and say NO in a stern manner....but the BUGS?

I can even take dinosaurs stampeding, eating each other and fighting a monkey....

I can even sort of take it that the monkey would win this one-armed fight (he's holding the woman tightly at the time).....but the BUGS?

I can even take the monkey being knocked out by a brief whiff of chloroform and then being mysteriously transferred back to NY without incident....but the BUGS?

Seriously, the giant bugs were WAY too much.

But I only mention this to you Peter Jackson (he who can do no wrong because he is Kiwi and made LOTR) as the mildest of rebukes. And apart from that the film wasn't too too rid-hic-ulous.....

But OH. Those BUGS.



Blogger s@bd said...

I don't know where to start !!

I'm tongue-tied.

The land, the house, the children - blessed you are. I love you all for doing it. MWA

The king kong: I'll never see it. Did you know that it's 3 hours long? And that it's about a big monkey? I just don't understand ...
and now that I know about the BUGS?! never.

5:29 AM  
Blogger Ash said...

That is sooooooooooo cool about Father Heart Ministries getting involved with helping Christine to run with her vision to love those street children in India. What a wonderful dream and what a wonderful work you guys are doing :)

I'm so excited for you all :)

Love Ash x

3:46 AM  
Anonymous sarah said...

I would like to say that I am glad that you also noticed these ridicualities (a new word!) in king kong. It was most tiring have to keep eyes and ears covered for the entire FIFTEEN minute bug scene... I'm not stupid you know... don't want them crawling around in my dreams!!

Also have to confess that i cried at the end, more becuase it was cruelty to animals, than because i actually believed that there was a viable love relationship between them... who really wants to see a big monkey machinegunned to death? who? who?

2:14 PM  

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