Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pipped at the post by the Pope

It's celebrity spotting season alright!

So if you haven't already - it's time to don your Deerstalker Hat and creep through the undergrowth at your nearest mall/supermarket.

Who knows who you might spot? Ghandi? Elvis? Anything seems possible these days.

Because after my Prince sighting and Cathy's Queen sighting, now we have Sarah's Pope sighting!

Can you believe it? Sarah Dalley whilst holidaying in Rome was just 10 feet away from the Pope and those hunky Swiss Cheese Guards or whatever they are called. She has photographic evidence too! (But I haven't received it hold your horses for that one!).

Of course it could all be part of some outlandish plot featuring a Da Vinci painting, insane flagellating monks and the Trevi Fountain - but don't say I told you so. Dan Brown may never forgive me if I've stolen the plot of his next book.

I've also remembered (while cleaning my teeth this morning) that our very own Mr Alyn Jones has actually attended one of the Queen's Royal Garden Parties....and I may be wrong, but may have even spoken to the Queen. Or been in spitting distance of doing so anyway. (Obviously one has to allow a greater spitting distance for royalty)

Anyway, it seems that after all these sightings the only way I can top them is to have a divine visitation or a cup of tea with Madonna.

And by Madonna I mean either the popstar or the Mother of God.

I'm not fussy.


Blogger s@bd said...

Me neither. But i think the mother of god's worldview is a little less ... ummm ... WRONG.

7:52 PM  

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