Sunday, May 14, 2006

Yeah well we've been in this house 6 months so we figured it was time to pack those boxes again, except, oops, we threw most of them away.

I know. I know.

I give the impression that nothing has been happening lately except a few royal sightings.

But that couldn't be further from the truth.

Firstly we've been running the first ever Fatherheart School here in New Zealand...and so Dave and I (plus the rest of the team bien sur) have been scurrying around helping out with that. For some obscure reason I ended up doing a bit of the admin side of things.

Quite possibly because I was opinionated about everything. But if you read the small print you'll see that in my contract it specifies that I should a) be free to be opinionated about everything b) have very definite ideas on how everything should be done and c) have minions to do the actual work involved.

Well the small print got laid to one side and so I became my own minion. Which works quite well as I am both bossy and responsive. And it gives me lots of opportunity to hold business lunches with myself and charge it to my business account. (What do you mean you didn't get the memo about my business account? You mean I have to pay for my own bagel and cream cheese?)

So all this translates to the hilarious situation where I am trying to reply to applications, send out acceptance packs, get waivers signed, work out when people arrive...and all that good stuff. Yes I find it amusing when I am required to do anything left brain as that hemisphere is shrivelled and prune like after too many hours in the bath of Quirk.

Anyway, aside from that....I've been unlocking the church in the mornings for the meetings, putting the kettle on, doing the odd spot of teaching and generally helping out. It's been VERY cool to hear James, Denise & Barry Adams teach...and keep soaking it all up. FAB.

So that has been happening 9 to 5 every day including a few evenings and the odd event at the weekend.

Meanwhile, we have a lovely house guest...Dave's 18 year old niece Sarah has been staying with us for the last 2 weeks. She is doing the school and then sticking around for another 3 weeks to see some of the sights of NZ.

MEANWHILE, we are selling our house. Yes I finally get around to the title of this post.

Ahuh. Well we've been here 6 months...and we've only moved house 6 times since we've been married....and we've got a few weeks left before I become so enlarged I can't see my toes any we figured why not?!

Well not exactly. The sad truth is that the council is out to get us. Although I may be taking the proposed building of a road, a tad personally there. Yep the council want to build a wacking great road over the river, pretty much in front of our house. Oh and they want to put the heavy traffic on there - all the lorries etc to route them around the town rather than through it.

So yeah there goes the view. And the quiet. And the ambiance (unless you like a motorway feel in your home).

Darn it.

The road isn't 100% approved yet but it is very likely to go through...and by the time we know for sure everyone will know and then it will be a tad tricky to sell. So we're trying to get out now while we can.

So here I am again back in the "keep-the-house-immaculate-at-all-times" game. Cleaning like a mad woman in my spare moments and trying to create the impression that our house is a sophisticated den of cleanliness that you should move into right now cos it always looks like this.

I'm trying not to think about it all too much as it's a bit of a bummer....can't say I'm too thrilled at moving again, packing up again, and all that. But I know that it's all in God's plan and he'll turn it for the best.

So please pray for a good sale at a great price and for a swift deal so I can get packing before I lose connection with and sight of my feet.


Farewell, fair view. :-(


Blogger Mimo said...

Aww,if I was there..wouldn't mind helping out! Ahh..the administrative stuff..I would just LOVE TO get to ORGANISE everything ;) Hands up all who get kicks out of getting things oragnised and to work =?!!!

Anyways you know who to call next time you need team effort..

Sorry to hear about the house, but God must have something better for you in store!!! Who knows, maybe you just need even bigger house..Who knows how many little feet there will be one day... ;)

My brother and his wife just had another little baby girl just two weeks ago..its such a happy occasion so v.happy for the two of you!


2:53 PM  
Anonymous jason said...

It seems like the Council should compensate you for any lost property value, though I guess that's hard to quantify. But if the community is benefitting from this road at your expense, it is only right that you be paid for that expense.

5:18 PM  
Anonymous fi said...

you could always lie down in front of the bull dozers...

4:07 PM  
Blogger chirobiro said...

Bummer indeed. I was just saying that in my inner monolgue...|( I rarely talk allowed to myself!! ok well sometimes....) and then I read your "bummer". What a wonderful word to describe so much anx. What a pain. My thoughts and prayers are with you, hopefully you can find somewhere else with a spectacular back drop, it would be hard to go cold turkey from such a wonderful place.

love tp you both , and say hi to the sweet Sarah.


7:50 PM  
Blogger Ash said...

Hey Adele,

That is such a bummer to hear about your house. I pray that God gives you extra favour and grace in this situation.

Love Ash x

3:38 AM  
Blogger s@bd said...

I LOVED moving while pregnant. No one would let me DO anything.


sucks about the house, though

4:30 AM  
Blogger A.J. said...

Very sad indeed. It's a lovely view and a lovely house!

3:53 PM  

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