Thursday, June 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Cathy!

Today is the birthday of the ever so amazing Cathy Harris!

A woman of such amazing capabilities, wisdom and compassion...I hardly know where to start in itemising her excellencies.

Firstly let us all say HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATHY and may this year prove to be one in which loose ends are tied and in which peace comes in like a flood. MWAH.

Things you should know about Cathy:

1) She can find a fabulous pair of shoes, blindfolded in a fog, with one arm tied behind her back. Oh and they'll be half price or less. (This is one of the most desirable superpowers; sadly neglected in the latest X Man movie)

2) Ditto fabulous purses (handbags). Oh and she can find the perfect purse for anyone else as well.

3) She can take seemingly random colours, combine them and produce a snazzy outfit. Again, blindfolded in a fog. (Just so you know, she doesn't actually spend her life blindfolded or in a fog. But she so could.)

4) If you spend time with her these superpowers will transfer to you by osmosis.

5) She can whip up a gastronomic miracle in 8 minutes using only a cup of flour, a fig and a small, ripe kumquat.

6) She can feed 16 hungry small group leaders. In 8 minutes. With or without the kumquat.

7) She can talk to Megan on her cell phone, drive her car, counsel someone, buy the perfect purse as a birthday gift and shop for a small, ripe kumquat. All at the same time.

8) She will respond without hesitation when someone is having a crisis, totally go the extra mile (or 4,000) for them, lose sleep for them, share her living space with them, give up her last kumquat to them. She IS the 4th emergency service in Canada.

9)She is exceptional with babies, children, teens, young adults, twenty somethings, thirty somethings, 40 somethings etc up to 90 somethings. I can't answer anyone over 99 years of age.

10) Proof - put a crying baby or octogenarian in her arms and they will stop crying instantly.

11) Oh yeah and by the way she is a breathtakingly good mom/mum.

12) Patient? You better believe it.

13) But don't forget the purses.

14) And the fact that she can only go to Starbucks after 12. Which for most people would be verging on a fault. But not with Cathy. And she doesn't drink tea or coffee. Just Chocolate Nut Brownie Frappucinos....or whatever those things are!

15) She holds the award for SoM staff member whom I met least in the toilets, during my 3 years on staff. (This includes Stuart) (see number 14)

16) She is athletic and toned...and sporty. If she weren't busy holding the rest of us together right now, she would be out doing Ironmen competitions and climbing mountains.

17) She cycled around New Zealand. (Have you SEEN how many mountains there are here?)

18) She pretty much knows how you are going to feel, before you realise that is how you are going to feel, and she shows insight, wisdom and compassion about it. But you say, "Nah, I'll be fine" and then 10 minutes later when you are sobbing, you realise. "Huh, she was right"

19) She is a true Mom to the students at SoM

20) She laughs all the time.

21) She doesn't sweat the small stuff.

22) She can accomplish more in 5 minutes than most of us do in a day. (With or without blindfold and kumquat).

23) She really, really loves people. Like, REALLY.

24) She is very classy, educated and posh...but doesn't feel the need to brag about it. Which is actually the first indicator of being genuinely posh.

25) She doesn't hold back, but gets stuck in.

26) She keeps her heart pure and her attitude great even when all around her are losing it.

27) She sees the bigger picture.

28) She goes out of her way to promote others and loves to see them succeed. Even when this causes her extra work.

29) She is truly selfless.

30) She is naughty and hilarious.

Well, I could go on and on. Clearly she is beautiful - check out those gorgeous eyes!

But suffice to say:

Cathy, I love you. I admire you. You inspire me.

Happy Birthday beautiful!


Blogger chirobiro said...

Hi Deli

Just read your upside down world post. What a flippin roller coaster !! You have described it so beautifully I was almost there in your panick stricken room with you. What a hard way to make a snap decision! Mind you, in some way it beats the weeks of of people snooping and making ridiculous offers and then pulling out at the last minute, which is the UK's special own brand of emotional torture......

Just wanted to send you our love and prayers as you go through all this pooh at this time. Hang in there..... Home is where-ever you and Dave are.

much love

Ps Debs and Andy have brought Kristen home. She has a full head of gorgeous dark, inch long thick hair !!!

11:22 AM  
Blogger Mimo said...

Wow she sounds amazing!! Someone I'd love to be around and learn from and aspire to be like one day! Happy Birthday Cathy from me too!! With a mum like that, now where's that application for SoM..WOW. :-) Love, Mim

4:04 PM  
Blogger s@bd said...

I love her too. And I barely know her.

Also, I can't believe they sell houses that way?! WHAT THE?! I thought that was just for the benefit of live TV (have you ever seen 'The Block'?).

4:26 AM  
Blogger Ash said...

Happy Birthday Cathy - hope you read this - you are a truly wonderful woman!

Love Ash

3:33 AM  

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