Tuesday, June 20, 2006

If only I had a brain...

...I'd be dangerous.

So the man in the van (different man, different van....no tortoise-like behaviour)...just came to fit the cat door.

Thus ensued this profound conversation:

Man: Which door do you want the cat flap in?

Me: Ooh it's in the room straight ahead.

Man: Ok.

Me: (indicating only external door in room) It's that door.

Man: U-huh

Me: Can we have the cat flap in the lower pane?

Man: (silence)

Me: (realising what I just said) Cos, uh, it's be a bit tricky for him to use one in the upper half of the door.....
Me: (laughing lamely) heh....he....

Man: (just gets on with his work) (silently)

Is this also the moment to admit that yesterday while attempting (yes attempting) to wash my hair...I poured a great big globule of shampoo into my hands?

Then rubbed it all over my face.

(Please could someone put all the knives in a place I can't reach...just in case I mistake them for a toothbrush)


Blogger weegeemcschuler said...

waoh, where was I sleeping that I missed three whole blogs being posted - sweet reading for my agile eyes which should be sloooooooooow at this time of night after a crazy weekend.

Love the post in your church bulletin - they do understand the concept of sarcasim out there don't they ?? Good, glad to hear it. Moi, living in NJ is also helping me to re-discover my british humor bone...am hungry..think I will go looking in my fridge :0)love you adeler....hey any updated pics of BAbe R ?

3:43 AM  
Blogger s@bd said...

I know!


ack! ACK!!

cutest cat door I've ever seen, btw.

and your brain will return ... maybe.

8:04 PM  
Blogger chirobiro said...

dangerous indeed.... although your enterrtaining post sent me on a web search for cat flaps in double glazing, as we don't have a wooden back door. Bats is still able to cross her legs at the moment, but when she is old an infirm she may need one.
love to you both.


ps have you seen \Sarahs impressive web site? sarah grace harris .com, its grrrreat.


11:15 PM  

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