Monday, June 19, 2006

Let's all link arms and sway gently...

Just call me Adele McGeek.

For I have been having a technological afternoon.

I have FINALLY updated my memory on my beloved I now have 1.25 GB. And guess what...things seem to be moving along a little bit faster.

Also I have wrangled with blogger and (a little fist-shaking and hair-tugging notwithstanding) I have FINALLY updated my blog with links. And let me tell you this involved some very nifty cutting and pasting of html on my part....and some very obscure instructions on Blogger's behalf. Still, we made it!

Yes my dear friends I have added your blogs to this blog so that we can all happily blog around on each other's blogs. (Too much use of the word 'blog' you think?)

You'll see the links listed to the left hand side of the screen underneath Previous Posts.


And just so you know. I am watching you.

Yes thanks to some insider intell from Shannon...I am now tracking who reads this blog, when and what colour undies they are wearing.

(if they are wearing any at all.....)


Blogger s@bd said...

welcome to the world of TECHNO-GODDESSES ...

we've been waiting ...

8:05 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

What do es it mean 19th most popular link. These blogs are designed by a very encouraging country..... it should say "gosh not too popular are you?" P.S please email me with instructions on links I can't do it.

1:46 PM  

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