Monday, June 19, 2006


Gosh there's nothing I love doing quite so much as talking about myself.

What do you mean you'd noticed?

Well this week I was asked to complete a profile for the church newsletter so that people can have a clue who the sleepy girl on the back row is.

So this will be printed in the newsheet for Northshore Apostolic Church next week:

(Unless the pastor vetoes it first)

Where were you born?
In Bingley, Yorkshire in England. I believe my mother was there, if you need witnesses.

I'm the eldest (can't you tell?). One younger brother. One gorgeous babe on way (due end of September).

007. Licensed, no, that's not right.
Degree in English Literature (I kan reed and right)
Copywriter and general lover of words. (I said, words not worms...)

Yes please - I need some.
Uh, that's not what you meant?
Prev: General dogsbody at School of Ministry at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, Canada (for 4 years)
Currently: Overlord and She Who Must Be Obeyed of Fatherheart Ministries, NZ. (self-appointed)

(in no particular order) Books. Worms. Words. Writing. Husband. Babe. Friends. Starbucks. Creative shenanigans. Fun. Hearing God's voice. Water (imbibing, gazing upon and lolling about in)

Current passions due to pregnancy: potatoes & cocoa pops - but not together.

Greatest challenge.
In the past - being a loving wife. Now - starting life over in a new a galaxy far, far, far away....

Your vision for the future
Skycars by 2050, everyone wearing silver lycra outfits and having massive heads to house their oversized brains.

Christians so full of Father's love we only have to walk past someone or look at them for that person to have an encounter with Father himself. AKA ministry Jesus-style.

Aw go on....ask me another....


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