Thursday, June 15, 2006

You give tortoises a bad name

Good morning/evening campers....your mad, bad and sad correspondant from Taupo, New Zealand reporting in for duty. Ok not so much with the mad or bad but mostly just sad.

Yep I've hired out a job lot of violinists to accompany this post (they gave me a discount after I gave them so much work in my recent posting about the auction).

Oh sigh. NEXT time I move (in about 6-12 months time) I'll remember. Remind me won't you?

Anyway I'm getting ahead of myself. Yesterday was the day that the men with the van came. Over the weekend we'd taken car loads of everything portable to the new all that was left were the shells of the large pieces of furniture. Sofas sans cushions. Chests of drawers without the drawers. We'd even taken the lawnmower and dining room chairs.

Dave estimated that it would take the men with the van about an hour to load up what was remaining. I have to say I was dubious. Maybe a couple of hours, I thought.

Well six and a half hours later....

SIX and a HALF hours.

It took them 40 minutes to load 3 tables and a microwave. I kid you not.

Very nice men.


So slow you'd compare them to tortoises. But that would be to disparage tortoises.

Well here's the thing. They were being paid by the hour.

Yep. Say no more.

Paid by the hour my friends.

Anyway, having said all that, they were careful and got the job done. Plus their hourly rate was peanuts.

I actually tried to pay them in peanuts. But they said they only eat lettuce. And then their heads kind of retracted into their collars. I guess you have to have a tough shell to be a removal man.

Meanwhile Dave had plumbed in the washing machine, pulled up the carpet and laid the speaker cables in the lounge, set up the TV and DVD, and got the wireless internet working. In this scenario - he was definitely the hare.

So by the end of a very long day the house was pretty much sorted. I'll get some photos some time. It's a new house so the finish is really good. Lots of spotlights and nice tiles. Also has a fab view of the lake.

Was very sad to say goodbye to my lovely idyll with the river view though.....I went through and said goodbye to every room. Closure is important you know.

So that brings us today. The first day in the new house. And I didn't see it coming. Despite the last first day in the last new house, being just 6 months ago. Guess in the learning stakes... I am the tortoise.

The work was mostly done. The moving of the furniture had happened mostly without incident. I'd finished all the packing up. The place was even set up pretty much. Looks like home, even. We'd arranged the furniture so there are nice little places to sit and have coffee....nice places to sit and watch a movie together...nice places to perch and talk to the person who's making dinner.

So I sat here. I sat here with Harley. We sat here we two. And how we wished there was something to make you appear.

It was definitely time for friends to call in. Pop round to see the new pad. Have a snoop.

So I sat here and waited for you. But you didn't come. So I did some work. And waited for you to come. And emptied some more boxes. And waited. And turned the lights on and off. And put the heating on. And still you didn't come.

I know, I know...if you'd been passing...

I missed you today.

It's only fun having a nice place when you can share it.

You'd like it. We'd have fun. We'd have coffee. We'd admire the view.

But it was just me and the violinists.

Not even a tortoise in sight.

But tomorrow will be a better day.

Mwah. Love you guys.


Blogger chirobiro said...

congratulations on an uneventful move... they are always the best ones to have. Am so glad everything has slipped into a new posistion and home easily, only sorry i wasn't "just passing". Much love and joy and happiness to you two (three) in your new home.

mwah back.


3:43 PM  
Anonymous Alyn said...

Awww. My responder is up in full effect (back responder, get back!) and would give you a hug and a head rub if we were there (though if we were there perhaps you'd feel better?).

Anyway, we are coming in November (aren't we Jesus?) so if you haven't moved by then, we will bring you a housewarming present (pick something from the Pottery Barn) and then we can celebrate your new house.

You're such a cutie and we love you dearly. Hugs and kisses from AJ & I.

5:16 PM  
Blogger weegeemcschuler said...

, gulp, sniff, sniff, waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I feel sad...and yet very in tune, we're closing on Tuesday and I am looking forward to that part over, but we are surrounded by boxes and nastiness as half of our lives lives in one place and the other still here...and then there's the fact that I listened to muy husband on paintint the new place cream "easy to resell in a few months" he said. I agreed and decided to make the colourless sacrifice only to discover that we'd HAVE to keep it 2 years or Mr CApital Gains tax would come to rob us ! SO I am a tad sad about loosing my extra space, garden and bright duck eggy blue lounge...but, I will remember that THIS CONDO WILL BE OWNED BY US yes, by us the SCHULERS as of 5 days time, and so I shall smile...and relate to having none of the super important life friends to come by and enjoy our wee place your violinists travel...say to USA?
Love you Adeller, persuade Daver to send you on a mercy mission and jump on a concord and come visit top life your spirits and that of baby Ricardos!
PS I wrote a massive and quite interesting comment to last week's blog last week adn the dang network went kerplunk and erased it, I couldn't retrieve the same fantasticness with which I'd written the 1st message, alas, it is lost in cyberspace :0(

8:01 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

heigh pickle, don't be blue I'm with you in spirit admiring the view.
I'll come up from the other ends of the earth to vist my chum when she's given birth (well quite a while after actually).

So sit back in comfort and unwind and be still cause to know what's arriving is an amazing thrill ......
Not great I know
Love you xxx

8:45 PM  
Blogger JP said...

Love you 3 a couple metric tonnes, wish I was there to say "hey my band (Missionary's in Position) is releasing it's first single--the farmers--(Based on the lives of some friends of ours)" or something else while talking over a nice cup of something and looking over some nice landscape and stuff



1:39 AM  

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