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Acts of Piracy are forbidden

FORBIDDEN. Or as I hear in my head in a loud German voice: VERBOTEN.

Somehow VERBOTEN seems like it should be the universal word for forbidden - it just has that sinister ring about it.

Try it, you'll like it.

Is this where I discover VERBOTEN actual means something completely different. Like 'cherry cheescake'....or 'frilly girl's underwear'?

Of course that would work too.

Acts of Piracy are CHERRY CHEESECAKE.


On a sidenote...

(ha! as if this whole thing has not been a sidetrack so far, which it has, in case you lost the plot. Because there is none.)

I've just made the world's worst cup of coffee. No. They are actually flying me an award over right now "The World's Worst Cup of Coffee". I am rehearsing my thank you speech. "I'd like to thank Britain for teaching me that it is ok to use instant instead of proper coffee. And also that milk is an acceptable substitute for cream...."

Er anyway back to the coffee. Actually drinking coffee makes me feel sick afterwards (I think the baby has inherited the British attitude to coffee. Which is, "Why? When you can have tea?") but for some reason I just fancied a coffee this morning. So to trick the baby and my stomach into accepting it I put very little decaf coffee in, with lots of milk and water.

(I would even have used proper ground up beans coffee...but Dave has taken the lid of the coffee bean grinder to work with him. The Lid. Just the lid. He's a man of mystery, I'm telling you).

So my first sip of the aforementioned coffee-esque nectar? Ewwwww. You know when you've eaten an entire packet of Liquorice Allsorts and are therefore very 'over' the liquorice appeal, but that last bit of over chewed liquorice has got stuck behind one of your teeth. When you manage to prise it off your molar in all its juicy, over-chewed liquoricey-ness. That's what this coffee tastes like.

I'm not having a second mouthful.

Because in the heady social whirl that my life has become (in the comparative context of the social vacuum in which I had been living)...I have more to report!

Not content with Danish taxidermists and the mini-golfing Dutch - Dave and I arranged an outing to see "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" last night.

We went with Yfke & Rod....and Maya and Jeremy (a couple we know from church...she is up the duff too and about to pop 4 weeks before me). The two couples didn't know each other previously - hark at us being the social hosts. But it being Taupo, they did of course have people in common. Yfke's boss at Replete (the cafe) is in the same antenatal class as Maya & Jeremy. Small world.

ANYWAY. Enough of explaining the social dynamics of people you don't know.


(Which reminds me of a great joke my brother told me at Christmas....but which is all about the sound I can't tell you here. Ring me and I'll tell you. It'll be well worth it. Just ask dave.)

Pirates of the Caribbean - one of the few films that Dave & I can watch together without Dave tugging my sleeve in misery throughout saying "Why? Why are you making me watch this European Art Film with subtitles and incongruous songs and dances in a science fiction context? Why?"

(Except Dave wouldn't use the word 'context'. Dunno why. It's just not a very Dave word, is it?)

Yes, so back to the cinema. Which was HEAVING, it being school holidays in NZ - which means everyone - EVERY ONE - leaves Auckland and arrives in Taupo.

And by heaving I mean about 40 people in the cinema. Ahuh. Our previous top attendance was about 12.

I spotted at least 2 signs on the way in to watch "Pirates" which said that "Acts of Piracy are forbidden" VERBOTEN. The irony of which amused me very much. Less so everyone else.

Anyhoo and to the film. Now bear in mind the film started at 8.45pm which is the hour I normally crawl into bed and try to read a few pages of a book before I realise I have been reading the same page for 20 minutes. With my eyes closed.

So I was struggling to stay awake. This was helped by the fact that Baby R went completely ballistic and was doing the tango throughout the entire film. It's a little bit distracting when your insides are doing a mexican wave. I think it was the sound - she can now hear loud noises. So in her life thus far she has heard this film...and the Bruce Springsteen album I keep playing at full volume. Hmmmm....insights please.

Ok, so I was tired and distracted. BUT. Nothing can distract from how totally fabulous Johnny Depp is as Captain Jack Sparrow - cue his mincing walk, rolling eyes and fake tribal language. Very, very funny. In fact the film is packed full of humour....and is a rollercoaster of a film with sizzling pirates....crazy tribespeople that escaped from King Kong....and some very slimy looking Davy Jones sea creature people. Yeuch. There are some really fun fight & escape sequences (watch out for the 'kebab')...and the action is non stop. I even didn't mind Orlando Bloom despite the fact he is a bit girly for me. In fact Keira Knightley is less girly than him now I come to think of it.

But it is long. I mean loooooong. It just goes on and on....and it's all fantastic and spectacular and creative and inventive and funny. But long.

Although that could be cos we started at 8.45pm and didn't finish till 11.30pm. Uh, yeah so that is my review of Pirates 2.

(By the way, is it just me? Everytime I sit down in a cinema seat, I reach for my seatbelt. I just have this instinctive urge to buckle up.)


Blogger s@bd said...

you are SO funny.
Seriously. I LOVE the tangents.

And we're going to see the movie this weekend (possibly TODAY!!). SO looking forward to it!

Oh, and:

1. VERBOTEN is perfect.
2. Acts of Piracy is hysterically ironic
3. coffee is disgusting
4. Yfke ... is a name?! There don't seem to be enough vowels or something ...?
5. Orlando is GIRLY. Definitely GIRLY.

3:25 PM  
Blogger chirobiro said...

Hi Deli

I felt like heaving after your description of the coffee/liquorice overdose...... very spot on.

Pirates sounds so ace. Am really looking forward to seeing it. Not sure if you remember but for about 12 years Timmy has been teasing me about my penchent for pirates, hence Kev with long hair , earing and leather boots was just the thing for me. However now he no longer has the long tresses, I have to make do with occaisional dressing up!! (at fancy dress parties of course!!!) and of course pirates of the cartibean.

Definately with you on the girly Orlando, but I manage to force myself to watch him! Have been slightly intrigued by a few snippets of photos of the lovely Jack davenport, who appears to have turned pirate in this film and looks a bit more my cup of tea. What did you think of him??

We had a fab impromptu evening of entertainment last night. We watched "JUst a minute" beeing recorded live at the Pavillion... Kev got tickets on Thuirsday after a tip off, and all the gang piled down. Nicholas Parsons, chairing, with Paul Merton, Ross Noble, Tim rice and Clement freud, were very entertaining, talking for 60 seconds without hestitation, deviation or repetition. It was sooo hot and you could tell they were a bit hot and bothered, yet valiantly carried on being very funny. My cheeks ached for ages.

Kristen Is doing well. Eating all the day long, and not so much on the sleeping front. Debs still isn't too brill, but she is doing an amazing job.

lots of love


3:33 PM  
Blogger Joy said...

So I have not seen the film yet but it is on my list of must sees...I have given up coffee because I noticed that caffine was ruling my life so I gave it up (this includes chocolate, diet coke, or anything else with caffine in it)...

Then to my horror I realized that i am going to Florida on Sunday and we are driving down 22 youth so I am going to need my caffine...

Anyway glad to hear that everthing is still going well


1:58 AM  
Blogger Kat said...

Weeelll...'verboten' really means forbidden. But it means forbidden with an extra edge...think spotlight shining into your eyes and a harsh voice saying 've haf vayz of making you takk...'. And I'm only allowed to say that because I'm German myself. :-D

6:02 AM  
Blogger A.J. said...

I agree with Shannon... loving the tangents!

I agree it was incredibly long but I will hold other comment so as not to ruin it for toher people!

On the Coffee front... clearly you need a visit from a Canadian to sort you out on this mess..... tea... as if!

2:14 PM  
Blogger Mimo said...

I agree, verboten is the word! Has the right edge to it. "Honey, that's VERBOTEN" (like touching the stove and so on)

12:35 PM  

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