Friday, July 28, 2006

Did you miss me?

Gosh I can't believe how long it is since I last posted....and also how many things I have to blog about.

That's the thing about not blogging. You actually go out there and DO stuff. Hence giving you more to blog about...and yet less time.

OHHH the irony. It could turn into a good Alanis Morrisette lyric.

So what's been happening...umm well we had our first 2 antenatal classes. Oh the raucousness! Oh the hideous biology of it all! Oh the shocking things I was singled out to do IN FRONT of everyone else! (But refused...cos even I have my limits...and I do not wish to follow in the footsteps of Michael Jackson or Madonna with some scary grabbing.)

And that's all I'm going to say about that. Because it's all way too biological....and there's way too much mention of pulsating placentas. There I said it.

So yes there has been that.

And also many more incidences of Fairy Like behaviour or Pregnancy Brain. AKA Adele being so totally uncoordinated it is in question whether the spatial awareness part of her brain is actually...lost in space.

Which has a nice symmetry to it.

Unlike all my moves at Aqua Natal.

Yeah, I guess you had to be there...but in the last 2 classes of Aqua Natal (preggers women blobbing about in water)...I have been reduced to hysteria and tears of laughter at my own inability to do the simplest things.

Week 1. Got half way down the pool on a lap and realised that I'd forgotten to use my legs. They were just trailing in the water after me as I doggy paddled like mad. How can you forget to kick? I don't know but I managed it.

It's too hard to describe the other simple exercises that reduced me to hysterical jelly. But they involved coordination. And me discovering I couldn't make one arm go forwards while the other went backwards, for love nor money.

Week 2. I couldn't work out how to hold the hand paddles. Even though they are in the shape of a hand. I still couldn't get them the right way round for each hand. The teacher had to do it for me, while everyone else looked on amazed.


ANYWAY, aside from all that and the fact that James and Denise returned from their last 8 week tour this morning! WOOOHOO! I guess the main news is that Dave and I went away for a long weekend to Queenstown.

Queenstown in on the South Island and hence is colder than here. (Yes, go South to get colder weather, go North for warmer....freaky eh?). It nestles amongst The Remarkables. An aptly named range of mountains if ever there was one.

I wonder if they have followed it up elsewhere with The Astoundings...or The Breathtakings...or perhaps The Good Griefs.
Hmmm wish someone would give me the job of naming mountain ranges. I think I have quite a flair for it. Who should I enquire of for an application form? Slartibartfast got to make the fjords after all, so it's only fair that I should name a few things.

(that was a reference to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, for those who missed it)

Yes so Queenstown. It was snowing! There was snow in town which apparently only happens twice in a year. And we were there on one of those days. Just born lucky I guess. Also there was lots of snow on the mountains and hence everyone in town was there to ski. Apart from us. We were there to slob.

And hence everyone in town was under 30 years old and quite possibly of European extraction. It was quite thrilling. I'd forgotten what it was like to be surrounded by hordes of young people. Well, just people, in general. And so I was like one of those beaming old ladies who smiles beneficently on young people for no apparent reason. One of those old ladies in the supermarket who stop you and ask where the beans are - even though they know very well where the beans are because they've been shopping here for the past 37 years - just so they get an excuse to talk to someone. (Have you noticed old people do that? It makes me so sad, I nearly fall down and weep in the Legumes section.)

Anyway, that was me. A highlight in this vein was our trip to practically the trendiest place I've ever been. It could in fact BE the trendiest place I have ever been. Which doesn't say much for me. But does say a lot for FERGBURGER.

Yes, the baby wanted burger. (Funny how the baby's wants and desires coincide so much with mine, and yet seem more virtuous coming from a tiny human being tucked up inside me....than, say, greedy guts me wanting to submerge my face into the largest burger known to mankind).

Now we happened to turn up in Fergburger at the exact apres ski moment that about 30 youth in snowboarding gear also did. Which meant that the place was packed full of trendy yoof...and the wait was 30 minutes for a burger.

I have never waited so long so happily for food. I beamed at the yoof. I revelled in their their their can-only-afford-a-burger-for-dinner-edness. I stood there in my tatty woollen coat, bringing the average age up by a decade...and wished I could ask someone in which aisle the beans were.

Anyway, here is a photo of Dave blending in at Fergburger. (I was off chatting to some perfectly charming teen.)

Aside from beaming at young people. We went to Starbucks. (And, I confess, beamed some more at young people).

We changed hotel rooms 3 times until Dave managed to get us a free upgrade to a suite with a view of The Gobsmackings (aka The Remarkables, come on, keep up) with his usual mix of charm and sharky negotiating skills.

And we went on a long day trip to Doubtful Sound (they should definitely get me to re-name this one). This involved a 2 hour drive to a lake. A 1 hour lake crossing to one of the most remote roads in NZ. And that is saying something. A 1 hour trek across this dirt track to the Doubtful Sound and then a 3 hour cruise on the sound. During which we saw dolphins, a zillion rainbows and lots of blubbery seals.

Did you know that apart from 10 days a year, a female seal is permanently pregnant? But apparently this is a 'socially powerful' position.

Just thought I'd mention that.

Doubtful Sound is just soooo beautiful and of course there is NO ONE there (apart from us and 5 Japanese tourists eating a lot of noodles). My favourite part was when they turned the engines off and everyone had to be dead still. They called it 'The Sound of Silence'. And OH MY GIDDY AUNT. It was just so divine. The silence was tangible. It was thick. It was velvety. You could almost feel yourself inhaling it in great big clouds into your lungs. It was even better than Fergburger.

My favourite sound, at any rate...but in the middle of such spectacular remoteness.....well it was Remarkable, Astounding and Beautiful. Slartibartfast sure did a good job with those fjords.

Here are about a million photos. The first 3 are Queenstown with The Jaw Droppings in the background. You'll notice my arms flung wide as I proclaimed (a la Dalley) BEEEAAAUUUTTTYYYYY! Then there are some shots of Doubtful Sound. Please note Dave's magnificent hat hair in the last shot.

Yes, it is a beautiful place. (And they do remarkable burgers)


Anonymous Alyn Jones said...

You two are so flippin' gorgeous! Just looking at pictures of the two of you makes me want to fly over there and squeeze all the cuddle out of you. You two are the best and we love you. Tons of proper hugs and kisses.


2:14 PM  
Anonymous Stu said...

That does it. We are coming home tomorrow......

2:35 PM  
Blogger s@bd said...


And the scenery's not too shabby either.

3:00 PM  
Anonymous caroline<> said...

fabby couple in fabby looking land!

5:42 PM  
Blogger chirobiro said...

wow what a wonderful weekend you had. Although the photos are gorgeous, my enduring ( and endearing ) picture of you is trying to swim doggy paddle with no leg action half way across the pool!!!! I bet you still looked pretty damn glamorous as you did it too.


6:30 PM  
Blogger Charlie said...

Adele...can you make seal noises???

10:46 PM  
Blogger Adele Richards said...

Alyn - get on that plane right now. Halifax will be fine without you. Just throw them a bible and tell them to get on with it. There are people in the antipodes who need cuddles!

Stu - aha, my cunning plan is working. Just wait till I post photos of Ponsonby's Steak and Cheese Pies....

Shannon - mwah darling - right back at you!

Caroline - ditto, sweetie

Fee - so glad you enjoyed my swim foolery - it keeps me entertained too!

Charlie - Of course! They bark don't you know. "Woof!"

11:26 PM  
Anonymous Harmen said...

Why did you end up in New Zealand...and not just the province Zeeland here in the Netherlands so we could converse more and I could somehow find a way to extract from you those amazing words, sentences, constructions,LINGUAGE! (with the I on purpose of course)...
All this to say, me happy to have rediscovered you online, which unleashes some good, but aching emotion (and not just bc we still don't have *bucks doinhere).
Stay alive, breathing and birthing!

12:51 PM  
Blogger Adele Richards said...

Harmen? Harmen? Is that really you? Only my favourite tallest Dutch person in the entire world. How did you manage to track me down? HOW are you?

And about a million other questions...

What's your email?
Can you email me?

WOW. Soooo great to hear from you.

Now who else is out there LURKING that needs to come forward and LEAVE A COMMENT SO I KNOW YOU EXIST?

Please - it's such fun to know who you are!


10:15 PM  
Blogger weegeemcschuler said...

oooooh adelerama, so good to hear your voice...well in my head I hear you read the blog :0) makes me happy :0)
I was tres contente to stumble upon a new entry as I have been checking in and waitin patiently :0) I can't believe that coat still fits you when like mega months pregnant!! Very cool :0)
We survived the beach day with..15 yoof all was good apart from the hour that Jason left me to go find the dirt bike her saw for sale at the side of the rd! Sadly he left for the 90 minutes (I thought he'd go for like 30!~!) that the junior highs (who...erm, shall we say lack a little wisdom) kept getting knocked over by the (all 10llbs heavier than they are) sauntered in to the sea trying to decide ....humm, how much should I be looking after them, dang it, wish I was a Mum and knew how much supervision this one needs....meanwhile getting a little crispy as I was afriad to leave the water lest they should drown. i am happy to say I did indeed bring back the 95llb darlings safely and made a polite but firm request for Jason not to leave me like that looks like you did a good job looking after the yoof in Q'land :0) Love ya oodles

12:45 AM  
Anonymous Andy - the blog imposter said...

Dave - nice hair - what's happened to your blog - did I upset your flow with my tagging?

Adele - thought you were pregnant? There's only a bit of lady style middle aged spread under that duffel coat! How long to go? Two months?

Saw Claire nee smitty at the weekend - she is much bigger and is being c sectioned on 7th September...

Didn't realise your bro was so special to you....must be the loving mummy juices flowing out of you...and into the smimming pool?

Thanks for the e mails to debs - keep em coming - she needs them in this dark hour of sleep deprivation...NOTE - Dave move out now or get an au pair...I've not managed to do either yet, but there's still hope for you son! I can see the smug look on other people's faces (Mr Harris and Marshall!) when I recount the tales of the latest night of horrors. She is doing some fab poos though - going to see if I can get some chemical warfare kit from Army surplus store!

We had a personlaised message from Calpol the other day - 'By now Kristen will be sleeping for about sixteen hours a day'...I flippin wish! More like six hours and I am talking about six out of the whole darn twenty four!

Oh well - back to work - you will be sleeping soundly at the I am about to finish as I have a late pass to go out on the town with the yoof!!! Hoorah - normality for one night! Well I'm not going to get any sleep here so may as well spend the night on the tiles.

see ya


5:15 PM  
Anonymous Harmen said...

Me it is...distracted from preparing for my preaching (try reading Malachi 1 to the church and see how quiet they are afterwards!), I went from blog to blog, from the aj covering of the new miss Allen to yours, being delighted and not trying to worry about this little prophetic OT proza..

As Tall as I am I still aim to be as grande as the famous coffee..
but my email is:

coz i'm a bitsy curious about that
"about a million other questions..."

that I'll be happy to reflect upon, in word or song :)

now I'll wait in private pregnancy...

9:07 PM  
Blogger A.J. said...

Holy Cow Woman! I must shoot the South Island in November! I must!

PS Are you sure you are pregnant? I mean seriously woman it's just not fair how fab you look!

4:53 AM  

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