Sunday, July 02, 2006

Mini Golf Mayhem

Well chaps, thought I'd give you a quick update on our super-exciting weekend activities.

Ok that is a bit of an exaggeration, but seeing as I left the house 3 times, yes THREE times over the weekend ( that's 2 days, just TWO days) I thought you'd like to know all about it. Or as much as I can be bothered to tell.

Uh, let's see. Ok, so you remember it's winter here...well the weather over the weekend was that perfect kind of wintry weather. Sunny, warm, with snow on the mountains and sunbeams skipping the light fantastic over the waters of the lake. It was the kind of weather that calls to you as soon as you draw back the curtains, and says "Come out and play...".

Of course I responded to the scintillating brilliance of the morn with the immortal word: "Ug". Cos I've just woken up and I cannot therefore speak. Or move (except for a foot-dragging shuffle). And I must eat before I actually turn into a sentient being.

Anyway, having watched about 83 football matches courtesy of El Coupo de Mondo...(World Cup) and even some Wimbledon (have you noticed the appalling outfits the players are wearing this year? Short shorts with tree trunk thighs a-thrusting out of them? And yes that was a woman player.) I finally managed to drag Dave outside into that old fashioned stuff - fresh air.

Thus ensued a short jaunt down to the lake. Down the very steep hill outside our house. (People with forethought - it may now occur to you that I will at some point have to ascend back up the very steep hill. This did occur to me too....but not in all its foot-dragging horror.)

So we wandered around the lake - and very purty it was too. Now bearing in mind I've done almost no exercise over the last 6 months and have the energy levels of a hibernating walrus...the 2 hour walk turned out to be a bit of a mammoth undertaking. And the final hill did nearly leave me weeping in a bush....but I made it. Couldn't speak or move for a few hours afterwards....but I did feel quite proud of myself. Cos of course when you live next to a stonking beautiful lake on a stonking beautiful day there is some kind of moral obligation to go and walk around a part of it.

Sunday morn Dave rose at the ungodly hour of 3am to watch England get knocked out of the World Cup....( ) that was the pause for you to mourn and weep and wail.

Then we went to church for one of the most bizarre services I've ever been to. Halfway through the pastor announced we were going to cut the sermon short (usually the cue for me to start a mexican wave...) in order for us to have a celebration party.

I of course think he means either - an extended worship celebration....or else lots of tea and cake. Either of which is just great with me.

But what he means is that we move all the seats back in order to play Norwegian party games.

Having played the Norwegian Party Games, I can only conclude that Norwegians are very interesting people indeed.

Picture the scene. Teams of 5. A bucket of ice water, ice and grapes.

Hopping across the church with one bare foot. Placing bare foot into bucket to extract a grape between your toes. (Cue lots of screaming from me). Hopping back again.

I played that one - although my hopping was decidedly lacking in hop...

Next game. (Bearing in mind we have the pastor on our team). A spoon. A long piece of string. A pot of golden honey.


Tie string to spoon. Stick spoon in honey. First person licks honey off spoon. Then passes spoon through garments and onto the next person who has to pass the spoon through their own clothes...until the sticky spoon has passed through all outfits on the team and everyone is connected by the string. THROUGH THEIR CLOTHES. I'm talking up and down trouser legs here.

There are grannies playing. There are children playing. There are teens playing.

I am not playing.

Sorry I drew the line at that one.

Next game. (I am seriously wondering about the Norwegians by this stage)

Cotton wool puff. Nose. Pot of jam.

Stick jam on nose. Attach cotton puff. Run across church. Get to line. Blow cotton puff off your own nose and over the line.

Ok, I played that one.

Anyhoo that was church this week.

Sunday afternoon, I'd arranged meet up with Yfke and Rod for mini golf by the lake. Yfke is a Dutch (note, not Norwegian) girl who works at the coffee place in town that we go to most often...and Rod is her Kiwi Boyfriend. Yfke loves mini-golf and Rod used to play off a 5 (VERY GOOD at golf).

It was a gorgeous afternoon and fortunately for me we agreed that an 8 was the maximum score for holes. This saved me an embarrassing 32 score on several holes I'm sure. Still, I thought that the others showed a lack of creative flair on their approaches to some of the holes. They decided to follow the path of the green towards the hole. Whereas i was all about the chip shot. Not of course very easy to chip with a putter, off material.

Fortunately one time I hit the ball so hard it rebounded off the wall and into the rough (mulch). So I could get the putter nicely underneath the ball to 'chip' it back onto the green. Yeah. That and half a bucket of mulch. Oops.

The others suggested i might like to bring a Duster Buster with me the next time I played so I could clean up the greens afterwards. Heh heh.

It was a lot of fun and we went out to a pub afterwards to sit by a roaring fire and drink beer (them) and hot chocolate (me) with a side of Bombay Mix (all of us). (Bombay mix and Hot choc.....groooooo).

So that was pretty much the weekend...of course we had to round it off by watching Top Gear (UK TV programme about cars) which I am strangely addicted to at the moment.

Football? Tennis? Golf? Cars?

Clearly I am turning into Dave.


Blogger s@bd said...

it's the child inside of you asserting his/her genes.

I drank chocolate milk BY THE LITRE when I was pregnant with Sadie (AKA 'Christian-in-girl-form'). I DO NOT LIKE chocolate milk. I DO NOT like milk in any form (except soya in my chai latte). As soon as I gave birth to that child, I stopped drinking chocolate m ilk. BLECH.

2:51 PM  
Blogger chirobiro said...

yes, but is Dave turning into you?? does he like hours of quiet reading, shopping and eating chocky? that i would like to see.

Church sounds like a scream ! actually it sounds like the good old days of Cranleigh New Years Eve church parties... did they do flap the kipper or bash each other over the head with a rolled up newspaper whilst wearing a blind fold. ???

Arhh those were the days.


9:36 PM  
Anonymous sarah said...

wow. what can i say about such games?
they all sound a bit dodgy... exactly what is the point of sticking a sticky spoon of honey down your shirt??? or trousers??
: )
my other favourite is the string tied round waist with potato on end trying to hit the other potato... always fun....xxxx

11:47 PM  

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