Thursday, July 06, 2006

You're stuffed with the Danes

After my last representation of the Norwegians as delighting in sticky games, I thought I'd move on to the Danish.

Strangely enough this is inspired by my first trip to Aqua Natal classes.

Yes I girded my loins (do women have loins? don't answer that)

and squeezed myself into my swimming costume (or swimsuit, for the Nth Americans amongst us who imagine a swimming costume to be a cross between a bikini and a pantomime horse)

and turned up somewhat late (surprise) for the 9.30am Aqua Natal Class. AKA bobbing about in water for big pregnant blobbers.

I was late after failing to understand the electronic locker system which I accidentally locked for an hour before I managed to get my trousers in there. So there I was standing by the edge of the pool in my swimming cossie with a pair of trousers in my hand. It was an awkward moment I can tell you.

Anyway turns out the class wasn't on - because it is the school holidays. But I espied a row of pregnant tums and approached them boldly (I'd managed to get my trousers back in the locker by this stage - although I could have wound them round my head as an inventive turban as another solution).

Turns out they were planning on doing the class anyway without the instructor. Who only has one leg. I mention this for no particular reason other than I want to sound interesting. But it is true. The Aqua Natal teacher really does only have one leg. And why not.

So we plunge into the pool and start cavorting about with floats and flippers and big bendy tube things and it is all a lot of fun although rather too much like exercise. Afterwards the girls (they all know each other cos they are in the same Ante Natal class...and they are all about 38weeks and about to pop. And they kept giving my stomach disparaging looks - it not being the full bloom size they have achieved. Hrumph - I am very proud of my bump)

er...where was I? Oh yes we went for coffee in the very echoey and loud cafe at the pool where they shared some quite biological information with each other. Fortunately I didn't always know exactly what they were referring I just crossed my legs and drank my hot chocolate.

Anyway, there was a 'foreigner' amongst them...and after thinking for a few moments I managed to place her accent as Danish. They were all jolly impressed that I guessed her accent correctly (thanks to Brigitte and Maria and other Danish pals it was quite easy of course)....and anyway I got chatting with her. She said that she worked at home.

So quite naturally I asked her what she did for a living.

Her reply: "I'm a taxidermist"

And she wasn't even joking.

Although I have to admit I laughed.

Yes turns out her and her NZ partner are both taxidermists. She mostly does Stag heads and deer. She moved here from Denmark because taxidermy is a 'closed shop' there and very hard to get into.

Er, so there you go. I knew I liked her the moment I saw her.

My swimming pal - the Danish Taxidermist.


Blogger chirobiro said...

you don't half meet the funny ones girl!

So pleased you are out and about and bobbing around, meeting interesting people. It reminds me of sitting on a bench in Boscombe. you see some really wierd specimens walking around there !

love to you both

1:39 PM  
Blogger A.J. said...

Ok how bizarre is that!

I liked the bit about drinking your coffee with your legs crossed!

2:23 PM  

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