Sunday, August 27, 2006

Dave in the hotseat

Have you recovered from the podcast yet?

Because I'm ramping up for a new one...and I have a feeling it's going to be a humdinger.

I thought that you might like to hear from Dave. He's a bit more elusive than me. You know, holds down important jobs and negotiates clever money things day and night. While I direct my energies towards email, blogs and screaming my way through podcasts. Each to their own, eh?

Well I know you lot are rather keen on him and might be suffering from withdrawal symptoms from his I will be interviewing him on my next podcast.

And here's where it gets all interactive...because YOU get to decide the questions.

What do you want to ask Dave?

Leave a comment with your question contained therein and I will force him into a corner and make him answer!

This is your chance to hobknob with Dave and ask him the thing you've always wanted to ask.....

In other have a week to work on honing your questions because I'm shoving off to the big smoke Mon to Fri to go to a conference at Takapuna in Auckland with Bill Johnson and Heidi Baker. Dave is staying here and working clearly. So my high maintenance pregnant self will be inconveniencing my companions - Denise & Sandra. PRAY for them.

Also - thank you so much for praying for Andrea. Baby Madison was born safely although very ickle at 4 pounds. She has on-going lung and kidney issues and is in a special unit in Wellington. They may have to operate on her kidneys. Meanwhile her mum Andrea has pneumonia. So on-going prayers would be appreciated.

I've got 5 weeks till my due date - and am looking really very lardy these days!

Catch you in a few days!


Blogger Laura said...

I've got one...... oh no too rude. just a sec. When are you getting a dog?

Remember Del you shouldn't senser the press it's your duty as a journalist to get the truth out there no matter how much you have to play around with the facts to get it.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ques 4 Dave: is "hobknob" really spelt with a 'K'?
Living upside down - how do you keep from falling off all the time?
i can't make your podcasts work (boo hoo) is it because i'm a) not a mac-user, b)inept?

luv, Fi

1:50 PM  
Blogger Harmen (Who Else?) said...

Uhh... Dave,
1 - How about babies #2 till 11 (with the obvious aim of having your own football team)?
2 - Why not?
3 - Are the living kiwis also green on the inside?
4 - Any personal message for the people of the Netherlands?
5 - How's your French coming along?

11:52 AM  
Anonymous caroline <> said...

LARDY LARDY!!?? What is this nonsense Mrs Richards!? You are a svelte glamourous girlie who has happened to swallow a very small soccer ball. You look fabaroo!
Have fun at said conference:)

4:15 PM  
Blogger s@bd said...


Yeah. You're HUGE!

2:42 PM  
Blogger A.J. said...

hmmm a question for Dave eh?

On a scale of one to ten how excited are you that you will be a Daddy in just a few weeks?

1:36 AM  
Blogger weegeemcschuler said...

Questions for DAve:
DAve, create your own world - detail the things discovered on your travels and life adventures that should be included and well NOT included in this new world called Daveland.
Dave, how do you feel about baby R having a kiwi accent?
Dave how hot is your wife now that she's got a baby tummy (and for the record is super slim Mum-to-be)
Dave, is there any chance that you will start an empire in either the states or in Europe in say the next 5-10 years - Jason and I sadly concur that NZ is too far to go (despite the obvious attractions, tis simply very far!)?
Ok think that just about does it. Dellerama , have a blast - you'll be leaving my favourite speakers in the world no.1b (James J) for my fave speaker in the world no1A

Love ya
PS looks like Jay and I will be taking some lively munchkins to Brazil with Randy next year...perhaps we should start planning for a 2008 NZ trip....think about it...hee hee

12:38 AM  
Anonymous Robbie G said...

Don't know about lardy...but you are looking pregnant! Fab stuff
Off to think about question for Mr Dave...

10:29 PM  

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